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Love is not Necessarily love

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5 months ago
Topics: Love

He doesn't have to love us either

Love is not necessarily the price of love

One day I saw your angry look

It is not necessary to have a new resurrection day

My candles must have been blown out by the winds

This is not necessarily their mischief

There will also be rituals from the people of the world

It is not necessary for every soul to be just worship

You will come to me at that time

It is not necessary to have the power to move the lips

There are hundreds of times for begging

You don't have to be rich

Resentment is also fun in the interconnectedness

Love is not necessarily love

Perseverance from the time of oppression is enough

A bloody coup is not necessary

Even a mirage that survives is enough

Not every poem of mine needs to be famous

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This short poem is hiding many secret massages. You described that love that is necessarily love, and that is true. Love is feeling and there are option whenever you love or feel or when you are not so good in that you make efforts to be good if you want partners intention.

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5 months ago