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MAN and Match Box

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7 months ago

​A matchbox has a head but no brain, so when someone rubs it, it immediately "burns" ...

Come on! We take lessons from a top bag of matches.

We and you have a number of heads and a brain in it. We should not immediately "get angry" when provoked by others. The person who gets angry "immediately" is always unsuccessful, remorseful and ashamed but A person who is not provoked by anger, sarcasm, bitterness, harsh words and provocative words, he keeps his mind and behavior under control, he thinks and acts with a cold mind.

Such a person always lives a happy, contented and purposeful life. Such a human being is in fact considered to be the noblest of creatures in the true sense of the word, while on the contrary, there is no difference between a human being and a bag of matches.

we should not be a match box and be a person who have control over his nerves and face all the situation with courage.


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