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Hair incredible grow

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Hair is the incredible way to grow hair. Hair is the source of human beauty. Many people lose their hair and become bald. People of all ages have less hair. Even in youth. Hair loss is a common disease. According to doctors, human hair falls out due to lack of hormones as well as protein (meat) and fat (fat). You enhance the beauty of your hair through a special method sitting at home. Prevent hair loss. Hair grows on the head. Yogurt contains fat and high lactic acid. Eggs full of meat and fat. So much protein is not found in other foods. A hair care recipe can be made by mixing yogurt and eggs. It protects the hair from roughness and damage. This homemade recipe especially cleans hair. It is very effective in protecting from dryness as well as hair growth. On the whole it is unmatched for making hair vibrant, soft and supple. This recipe provides calcium and protein to the scalp to get shiny and healthy hair. Honey is also very useful in hair growth. It contains several beneficial elements - such as vitamins E, K, C, B1, B2 and B6. And bananas fight to protect hair from damage. The mixture of eggs, honey and beer works incredibly well to protect your hair. Beer contains Vitamin-B, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, which make your hair strong and great for hair growth. How to make a hair recipe: - Take an egg or just its yolk, a banana, one or two cups of thick beer, one tablespoon of honey. Mix these well and apply on hair. Leave it like this for one to two hours. Rinse normally after drying the head. It should be used once a week to grow hair on the head.

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