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Thursday January 7, 2021 The World & Crypto #2

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The House was over-run by a group of around 30 people, 1 lady was shot and later died while receiving treatment for a C-Span reported gun shot wound to the chest. While the senate took off in high gear at the start of the day, the Senate was forced into recess and later convened at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time yesterday January 6, 2021.

The outcome of The 2021 Join Session came in the early hours this morning January 7, 2021. Americans across the World woke up to the news that everyone has been awaiting since the November 2020 Elections ended. Now with The Joint Session having counted and dully certified the Electoral Votes and listened to the objections against certain states Electoral College Votes America can move forward.

The world may not have seen the last of President Trump as he can still run for President in 2024, however it would take a lot mishaps by the Biden Presidency for Trump to have another chance in the office. Lawmakers and certain Companies are urging VP Pence to enact the 25th amendment against Trump which would impeach him from office for the remainder of his 13 days and VP Pence would become President Pence.

The odds of that happening are not extremely low, but Pence has stood at Trumps side these last 4 years and will most likely continue to do so. The World is surprised that Trump hasn't issued any martial-law orders claiming that the presidency is under attack by insurgency of Democrats, we do still have 13 days until President Biden take reins.

Goodbye President Trump, Farewell

XLM Takes The Spotlight

XLM is almost at .34 USD right now. Stellar has been seeing some major pumping after the Press Release on Monday about Ukraine adopting Stellar Network for its very own CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency. Stellar is the only other Blockchain Project onboarding Banks and Financial Institutions than XRP Ripple whom is currently facing some legal issues that looking hopeful to clear sooner than latter with Biden Admin.. taking office on January 20, 2021 at 12:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

Hopefully President Biden and his staff as well as appointed officials will correct this issue or at the very least see to it that it gets resolved in a timely manner unlike Stimulus Packages in the past.

More Stimulus expected after Biden takes control!

President Joe Biden in Georgia, USA bribing citizens to vote for a Democrat Senator with promises of a $2,000.00 Stimulus check to follow after he takes office January 20, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

President Biden in Georgia, USA on January 4, 2021 Promised Americans that if they voted both Democrats into office that Democrats would all vote for $2000.00 Stimulus Checks would leave the vote at tie leaving VP Kamala Harris as the tie breaker.

The good news in unclear whether the Democrats will follow through with the promises made before President Biden takes office, if they do it'll give money to those including myself that really need it during tough financial times.

Since my approach is non-biased News I must include the major downside for the American People that can't see past the money so many desperately need. The USD will be inflated even further than before over the next 4 years as Democrats go on a shopping spree ultimately spending money however they see fit as a whole.

The implications of the above statement alone will be more than enough for anyone that wants to preserve and grow wealth to flood the Crypto market even more than we have seen in 2020. Bitcoin is currently about to cross the $40K USD mark and it has only begun. The USD will take major dive in the weeks and months to come ultimately it will be replaced with a digital currency that can be used World-Wide seamlessly.

The question every investor is itching for the answer to is. What luck Blockchain will have the honors of being deemed by the World of the Worlds Currency standard? Speculators believe XRP will take over this role. I say we can't necessarily rule out Stellar XLM as they are in the same fight. Everyone else is looking towards a Stable Coin as the alternative like Teether USDC USDT.

Coinbase Servers Are Unable To Maintain!


I am not sure about the World's most popular however Coinbase's Servers would argue that Coinbase is more popular than the capacity they can currently provide. Not to fear I'm positive that Coinbase is working Diligently to FIX this issue before all of it's clients get together and file a Class-Action-Lawsuit against the company as a lot of people did against the Popular Internet Banking App Chime

XRP Going Higher Despite The SEC

Crypto Markets are on the move as Bitcoin reaches closer to passing $40K and onward towards the moon. XRP considering it's very own legal actions with the SEC suing Ripple claiming they sold XRP an alleged unregistered security illegally. XRP is up to .35 coming back from a low of just .17 USD

XRP is proving to be worth more than a lot of investors whom jumped ship already had thought. I know that a massive amount of people panicked not wanting to suffer further losses after XRP took a dive, but even more stayed on board and doubled down on XRP holdings.


Ethereum is fighting it's way up into the $1,300.00 range right now. Once we break $1,300.00 I look for the All Time High to be broken within hours. Ethereum 2.0 Launch along with the literally thousands of ERC-20 tokens have contributed a lot to the success of Ethereum.

Flare Network Update!

Everything is going according to plan and still expected to distribute the Spark Tokens in Q1 or Q2 of 2021. Bitrue has already launched an IOU SPARK for trading on it's Platform only and is currently trading at 0.1377646862787718 USD for non USA and Singapore residents.

Disclaimer: Bitrue Spark Token Trading is an IOU. They do not have the Spark Tokens, if you buy Spark Tokens on Bitrue they can only be used on Bitrue until which point in time Flare Network releases the Airdropped Tokens. The 15% that is in Q1 or Q2 of 2021. You will be able to sell of on Bitrue, but if you are taking a major risk that anything could happen during prelaunch which could render you holding a worthless Token but hey, that is all Crypto.

Blockchain Helping Vaccination Efforts

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus has vaccinated 100 doctors and nurses against COVID-19, using a blockchain-based mobile app to certify the immunizations. Vechain Blockchain

Bitcoin News

While writing Edition # 2 Bitcoin has passed the $40K Mark an hit $40,425.00 before dropping to $37k and is rebounding past $38k currently. We are in uncharted territories right now and no can say for certain which direction the price of Bitcoin will continue in the future. A lot have speculated on the upper $20k range as a buying dip, only time will tell.

My Final Thoughts

The World we all live in today is truly amazing. The Technology that we are blessed with. The ability to be alive during such trying times of uncertainty and to be able to witness New technology after new technology being created and ever evolving into what is constantly becoming obsolete due to society's desire to constantly improve upon previous applications.

Now, while Satoshi Nakamoto's real identity may be up for debate amongst the groups whom believe different individual to be the real Satoshi. (reminds me of the real slim shady, google it) One thing is for sure though, we owe Satoshi Nakamoto a gratitude of thanks for the inspiration that he and his team gave the World by programing Bitcoin.

I think the overall progress of Bitcoin and Crypto in general has gone beyond they had ever expected as well as grown into something the envisioned Bitcoin abstaining from. Either way society is on the Brink of the Next Best Thing since Sliced Bread.

Thank You All For Reading, God Bless You and Stay Healthy!

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Written by   358
9 months ago
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