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The World & Crypto #16

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1 month ago

The World & Crypto with Rutkowski #16

March 2, 2021

F2POOL at it again! Dumping around 7,000 BTC

F2POOL can be blamed for the price dip seen earlier today as they distributed 7,000 BTC to the miners within it's mining pool. I am honestly starting to think that F2POOL is working with others in an effort to create better buying opportunities for the big shot players or they are just distributing weekly BTC earnings to those that mined them. However 7k BTC is enough to effect the Market so maybe it's time they start looking at a better approach for distribution.

Honestly, I think that F2POOL triggered price corrections are a healthy factor for the Crypto Community to an extent. Could you imagine Michael Saylor moving his Bitcoin to an exchange, I bet we would see $20K Bitcoin again. These are serious risk that are involved with the corporations entering into Crypto. They have the capital to effect the prices and break the entire system. Luckily they have more to benefit from building the infrastructure than destroying it.

We should always be mindful of this surreal possibility.

Bitcoin is currently at $48,600.00 and still stuck in what appears to be a downward trend, I however look for this trend to turn extremely bullish in light of the recent dump, but if we can't make it above the downward trend we could revisit $44K or lower again. Typically when Bitcoin gets rejected too much it will take a larger dip.

I am not saying that is what I expect to happen, although I can't rule out another dip from this point. Ideally I want to see Bitcoin build support above $50K and than go beyond $60K at this point I don't think we will see the major rejection at $62K as I believe we are still rebounding from that rejection. Bitcoin didn't go above $58K you may say, but yes it went to $62,800 on Bitrue and as low as $6K on another exchange...

Crazy, I know. Everything that I have seen screams that we are about to take major leg up above $60K I still can't confirm for a fact that I am right. I could be wrong, with this market I have said plenty of times that no one including myself can predict which direction the markets will go in the future and what will happen in terms of price corrections along the way.

We have way too many determining factors that control the prices of Crypto and they are subject to change at any point in time, nothing is written in stone, however we can tell based upon analyzing past trends what should ideally happen. Kind of like predicting the weather using the almanac and averaging out daily temps and weather to assume that everything repeats within certain ranges.

If that is the case with Bitcoin ideally my $137K prediction by end of 2021 should be extremely accurate.

Hot Holochain is slowly getting the long awaited recognition by You Tubers whom are shocked that it is already #98 on Coin Market Cap. The thing is, Holochain is highly undervalued and should be a decent part of any ones portfolio that likes to make a lot of money.

I have been investing in Holochain since for a few years now and so far the only regret that I have had is the fact I have bought so much more than I already own. Hot is still at the perfect entry price as it seems to be stuck on extremely bullish uptrend and with #HoloMonday starting to trend on twitter the FOMO will be at an extremely high level.

The project itself has more potential than most projects that are valued higher. I have been saying since my original purchase that Holochain would be my ticket to Millions. I just get extremely anxious waiting for that time to happen. I know it is in order, Holo Hot Holochain will make it to the moon for a pit stop on the way to mars and beyond.

BCH is currently at $524.46 and appears to have hit it's bottom at $431.14 and has built that level as a major support level. If and only if we dip below that level we will be in for some serious trouble. We have awhile to go before we are back in the same trend as before however as we enter back to the previous trend it will take #BCH over $1K in my opinion.

I didn't expect the last F2POOL dump to effect BCH in the manner that it did, but it did and hopefully you didn't sell off the BCH that you already had unless you sold at $700 and bought back in at $400 and in which case, congrats on the smart play. I keep my BCH locked away so I am not tempted to trade and play with it as much as I do Bitcoin and others.

BCH, HOT, XRP, XLM and ETC are the only Crypto Currencies I won't trade or sell. I hold these as part of my retirement plan. Hopefully they get me to retirement before I am 40 years old. I know BCH as major potential of making this happen as well as HOT

XRP is currently at .43 USD per XRP and I am monitoring it closely as we will breaking lose from the current trend within the next 44 hours as the longest time frame. I am not sure whether or not we will see a higher trend but at this time I am eyeing .73 USD to .84 USD as the next target.

Bullish or Bearish ? You decide!

The biggest question right now that could be holding the market back from exploding beyond new levels is the good ole Bullish or Bearish factor. I think we are still bullish as hell and I haven't seen anything that makes me thing otherwise, I know we had a very similar price correction to the current one in January and within 2 weeks we turned extremely bullish.

My advice here, don't listen to me or anyone else whether we are Bullish or not, I have ideas that may be correct, than again we could be entering into a bearish cycle. last year during this time we seen a major drop in the market as we headed towards stimulus checks. This could still happen although the stimulus checks in my opinion will turn us even more bullish as well as the tax season.

My Final Thoughts

This past year alone has been like something out of a sci fi movie and we continue to write history as politicians still attempt to re-write history. We are moving forward with hopes that society will return to a some what normal within the near future and we will all be able to un mask ourselves and put aside differences and grow as a society together.

I know we have all been through a lot and honestly I do believe that without what we have been through we wouldn't be where we are today with crypto currencies and the blockchain technologies that are taking over the world. This is a very critical time in human history as these days will defines us a 100 years from now, like the Baby Boomer, Spanish Flu, World War 1 & 2 and the Great Depression.

The censorship, cancel cultural. Ultimately world leaders have lead to the growth of crypto currencies and the current China Virus aka Covid spread up the process that has moved us forward by ten plus years. We would not be this far along without the pandemic. I hate to give a lot of credit to something that has taken so many lives.

I am one of those people that don't believe in the severity that propaganda has pushed the masses into believing. I don't think we needed to destroy economies and hurt the already poor people even more than the world already has. overall Covid-19 has killed a lot of people, when you factor in the amount of people that die yearly from disease, obesity and natural causes Covid-19 isn't as serious as it has been portrayed to be.

I am not saying don't wear mask, don't get vaccinated. I am just saying, human kind survived the Spanish Flu which was actually 100 times worse than this. Everyone regardless of a pandemic should use proper hygiene to stop the spread of viruses and protect those whom are most vulnerable to death by sickness.

I can only think of one reason why the Pandemic was played out to the extent that it was and that takes to the Holy Bible. The mark of the beast. Yeah, Crypto currencies will be the only way to transact in the future. It is written in the Bible, a long time before we was even thought of. Now we have entered that time that has be prophesied over centuries by people whom couldn't even fathom the technology that they seen.

The New World Order has to see a collapse in global currencies in order to come to light. The Biblical sense we will see a person who comes to the world preaching peace to everyone and they will start a pact, aka peace treaty that will lead to the Rapture as promised by God.

Whether or not you believe in God is up to you, but if you read the Bible and comprehend what it is saying you would be scared. Especially when you take in to account that history tends to repeat itself, we have had wars happening for the last 21 years now that have grown to be a part of life. We have major tension between world leaders that will result in World War 3 with in the short term future.

We have seen plenty of times that pandemics lead to depressions which leads to wars. Nostradamus has plenty of valid predictions using these principles that have actually happened and he predicted zombies for this year.

I am not sure what the future holds but a saying that comes to mind is it always gets worse before it gets better.

As always, thanks for reading, God Bless You and Stay Healthy!

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Written by   352
1 month ago
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All sum up about the prediction and market flow. As an intellectual said that the life next would be at Mars and currency of that planet would be crypto currency

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How much are you paid ?

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Paid for what? I make tips on here but that is clearly reflected below the articles. I don't get paid beyond tips for blogging.

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