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What A Week! SHIB On Fire! HOT & BTC On The Decline?

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7 months ago

HOT HOLOCHAIN IS AT .018 Down From .032

HOT is one of my favorite projects, especially over the last couple of years. I have really grown to love HOT a bit over this bull run especially, some people on twitter are saying now is the time to sell of your HOT and they could be right, HOT could be getting read to dip all the way down to .006 to .008 levels again.

I am not able to honestly rule out the possibility of the dip at this point, however if I go by the way I feel with the current market? We are going to head back up above the .03 level and head towards .10 which will be the high of the year in my opinion before a significant retreat.

The FIB Retracement levels are nice in my opinion. I think we still have a lot of room for growth, I'd say we are just in a consolidation phase of the HOT run, be aware I am not a financial advisor, do not make any moves based upon my theories but if you did and you made a decent amount of money this far, congratulations!

SHIB The Diamond In The Dirt! On FIRE!

SHIB is currently trading at $1.7399 down from a recent high of $2.69 per million on #HOTBIT Exchange You can purchase #SHIB on various different exchanges including #UNISWAP you can get a full break down of the exchanges on Coin Market Cap #ShibaSwap does recommend using decentralized exchanges such as Uni Swap.

I bought 1.445 Billion #SHIB on Hot Bit and I am currently staking 945,000,000 #SHIB with an interest rate of .00542 % generating close to 100,000 #SHIB a day. Due to speculation that Hot Bit really didn't have any SHIB I did withdraw 115,000,000 SHIB to my Coinbase Cold Wallet for safe keeping and just to show Hot Bit is Legit.

The withdraw fee was 10,000,000 SHIB at the time of the withdraw which equaled about $20.00 gas fee. I doubt you can buy SHIB on Uni Swap or any other decentralized exchange and have it sent to your own personal wallet for under $20.00 just my opinion though.

Anyways, I hope that if you have been following me that you started buying SHIB at .04 per million like I did. I know I am happy I did consider almost $3,000.00 in profits, at one point it was up over $4K in profit and I invested under $100.00 into SHIB

So, yeah, I am even more excited about SHIB than I was before. I still think SHIB if you buy $100.00 worth of it could still change your life in the long term or in the short term ease the financial struggle. The long term HODL Model is what I am looking at.

SHIB is already pumping, LEASH is already at $300 per coin and they are about to drop the #BONE coin on the market... SHIB is still planning the launch of Shiba Swap within the next two weeks. The community has built up a ton of hype as well as the performance on the charts that is generating a ton of interest ahead of the exchange launch.

SHIB could be major... I'm HODLING...

XRP Has Been On A Wild Ride!

XRP currently at $1.48 coming from an high of $1.97 and up from a recent low of $1.41 I am thinking XRP will head towards $2.40 to $3.20 by the end of may if everything continues smoothly for XRP. XRP could potential go further than that depending upon the SEC outcome that doesn't look too promising anytime soon.

Some experts are calling for a massive retreat to $1.00 level before a continuance of the run. I can't rule out $1.00 levels again but I doubt it would hold above $1.00 if it does dip that low, I would be looking to buy some at .86 around that time. I am not saying I think it will do that direction just that it could. This is crypto and we never know what these whales are going to do.

Especially considering the amount of people trying to leverage trade XRP and wrecked for billions of dollars. The dip could happen when you the Brad Garlinghouse? coming out and warning people about not selling on highs in order to take profits? Crazy stuff in the XRP community and major stuff is still to come.

BCH Hit $1,200 on a recent High!

BCH currently at $971.40 down from a recent High of $1,200 and up from a recent low of $935 I was calling for this break up over a month ago and #BCH was like, nope, not yet and here it is. Now my next target is $1,766.00 I know that a lot of people can't believe that BCH would ever go that high again, but how could they not?

It really bothers me that more people aren't talking about the real value in BCH and the potential of BCH to go parabolic like BTC has... Why are major influencers attempting to keep BCH down? I can't answer that question at this time but I can say that it isn't working out very well for them right now...

BTC Just Dipped below $59,000!

BTC is currently at $59,017 and down from an All Time High of Around $65,000.00 depending on what exchange you want to go by, BTC is up from a recent low of $58,800

I know this seems to be bad but wait, it could get much worse but a whole lot better in the end results. I firmly believe after this move we will be sent to $68,000.00 and this time I am not going to put a time frame on it. We are having major sideways action right now with Bitcoin as people are pouring profits into altcoins and pouring profits back into Bitcoin. Wash, Rinse and Repeat. Everyone calls it Alt Coin Season.

My Final Thoughts!

I call it another Wave in the Bull Run Cycle. Bitcoin will be at $137,000.00 before the end of this cycle. I looking for roughly a $7.8 Trillion Dollar Market Cap before I start taking profits heavily. I believe in taking profits along the road and putting them into other projects to eventually take even more profits with the end results of putting even more money back into Bitcoin and I am considering buying one whole Ethereum just to join the #ETH Gang.

I know Bitcoin is the foundation of crypto, Ethereum is growing the roots stronger. I am not sure why I have underestimate the value of holding Ethereum especially the amount of times I have used Ethereum via Uni Swap and what not. I have always been a fan of Ethereum as a spendable asset as I always found it to be expandable. I am starting to lean more towards the value of holding Ethereum for long term gains.

Ethereum right now at under $2,500 and headed towards $10,000 and beyond.. Why not HODL some ETHEREUM?

I hope you all got on board with some SHIB at below .10 per million and if not, it's still not too late to get on board and make a nice profit before the exchange goes live. Once Shiba Swap is up and running the price of SHIB could go completely parabolic. I am hoping it does. I started buying in at .04 with only one regret of not buying more than I did.

As Always, Thanks For Reading, God Bless You and Stay Healthy!

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Written by   358
7 months ago
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