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War or Pandemic:Which one is real Curse?

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4 months ago

In pandemic there are so many families who has lost people,money,earning or many things.But by the grace of Almighty we survived.Our country survived but after the end of the pandemic my father lost the job.But that was okey to us.Because we have made some money and my parents had a small savings for their rest of life.And we have managed well.But after the pandemic the whole scenario has changed.Just for two things.


2.Price hike

Increasing the price of necessary things,people are now jn real trouble.House renters and the tennants both of them are in trouble for this price hike.No one can escape from this problem.Every product's price has increased.So the people of the locality in our country are going to oms's shop.From these shop they can buy rice,meat and vegetables but everyone needs to fulfil a requirement of protein.So they are buying fish,meat and eggs by high rate from the market.The low average earning people are suffering so much for this problem.People are now in at uncomfortable situation at the time of market.

It's not only just stuck into the labour or the service holders but also for the house renters to.Because they don't know how they will survive with the little money.Childrens' study,house rental,food and personal expenses are now out of the hand.It's a mental torcher too.

From the pandemic time,the price rate has started to increase.Now war between Russia and Ukraine is a curse to us.For resisting this was northern countries are banning russian products and economical ban is effective now to the whole world.Not only the developing countries are suffering but also the development countries are suffering tol.

Moreover,increasing the rate of glossary products is another cause of this problem too.Those products products could buy by 60$ now those are buying by 100$.Not only that people are now taking advantage of this situation too.

In our country price rises without reason.They just need a clue to increase.In ramadan,Or in eid or after publishing the budget,price hike is the regular thing.This is a unchaste sign for a country which is now like a trend.

the other hand,this problem has increased without limit for some bad businessman.We are import based country.Most of the products we need to import.Another reason is in our country,farmers are ignored from their rights.So people are not showing interest in farming.Untill increasing the production of food,we can't run long in this situation.

Price hike is a headache of mango people.I'm not expertise.But i have survived one thing and i'm quite sure about that in the developed country if they said to backpay the money of credit cards.Then they will surely fall into a trouble and economical wheel will be just stopped where they are.

By the way we are not developed country.We need to think about another way.Because war and pandemic is not the main reason of this problem.

Corruption is the hidden treasure of this problem too.Money smuggling is the most and the foremost reason behind this problem.Mega projects are the spicule of the country now.For these mega projects so many corruption is happening here and people are just showing the country is developing but they are going to be empty like Sri Lanka.

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Written by   2
4 months ago
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