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The 12 symptoms of a healthy and normal man The normal heart rate of a healthy normal man is 80 or so. If you want to know if you are healthy, check it today. People will only be interested in sex. If you are a capable man and still do not feel interested in sex, then understand that you are suffering from a mental complication. Seek medical attention immediately. A healthy man must have curiosity about sex and he will be able to have sex every day. Now look at your fingernails. If your nails are very hard and you see a light pink tinge in your nails, then you will understand that you are a man with a healthy body. Check your own urine. If you have a healthy body, the color of your urine will be like the color of straw. As a healthy man you will have the ability to do 20 pushups. Try it today and see if you can do 20 pushups. If you have a healthy body, you can run one mile in 15 minutes without any hindrance. Healthy normal male men are more likely to have a bathroom at about the same time every day. Irregular and not having a bathroom on time is a sign of illness. According to doctors and health experts, a healthy person wakes up at about the same time every morning without alarm and help from anyone else. The weight of a person in good health may be less than 5 kg of ideal weight according to height, but not beyond that. People with healthy bodies have a normal heartbeat rate within 5 minutes after doing heavy work or exercise or running. Excessive hygiene is a sign of mental disorder. The same goes for being extra dirty and messy. A healthy man would love to keep himself tidy. What you are eating, is it being digested properly? You are a physically healthy person if you do not have gas or heartburn problems

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1 year ago