The great ship Titanic.

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In 1912 an american shipping company launched a new ship called the Titanic. It was the largest and most luxurious oceanliner of that time. It weight 46000 tones and could carry about 2200 passengers.It was definitely unsinkable. On april 10 the ship sailed on its first voyage accross the Atlantic from southampton in england to new york in the united states with 2224 passengers men women and children. The iceberg tore a great hole in the ship side and the unsinkable titanic began to sink. There was a great alarm of board. Everyone rushed to the lifeboat but there was not enough room for them all. There was room of omly 1178 passengers. The lifeboat took mostly the women and children. It was a terrible scene.

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like the article fun fact some guy survived in the icy water for hours until help arrive. he credited his survival to being drunk

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