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How can replace other social medias and makes use of BCH for an adoption. (Part 1)

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2 months ago is undoubtedly slowly growing and being well-developed by the team of a man named "Simon". More than a month since it was launched, exactly on Christmas' Eve, the developers now allows the users in the platform to post photos, edit its post, shows who reacted on the post, post GIF and more, but more importantly, someone who tipped the post can be viewed.

Though, because the platform is still under its development and sometimes experienced overloading in their servers, it is quite understandable why uploading videos in the platform is not yet possible.

But let's set aside as "underdeveloped" and think of it as a "fully-developed" platform.

So, how will can compete with other famous social medias with Bitcoin Cash?

Facebook vs.

Facebook is obviously one of the most famous, if not the most famous, social media out there in this generation. It was recorded that it has 2.7 billion users during the 2nd quarter of 2020 while had almost 26,000 users when it was just still 17 days old. If I'm not mistaken, though haven't told to its users the new statistics yet, the total registered users in the platform might be around 35,000 to 40,000 by now.


Facebook allows its user to stream in their own Facebook page and get donations from their viewers with stars - a so-called currency or a monetization tool in Facebook that can be converted into real cash. Each stars is equivalent to $0.01.

But, sending and receiving this kind of custodial currency are putting its users in different risks. Aside from that it uses a third-party or a middlemen to buy and receive "stars", withdrawing the earned currency is not that easy and can be risky.

If you have changed or incorrectly put a wrong bank information for withdrawing your hard-earned stars, Facebook will hold your withdrawal application for month/s or even reject it. Read here for full but short information.

But and Bitcoin Cash distinguished these risks. How? Let's have an imaginary scenario:

If one day, will also allow streaming in the platform, streamers can freely and have full access to their own hard-earned money or BCH without the needs of banks for withdrawals. And because no one has custody over the amount you earned, not even itself, all the payments/tips that was sent to you from your viewers will immediately goes to your own BCH wallet without stacking it in the platform (if you wish).

You won't be needing to present any of your personal informations to take out your Bitcoin Cash out in the platform because you will only be required to have a BCH wallet to receive the payments/tips/donations in your streams, and because is decentralized.

Posting Videos and Photos. currently allows users in the platform to upload images but posting videos is not yet available (hoping to include this in the future).

Getting paid for every content you made in the platform is what you called "worthy" of your time. But Facebook doesn't have this unique idea of "tipping" a content from

Imagine, earning from your content that goes directly to your wallet. Getting paid with no one controlling on how do you need to withdraw, and this is possible because Bitcoin Cash is fast and have a very small amount of transaction fees.


If all of those things above will happen, competing to other social medias will have a higher chance for Bitcoin Cash to be adopted in other social media payments.

Decentralization, peer-to-peer and fast transactions is what social medias should be. And it's time for the world to accept Bitcoin Cash and change the custodial processes.

This ideas only came out from my appreciations for the team behind and They are doing a great job through these platforms, and people around it are accepting it as part of their daily lives.

And I am looking forward for more developments of these platforms along with the growth of Bitcoin Cash that I will soon witness.


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2 months ago
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That could be possible. I planned to be a streamer and this fiction is a great idea. I don't need to hassle from a third party anymore to have the payment.

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2 months ago

Good luck to that 👍

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2 months ago

I'm using and I loved when they giving me tips that directly go to my BCHwallet. I think they are the Twitter BCH verision. It's kinda cool because I can earn tips from other users and the advantages of the price of the currency they are using are volatile.

Nice article....

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2 months ago

Yes. And it is not impossible that someday more and more people were gonna use it as a part of their daily routine.

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2 months ago