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Let's Talk About Mah Dream & This year La-LIga

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5 months ago

MAh Dream

I will dream. What is the benefit of seeing small!!

What if Perez signed Mbappe and Holland together?

Hazard in the left wing - Holland in number nine and Mbappe in the right wing.

Although it is a dream project for us, Perez has made the dream a reality.

Perez has become the president of Real Madrid.

He has played in a team of Zidane, Beckham, Kalos, Ronaldo, Figo and later Ronaldo,

Benzu, Kaka, Xabi Alenso, Arbelo. He has the ability to play Mbappe, Holland together.

We continue to wait with confidence in his abilities. He will not disappoint us.

According to the popular media AS.COM, Jiju Harland is giving more importance to signing Mbappe than signing.

There is not the slightest opportunity to question the strength and ability of Killian Mbappe.

However, at least my personal comment is that the biggest obstacle to Bappi's arrival is his position.

Not with. The main goal of the team is the center forward. We all know how fragile the condition of our center

forward is. So I think we should concentrate on Harland signing first.

I don't know if you know, Harland is also interested in coming to Real. Like Bappi,

he has given his opinion on this issue many times.

The rest is up to time, let's see what Jidane does ....

now talk about this year la-liga

Who will win La Liga this season !!

Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid are taking full advantage of Bar -a-Real's off-form + injury.

So far it cannot be said who will be the champion as 29/30 rounds of play are left. However, it can

be said with certainty that these four teams will be in the top four.

With 65-70 points this season, it would not be a surprise if someone becomes the champion unless

Barca-Real start winning the drawn match.

The form of the ATM is very good, especially they have digested only 1 goal so far. Besides, their

forward midfielders are also getting regular goals. So far, I like ATMs more.

They have played big matches so far only with Barca, where their performance is admirable.

Their match against Real on 13 December, if they draw / win this match, Simeone may be going to

win La Liga for the second time.

Sociedad will be in the top four this time around unless Sevilla get back on track, a draw in the

big match and an easy win in the small match has become their routine. This team has been playing

together for a long time, they deserve the top four. I would say it is a bit difficult for them to become champions.

Now let's talk about Barca-Real

Real have three big matches in December against Sevilla, ATM, Bilbao, the performance of these

matches will tell what their position in the league will be. So it is better to wait a few more

days without saying anything about it now.

Barca are unable to continue their form in La Liga, but there are still plenty of matches left.

This time we will see the point gap with the top team without seeing the point gap with Real.

It is very difficult to be the Bara champion this season. Point two

1. Winning all the matches with the small team, trying to get at least 1 point in the big match

and winning is out of the question.

2. Expect so that the top teams lose points.

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5 months ago
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