Tough Choices...

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This is the lament of a broke ass artist.

So you might need a bit of a back story for this to make some sense... I am an artist, my dream to become an artist started at a fairly young age, pre teenage years, I have over the years taken on a great many creative endeavors. I have worked on becoming an artist in its true measure since my first exhibition, to live solely from what my art has provided me. This has lead to a life well lived.

I say that not in a financial sense but rather that the riches I have gained through my life can not be spent nor fit in any wallet.

When I got wind of this NFT phenomena it sparked in me excitement and anxiety, I wanted to be part of this craze that could potentially make my dream more of a reality... I started doing some research, ETH chain NFTs were out of the question, at the time I had just started on, my crypto portfolio probably totaled at around 12$ USD, before BCH, noise led my research towards BCH infrastructure and projects.

Lo and behold, BCH SLP made it possible to mint NFTs on the chain and at the cheap, this was my chance, this is where I would make my stand... I jumped at learning the necessary to facilitate my dreamed of artist's success story, found out what market there was for NFTs on BCH chain,, great stuff, next step, how do I mint my art? Get started on electron cash (Desktop), minted my parent token and prepared it... What art will I mint?

As an artist I am ashamed to say that I do not actually have a portfolio, my works are retained by previous employers, have been lost in moves and relocations, gifted to friends and family, also mostly of a physical nature, my digital collection and footprint are near non existent. I scramble through the various odds n sods that litter my pc, old projects half completed, some notes and memos... nothing of substance, nothing I feel worthy of starting a digital brand with. strikes again, this time in form of inspiration!

As a fairly creative individual I have not limited myself by only learning one or a few crafty and creative skills, I have learnt a great many, from carpentry to silver smithing, as such I have also upon occasion picked up a camera (I actually studied photography but never finished). My photographic skills in combination with the wonderful platform that is lead me to taking a series of macro shots, which led me to further exploration and experimentation with this particular medium, I started taking macro shots of insects which made them look other worldly and alien. This would then become my NFT collection for the market place.

I started my debut with a series of 8 NFTs, all appropriately named and horribly priced, I had no idea what these pieces should go for, the time old artists dilemma had struck again. The prices of those pieces have since changed a couple of times and might change a couple of times more.

I was disappointed at the lack of interest in my work, I became despondent about the flooding of the platform by AI generated content. My dream had fallen flat on its face, again. I stopped engaging in the communities. I shifted my focus to other means of income, again saved the day, I spent my time creating quality content there, building a following of sorts, being as involved as my introverted self would allow in the community and boy is there a genuine sense of community.

This community brought to me my next grand adventure. I was introduced to atomichub and the wax blockchain, another NFT marvel and opportunity for me put myself out there. This time I took a different approach. I decided to work on my brand first, redefine my identity if you will.. I started playing around with my logo, this evolved into what is now a growing collection on atomichub, oRdeR of OtheR.

This brings me to the tough choice I had to make, I felt like i was betraying the BCH community, there was a sense of dread hanging over me for a good couple of days, I even posted about my loyalty question on The community I am part of there reassured that I was not being disloyal, I see that as truth now.

I will again be part of the market place, with a far better understanding of the NFT market and how I as a creator can help improve the NFT space for our beloved BCH.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.

It is genuinely appreciated.


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Join ZBCats on TG and you will find a bunch af artists and friends!

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Thank you, will definitely join n check it out.

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