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Happy Man Story

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Written by ย ย 65
1 year ago

Moral disease. Lying on the bed is fidgeting. Kabiraj is examining Moral's pulse. Moral's relative Hasu Mia and Moral's believing servant Rahmat Ali are talking about the disease.

Smile: Rahmat, and Rahmat Ali.

Rahmat: I'm listening.

Hasu: Listen carefully, no matter how much the Kabiraj sees the pulse, there is no salvation for you.

Rahmat: Don't be so scared. Then I will start crying loudly.

Laughter: Cry, cry with open mind. Your foreman is a tough guy. Our people of Subarnapur have been greatly burnt. By snatching its cows, by plundering its paddy, your foreman is rich today. People laugh when they see tears.

Rahmat: So why shouldn't Moral's barracks be better?

Smile: It doesn't have to be. Moral that oppressor, sinner. Medicine does not work if the mind is restless. Take a look, Moral will die. Rahmat: Don't talk nonsense anymore. You go home!

Kabiraj: Don't make so much noise. I am examining the patient's pulse.

Rahmat: O Kabiraj, what is the pulse saying! Moral will live!

Kabiraj: Don't talk like a fool. Humans and animals are not immortal. Listen carefully to what I say.

Smile: Tell me. Moral is my cousin.

Rahmat: Moral is my boss.

Kabiraj: If you want to save this cruel leader, you have to do a hard job.

Hasu: Need to bring tiger eyes?

Kabiraj: More difficult work.

Rahmat: Shall I bring up the Himalayas?

Kabiraj: Mountains, sea, moon, stars do not have to bring anything.

Moral: I can't stand it anymore. Ignited. The bones were broken. Save me Kabiraj: Calm down. Oh mercy, pour the sherbet in Moral's mouth.

Rahmat is giving sherbet to Moral.

Hasu: That Moral forcibly slaughtered and ate my chicken. I will leave today with the price of chicken.

Moral: Brother Hasu, come here, I will give everything. Bring me peace

Kabiraj: Moral, will you ever lie again?

Moral: I won't say anymore. I promise to put my hand on your head, and I will never force myself on people again. Make me well

Kabiraj: Sin in greed, death in sin. Will you ever be greedy again?

Moral: No. I will not covet, I will not oppress, give me peace. Give happiness.

Kabiraj: Then lie down happily, I think of medicine.

Moral: Where can I find happiness? Bring me happiness

Laughter: If you make others sad, you will never be happy.

Moral: How much money I have, what a big house! Why do I feel sad?

Kabiraj: Shut up. The more noise you make, the more sorrow you will have. Smile, come here, listen to me. Moral's bamboo could be better, ifโ€ฆ ..

Rahmat: What if?

Kabiraj: If tonight-

Smile: What to do?

Kabiraj: If you can collect a fatwa.

Rahmat: Fatwa?

Kabiraj: Yes, shirt. This dress will be a happy man. If he puts his shirt on Moral, his bone marrow disease will be better immediately.

Rahmat: This is a very straightforward medicine. Kabiraj: Not straight, very hard work. Go and find happy people. Unhappy Moral will not survive without the clothes of happy people.

Moral: I will live. Bring clothes, I will give a thousand rupees as a tip.

Dark night by the forest. The dim light of the moon. In front of a small hut, Hasu Mia and Rahmat are thinking with their hands on their cheeks.

Rahmat: What a strange thing, I did not find a single happy person in five villages. Whoever catches it says no, brother, I'm not happy.

Smile: There is no more time, brother, now it is twelve. There are no happy people, there are no happy people's clothes. Moral will die this time.

Rahmat: Aha Ray, what shall we do now! Where can I find a man who ...

Smile: Not available. Happy people cannot be found. Happiness is a big difficult thing. In this world, the rich say, give more money, the beggar says, give more begging, the glutton says, give more food. Just give and give. Everyone is unhappy. No one is happy.

Rahmat: We are also saying, give clothes for Moral, give us a tip. We are also unhappy.

Smile: Shut up! Someone is talking in the room.

Rahmat: Ghost or not? Let's run away. If you can catch it, you will eat fried fish.

Smile: Here it is, brother. Who are you talking to in the room? Come out.

Mercy: Don't call the ghost. A man came out of the house.

Man: Who are you brothers? What do you want?

Smile: We are very sad people. Who are you

Man: I am a happy person.

Smile: Ah! You have no grief? Man: No. Cut wood in the forest all day. That wood is sold in the market. I bought rice and pulses with whatever I got. I ate happily and went to bed singing. One sleepless night.

Hasu: Aren't you afraid to be alone in the forest? What if the thief comes?

Man: What will the thief steal from me?

Smile: Your gold, dress shoes?

The man is smiling heartily.

Rahmat: Ha ha why are you laughing like crazy brother!

Man: I'm laughing at you. I will tell the thief then, take it, take whatever I have.

Smile: You are a really happy person then.

Man: Who in the world is happier than me? I am the king of happiness. I am a great king.

Rahmat: O king, where is your shirt? Put it in the house? I'll give you a hundred rupees. Bring the shirt.

Man: Shirt!

Rahmat: Dress means dress! Here we have things like these clothes. I'll give you five hundred rupees. Bring the shirt, Moral is having a hard time.

Man: I don't have any clothes, brother!

Smile: Don't lie.

Man: Why should I lie? I have nothing in my house. That is why I am a happy person.

๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’Thanks for reading my story ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

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Written by ย ย 65
1 year ago
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