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The World & Crypto: Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin?

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1 month ago

What's going on in the World?

Paul Pelosi Husband of Nancy Pelosi Pleads Not Guilty

Paul Pelosi was caught drinking and driving after he wrecked his Porches into another vehicle cause serious injuries. Nancy Pelosi has been throwing herself into the spotlight lately in an apparent attempt to blatantly ignore the charges like her political power isn't allowing her husband off the hook.

The sad reality here is: if I was in the shoes of Paul Pelosi with out the wife like Nancy Pelosi I would be charged with a felony drinking most likely a high bond, I got an infraction for "No Valid License" simply because my drivers license in inactive over an identification card.

The prosecutor subpoenaed me into court on the 17th of August, seriously. This guy whom is the First Man to the House Speaker gets to walk with a please try not to kill anyone next time. The police waited over 2 hours after arriving on the scene to try and give the Mr. Pelosi enough time to sober up before the B.A.C test.

Mr. Pelosi still had over .08 blood alcohol content which is double the legal limit.

Bitcoin is looking Grrreat at $23,500

Bitcoin seems to be following the current uptrend pattern marked on the charts, which is nothing more than the same distance of the previous moves up. That way we get a ball park ideal of what could come out of this uptrend.

I am still negative as I don't believe that Bitcoin will continue in an uptrend before crashing down to those pesky little levels that I told everyone I believe bitcoin has to revisit before we can start another cycle.

Those levels being $12,000 to $9,000 with an all time worse bottom of $4,000 to $0.01 but Bitcoin has went as low as $17,000 and some exchanges that number may be even lower. The bulk of influencers are wanting to call another cycle set up in the making.

While I just want to slap them all and say, "Hey! Did you forget about COVID-19?" We are here with monkeypoxs, the year is 2022 and we are potentially 7 months away from the worse of the bottom before we come up on the next halving cycle

This previous Bitcoin Halving Cycle before it started we had a major cross market crash in March of 2020. That is one scenario that could likely play out with MonkeyPox and Joe Biden Declaring an Emergency.

The reason behind Emergency Declarations are the powers in which they invoke. The president of the United States under normal conditions would not be allowed to do certain things like stimulus packages and so on.

This should hurt Bitcoin Significantly if you think about from a logical standpoint. The failing FIAT system and by failing I do mean that it is crashing and burning before our eyes. The FIAT systems is on it's last rope.

Although the point in Bitcoin was to replace an asset that didn't have anything backing it already, so we have come to the point where people would rather have an unbacked asset that is completely detached from government control.

That makes sense especially when you think about how back in 2008 we had the need for another currency solution in order to escape the current FIAT Government controlled inflated/deflated currencies under Obama/Biden

Bitcoin Cash Looking Lovely at $138.30

Bitcoin Cash is at the point of rejection on the downtrend line, Bitcoin Cash was rejected at the top of the channel just above $150 & has help up pretty decent support above $130 which could indicate a break out to the upside is about to occur.

Although with economic situations brewing hot tea on thin ice in the arctic. The odds should favor a break to the downside to retest the $100 level before moving closer towards $75 - $27 give or take a few in either direction.

Their is a plus side to not from recent announcements about Bitcoin from the SEC which claims "Bitcoin is not a Security" because of the amount of decentralization Bitcoin has.

Now that same saying can be said for Bitcoin Cash itself, considering that BCH is a soft fork of Bitcoin itself and technically still operates on the same Blockchain. I know, I know, I know crypto is just so awesome to be in at the beginning stages of something as epic as Bitcoin Cash.

My Final Thoughts

Lately I have been thinking of different ideals in order to start generating more income during this cold Bear Market that we are going through as I don't believe that we have seen the worse of what is going to come from it.

The whole world could turn upside down in a blink of an eye. Severely impacting everyone's lives significantly enough without adequate prepping. That ideal alone may be far fetched, but very close to a reality at the same time.

How do you prep for a far fetched reality or even live a comfortable life with no income because you are crippled to the point you can not do any physical work. The best you can do is write blogs and hope to grow a community of like minded individuals and in the process hopefully turn a few bucks to help with the ever increasing cost of living.

However with the economy constantly dipping lower and lower to the point that it makes it even harder to earn money in the real world, let alone online unless you get into the shady areas of the web. They can be rather tempting especially when you need money in a bad way, but by the grace of God I am provided for as of now.

That ideal is to find a way to make money online that would empower not just myself, but anyone to do the same things as I am and start getting paid. The sad reality behind that ideal is that no one has done it yet.

Why? The only answer I come up with is it is easier to create 1,000 work from home jobs where people do all kinds of work for you and you don't pay them a dime than it is to create one work from home job and actually profit from paying that person to work from home unless you are a massive corporation already.


God Bless You, Thanks For Reading!

The world has gone to hell so to speak.

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Written by   372
1 month ago
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