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The World & Bitcoin: A Crypto Revolution or A Financial Reset?

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4 months ago

Around The World:

What is going on in the World today? Since 2019 it seems like governments all over the world have been waging war with the FIAT system in forms of Stimulus packages, shut downs and now we may be leading into our next Global Pandemic.

Although Covid isn't going to be the only cause for concern going forward as Monkey Pox already seems to be taking it's toll on certain states in the United States. California and Illinois are already declaring a State of Emergency

We should probably prepare ourselves for the potential of Monkey Pox shutting down travel and all other non essential travel and business closings that will surely cause further disruptions to economies world wide.

News Stories Today

  • One United States Representative and at least 3 others are dead following a tragic car accident in Northern Indiana within the United States.

  • On Monday August 1, 2022 the Biden Administration announced that a covert operation to kill the leader of Al-Qaida was a success.

  • Europe still fighting to remove its dependency from Russian Oil & Natural Gas.

  • Nancy Pelosi continues on with trip to Taiwan in order to show Taiwan that United States will be their to support them against China. All despite warnings from China for Pelosi to stay away.

  • United Nations Secretary-General urges Governments to tax immoral oil and gas profits.

  • The undersea Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano eruption released enough water into the atmosphere to fill 58,000 Olympic Pools: Experts say.

  • Europe's Rhine River Drying up to levels not seen since 2018 & already affecting Coal Shipments

  • Deep Space: The James Webb Space Telescope: JWST

  • Finland & Sweden bids to join NATO Senate Votes unanimous in support of:

  • Florida Governor Rejects Concerns of MonkeyPox: We are not doing fear!

  • Scientists Supposedly created the World's First Synthetic Embryos

  • A record amount of seaweed is choking shores in the Caribbean:

  • Final Thoughts: Talk about Do Kwon, Sol Hack, Celsius and general frustration.

Bitcoin Cash: $137.7

Bitcoin Cash is staying below the downtrend line. Although Bitcoin Cash is looking pretty Bullish at the moment it could easily dump within the next hour back down just above a $100 if that plays out it will dip even lower.

This could be a potential move up towards $190 but I would not bet the house on that one. I would bet my 2011 GMC Acadia on another downtrend with a massive uptrend to follow it.

Bitcoin: $23,000

Bitcoin is currently above $23K and it's looking like Bitcoin is holding the support line above $22K Although this could be the premise to a major downward trend. I will be the first one to say, "Hopefully I am Wrong!"

Now that I got the worse case scenario out their. I am leaning towards a nice move to $26K to $28K on the Bull Trap. In all honesty that would be the price target for the Bull Trap IMO

A record amount of seaweed is choking shores in the Caribbean:

more than 24 million tons of sargassum covered the Atlantic in June. That figure is currently up by 5.2 million tons in May alone, citied from a report published by University of South Florida's Optical Oceanography Lab.

Although more research is needed to determine exactly why sargassum has grown by over 20% Scientist are already offering theories that may explain the odd growth rate of sargassum. Factors such as climate change.

Along with waste disposal and nitrogen laden fertilizers fueling the algae bloom. What is my theory?

The oceans warmer temperatures brought about by supposed "climate change" which in my opinion is nothing more than the earths natural weather patterns. The sargassum in question is the seas way of cleaning itself.

We have had a rise in volcanic activity for some time now. The worse of being in the sea which could factor majorly into the sargassum increasing. Biden issued a state of emergency over the algae. What should we do with Sargassum?

This day an age we have several major problems that pop into my mind. The number one being starvation which comes next to the fertilizer issues. Seaweeds may not taste all that good, but when you have went for an amount of time with out food, Sargassum is Yummy!

Sargassum can also be used as a means to stop the Homeless issues. Although I think the issue than would be where would the land come from? I am sure a lot of people would be happy to donate money to make this a reality for people in need of a home.

World's First Synthetic Embryos:

Scientist at Weizmann Institute in Israel found that stem cells from mice could be made to self-assemble into early embryo-like structures with an intestinal tract, the beginnings of a brain and a beating heart.

The embryo pictured above to the right is known as an synthetic embryo due to the fact that it was created without a fertilized egg.

The expectation of such experiments is to learn the early development stages of organs so that scientist will be able to grow synthetic organs for those in need of heart, lung, kidney or liver transplants.

Ideally they will be able to use the person in needs DNA to greatly lower the chances of organ rejection. Although other scientist have been successful in growing human skin and hearts all from pastry dishes.

DeSantis Governor of Florida is not concerned with MonkeyPox:

"We are not doing fear"

Ron DeSantis rejects growing concerns over MonkeyPox as Illinois & California declare a state of emergency in order to combat MonkeyPox as rumors spread as fast as MonkeyPox

Reports of MonkeyPox spreading, meanwhile DeSantis is calling out power hungry greedy politicians whom are going to use MonkeyPox in order to sow fear to masses. They will use State of Emergency powers in order to restrict your freedoms.

I know first hand what we witnessed with the Covid-19 attacks on our freedoms world wide and I personally feel the same way I did than as I do now. IN GOD I TRUST, amen.

May sound a bit cliché but I Trust God over man made solutions. I also use my head. I may have Faith, but I still use common courtesy when I am out and about. I refuse to take any type of vaccination other than the ones that I was forced to take as a child.

I believe in the bodies natural immunities as well as being pro choice, to each their own.

Finland & Sweden bids to join NATO:

Mitch McConnell spoke out in support of Finland & Sweden joining NATO stating that "Their accession will make NATO stronger & America more secure," McConnell said.

McConnell urged everyone to be united and vote unanimous although it is not expected to get unanimous support it is a slam dunk.

Thus far Turkey is the only part of NATO that has had objections but has since withdrawn those objections and is in favor of Finland and Sweden.

McConnell stressed that "There's just no question that admitting these robust democratic countries with modern economies and capable interoperable militaries will only strengthen the most successful military alliance in human history"

Although Finland & Sweden have to await the approvals of Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey. It remains to be a formality. Welcome to NATO, the World largest organized crime mafia.

James Webb Space Telescope:

JWST has taken an image of the most distant star known in the Universe. The star was named Earendel after a character in J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings prequel Silmarillion that is almost 28 billion light years away from Earth.

JWST increased range of view by over 10 billion Light Years from the furthest star astronomers had ever seen until now.

Europe's Rhine River is at 2018 water level lows

Water levels on the Rhine River located in Europe are anticipated to drop even lower. The river is a main route for shipments in/out of the region. The Rhine River is coming dangerously close to the point of closing to all traffic.

The low water levels have already stopped the transport of Coal up and down the river. The water level is set to drop another 18.5 inches this week alone which is just 7 centimeters of being impassable.

All this is coming at a time when Europe's already fighting an energy supply shortage due to Russia cutting Europe off. The water levels make the transportation of Coal even harder as to increase the cost shipping.

That added cost is than passed on to the end-user in the form of higher energy bills.

United Nations Secretary-General urges Governments to tax immoral oil and gas profits.

“It is immoral for oil and gas companies to be making record profits from this energy crisis on the backs of the poorest people and communities,”

Guterres said, "The funds which equate to $100 Billion dollars should be used to support vulnerable communities." It may sound like more of a Robinhood reverse split tactic. Instead of stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

You first steal money by price gouging the poor and give that money to the rich. You second that motion by stealing the money back from the rich and giving it all to the super poor. Sounds fair? right?

While I may disagree with allowing companies to over charge for Oil and Natural Gas from the start, I have to agree with Guterres when it comes to making renewable energy more accessible to the general public by removing the bureaucratic red tape involved.

Guterres also went on to urge Governments to "ramp up and diversify supply chains for raw materials and renewable energy sources," he also acknowledges that many countries have still yet to bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Guterres also warns of impending femine, energy crisis and financial crisis. Although the financial crisis will just a "Financial Reset where we move away from the FIAT system and adopt the Blockchain system.

Nancy Pelosi, China and Taiwan: You could cut the tension with a knife

Nancy Pelosi and others seen landing in Taiwan despite dire threats from China. China claimed that Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan amongst their territory dispute would be reckless given the current relations in the region.

The trip alone was Allegedly enough to drop Markets World Wide:

  • Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index by 2.4% and mainland

  • China's Shanghai Composite Index by 2.3%

  • Germany's DAX by .3%

  • France's CAC 40 by .4%

  • Nasdaq, DOW and the S&P all opened in the red

  • Japanese Yen surged .6% against the USD

Although the Market fluctuations are blamed solely on Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan, I'd say it was mere coincidence that would of happened regards of Pelosi's traveling or not.

Nancy Pelosi's visit marked the first time in nearly 25 years that a House Speaker has stepped foot in Taiwan. The tensions between the United States were high enough already. China feels like the United States is threatening their way of life and rightfully so.

While it is apparent that no body wants a full blown World War III I would have to say that with the way tensions keep mounting sooner than later someone is going to mistake a certain move and we are going to lead into a Nuclear War.

Europe: The Battle to Wean itself from Russian Natural Gas and Oil

Since the start of the Russian/Ukraine conflict and all of the sanctions put in place to destroy the Russian economy seems to be all but working.

The sanctions really go to show Putin that the West is not happy with his actions although empty threats from the Biden Administration fell on death ears anyways. Countries like Europe are still vastly dependent upon Russia for Natural Gas & Oil despite Biden's call for all countries to halt trades with Russia.

“Europe needs to be ready,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “To make it through the winter, assuming that there is a full disruption of Russian gas, we need to save gas to fill our gas storages faster. And to do so, we have to reduce our gas consumption. I know that this is a big ask for the whole of the European Union, but it is necessary to protect us.”

Europe is taking leaps to conserve energy that we should all honestly learn from. The need to conserve natural resources should be one that sticks with us whether in a time of war or not.

We could all do our own part in order to conserve our natural resources!

Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri Dead After Covert Operation by CIA

Al-Zawahiri an Egyptian born Islamic Jihadist and Terrorist according to the United States Government Ayman was second in command to Osama Bin Laden. The United States alleges that Ayman took over the Leadership of Al-Qaida.

Ayman served the Egyptian Army from 1974-1977 than three years later Ayman joined Egyptian Islamic Jihad from 1980-1998 while over lapping ties with Al-Qaeda from 1988-2022

Ayman was involved in several wars from Soviet-Afghan War, Global War on Terrorism and his final War in Afghanistan. Ayman was struck by a Drone controlled by the CIA in the United States while he was on his balcony.

The CIA had watched Ayman in Kabul, Afghanistan for months combing through his daily routines in order to find the perfect strike time that arrived on July 31, 2022 putting an end to Ayman's Terrorist Career and cancelling the $25,000,000.00 USD Reward for Ayman.

President Biden has taken full responsibility for directing the CIA to commence a drone attack on Ayman. Biden citing his speech from the point in time he withdrew troops from Afghanistan stating "we don't need boots on the ground when we have drones in the air."

President Biden pointed out the harsh reality that Afghanistan is moving back into position to be a terrorist hub for Islamic terrorist groups looking to attack the West. Over all the Biden Administration counts the 6 month long covert mission as a giant success in the War on Terrorist that begun in 2001 under President Bush JR.

Jacqueline R. Walorski & Two Staff Members Died in Car Accident Today Along with Driver.

Jacqueline was born August 17, 1963 in South Bend, Indiana within the United States. Jacqueline was an American Politician whom served as an U.S Representative for Indiana's 2nd Congressional District since 2013.

Jacqueline Walorski was a proud Republican whom served her Country/State for over 20 years of her life. While exact details are not currently made public yet.

We do know that Jacqueline was commuting in traffic along with two other staff members, Zachery Potts 27 her District Director and Emma Thomson 28 her Communications Director. The driver of the vehicle also lost their life and remains unnamed.

My Final Thoughts:

This has been one heck of an adventure. These last few years have felt very surreal for me, like being on the outside looking in. I have learned a lot and have talked to some rather interesting individuals. A lot of whom shared the same ideals/interest as myself.

I have still yet to meet very few people the have actually voted for Biden. I guess I should hang out in the grave yards a bit. Anyways, Biden is finally acting like he can be stern, "we don't have to have boots on the ground," said Biden.

When he was talking the drone attack that killed the then leader of Al-Qaida while he was on his Balcony with a missile. While I believe that any leader needs to be a strong person of leadership, stern, open and most importantly they must act on what they threaten.

I personally do not want a World War III. Biden has already made 3 threats to other nations, and out of those 3 threats only one he delivered on and that was Kabul, Afghanistan with a drone. Biden had warned Russia that if they went on a "Peace Keeping Mission" within Ukraine to help transition into two territories.

Biden has so far imposed sanctions that has thus far hurt NATO worse than it has punished Russia for invading Ukraine. This would normally be the point I would point out that Biden had no forethought as to what would come of these sanctions.

However Biden had said something along the lines of, these sanction will ultimately hurt Americans & NATO while delivering a critical blow to the Russian economy forcing Putin to come back to the table for negotiations of "Peace."

Than Nancy Pelosi taunting China with a visit to Taiwan to symbolize support for Taiwan. Than markets world wide reacted to the possibility that Pelosi is triggering a war.

Now lets talk about good ole Do Kwon whom the SEC still hasn't gone after. The sec will hold up XRP in court while allowing Do Kwon to skate on Billions of dollars that he made. Than they sit by idly as Do Kwon does the same exact thing to another group of individuals.

Celsius appears that they may be able to eventually pay back some of the users. I was under the impression they was FDIC insured when I signed up it was plastered on the home screen. I do stand to lose a bit of cash over the Celsius ordeal.

However I did recommend Celsius to people and I continue to have faith that Celsius will make some smart plays with the capital that is left over and than give users their original token amounts back. When I sent some crypto to Celsius I wanted it to sit dormant on the blockchain until the time was right.

Than I could get the crypto out and do with it as I needed. That is down the hole with Celsius at the moment, but I am anxious to see how this court date plays out and what all they judge does/says in regards to the matter.

A lot of rumors going around that Mashinsky was running a crypto Ponzi scheme which could be true, also the rumor that they have lost about $500 million worth of users funds.

Now we have the SOLANA hack worth over $200 million as of the last time that I checked. We need some ethical hacking Blockchain in order to incentive hackers to find holes in blockchain development in order to secure valuable blockchains from attacks like these in the future.

SOL was a nice size hack, but nothing in comparison to what Do Kwon pulled off twice.

Thanks for reading, God Bless!

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