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The World & Crypto #18

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The World & Crypto with Rutkowski Edition #18

March 10, 2021

Stimulus Package Was Passed Through The House!

Biden's $1.9 Trillion USD Stimulus Package was passed through the House and is being sent to President Biden's desk for his signature. Biden's press secretary said she expects him to take time out of his busy schedule to sign the Bill on Friday afternoon. President Biden has been adamant on how important enacting this legislation and getting help to the millions of American Families that need help right now is.

I think his actions have spoken louder than his words on this point here. Americans were promised $2,000.00 USD Stimulus Checks on January 20, 2021. President Biden is now expected to sign a bill for $1,400.00 USD Stimulus Checks on Friday March 12, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Speculation says that checks will start going out ahead of Biden signing the Bill into law.

XLM Has Seen Better Days! Better Days Ahead Though!

XLM currently at .40 USD at the time of writing this article. I think by the charts indications XLM will see a nice gain starting some time tis week and will be spread out over the course of a month or so. I don't think we are going to see anything like the community wants to see. I don't think that $1.10 is too far fetched either by August.

HOT Holochain Holo Do Not Buy!

HOT currently at .0031 USD at the time of writing this article. I am serious, what ever you do, do not by HOT and do not add any more HOT to your Portfolio, seriously! I need to buy more for myself before anyone else Buys some. I need a couple Billion of them!

XRP Rejected at .49 Once Again!

XRP is back at .45 USD again and stirring a lot of negative publicity on Twitter at the moment. A lot of short term XRP holders are jumping ship, while I am not going to join them, I can't honestly blame them and you shouldn't either.

I have for a long time been a strong supporter of XRP and the link between XRP and Ripple. However as of lately I have had to issue some very troubling warnings about XRP that I don't take lightly. XRP if it were to be used to bridge every currency world wide would grow XRP Cap by 100's of Trillions of Dollars and would sky rocket the price of XRP.

Why would Ripple fight so hard to not be associated with it's prime factor in building this infrastructure? What if they are actually planning on releasing a new form of Ripple using the existing XRP Ledgers Protocol. Some thing kind of like Hard Fork where they pull the same garbage they have been pulling with XRP this whole time?

That is the scary part of XRP, it is starting to look like that fear is a very real reality that may be happening before long. I hope for my sake and the sake of all of those that truly believe in XRP just because of the clear established link between ripple and XRP that they don't switch to a different Token. Time will tell.

Bitcoin on a Bumpy Rollercoaster Ride!

Bitcoin at the time writing this article is at 56,100.00 and fighting to stay up above $56K The charts are still showing Bullish in my opinion it looks like we are on target to challenge the previous all time highs within the next 24 hours. Ideally within the next 12 hours we should be talking about the new all time high from Bitcoin.

I think Bitcoin has a strong possibility of flying rapidly through the $60K zone before returning back to the $50K area briefly. This is purely speculation but you should always keep in mind that we are about to enter uncharted territory once again. We can look at the previous times to get a rough ideal of what we should see coming. Although that method isn't fool proof as we won't truly know what happens until that time comes.

I know that $100K isn't that far away provided we continue with this momentum going forward. I am still waiting on the FOMO effect to come into full play. The FOMO will be the scariest Volatility of this bull run in my opinion.

My Final Thoughts!

Bitcoin will be doing something major rather soon. We should expect to see some pull backs along the way. $3K isn't nothing in terms of pull backs and at this point I wouldn't be shocked to revisit $40K briefly before continuing on this part of the bull run. I can't rule that out completely. We have a lot of major factors that we have to consider when it comes to the market.

We have people like myself and hopefully you that want Crypto to succeed, at the same time we have a ton of people whom want to see crypto fail and they are leveraged against Crypto to help it fail while profiting majorly from the demise of crypto. The deciding factor like the pump and dump of XRP recently will be who has a bigger checking account.

As far as I can tell, the ones betting for Bitcoin to succeed along with other crypto currencies have more money than the Bill Gates army that clearly bets against Crypto but wants to utilize it in a manor where only the wealthy can profit from it. We have to watch out for major investors at the same time as well. A lot of investors are in this for the long term, they aren't going anywhere.

Some investors are the same way, but they will want to increase Bitcoin positions using any possible way they can, and they will. If I had 1,000 BTC that I bought at $10K I'd want to see a great deal at an All Time High and dump back in at the bottom. Take some profit and still have more Bitcoin in the end than I had before the trade itself.

This is logical, why else buy an investment to not make money and grow that investment further. The extent to what will happen is yet to be seen, but with the market going the way it has been, I could see this happening around September. I think my price target of $137K will be reached before we see major dumping that will effect the prices.

As always, Thanks For Reading, God Bless You and Stay Healthy!

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Written by   358
10 months ago
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Complete and a decent artical. I realy like it

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Bitcoin is now gaining momentum, it will now be uptrend in few hours.

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Thanks for the advice, a very complete article that guides me when making decisions in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. Thanks for sharing, well done! I follow you Rutkowski

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