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The disparity line...

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1 week ago

It has become more and more evident that there is a serious disparity in this world of ours, that disparity has now started entering the cryptosphere.

As someone fairly new to the crypto social sphere that is trying to build up a following through authenticity there are some things that just cannot go unnoticed. There are those who manage to go cross platform with ease, disregarding the wishes of a platform, ignoring its goals to create awareness and community, people who have built large followings on other platforms and then drag those followings with them to other platforms where they gain more followers by voice of those they brought from the other platform, those same individuals then play lawman and cry crime when there is an expectancy for them to play fair and play according to a platforms rules. These same individuals who take a platform of diversity, a place for all and turn it to a place for those in the know with crypto, a place for crypto only when that was never the platforms goal or wish.

As a creative individual who has most of his life struggled to get anywhere on his creative merit this upsets me more so. There are fewer and fewer places that truly value creativity and the individuals who supply the true creativity. The platforms that are meant for creatives are quickly flooded with those looking to make a quick buck or those who do not truly need any more exposure nor do they need a larger following, leaving those who are doing their damnedest to create authentically in the dust.

This creates a serious despondency in those individuals, who then leave their creative endeavors for some other soul stealing opportunity if they can even find one of those. This same atmosphere leaves them feeling unwelcomed and unseen, unwilling to further contribute simply because they aren't in the know with crypto.

This is the end of this particular thought pattern...

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings.

Peace out.


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Written by   8
1 week ago
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True words, I couldn't agree more! Most of the times, when whales publish shit it gets huge rewards, no matter what is posted. Planktons have to work much harder to get a tiniest piece of rewards even for their best work! Exactly how it is in the real world, isn't it? Of course, there are some good exceptions to this "rule" but they are so limited that they just confirm that observation ;) Cheer up! :)

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1 week ago

Thanks Bud. Appreciate the input, whales are at the end of the day just blubber. The people will skin them, eat them and use their fat to stay warm in the winters.

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1 week ago