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Update: SLP Lottery Now Supports Address Exclusion

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2 years ago

SLP Lottery makes it easy for users to randomly drawn holders of a specific SLP token based on their holdings of that token. Visit Now with address exclusion!

Just click on the "Exclude addresses?" checkbox!

As explained in our announcement post, address exclusion was from the start one of the key feature we wanted to add. It was requested, now here is it! While filling the form, just click on the related checkbox and enter the addresses you want to exclude from the draw. It can be a SLP address or a BCH address, both work.

Click the submit button and if the excluded addresses are among the participants, they will be ignored. It's especially useful for tokens that are hold mainly by their issuers. Now the lottery become really fair.

If you have any suggestions for future improvement, drop a comment below. Cheers!

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Written by   2
2 years ago
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