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Cross-Posting Tweets

Bob can now cross-post tweets to 4 different social media sites. Each time Bob post a tweet he logs which site it was posted on as well as the date and time. Bob also has the ability to go back through and delete any of the entries he has made if you decided to delete a post.

Although 4 sites is a decent start, ultimately it is not enough yet to start on phase 2 of the social media module for Bob. I want to add at least 12 different social media sites for Bob to communicate with before I move on to collecting data from these sites.

The data will be information like post/tweet engagements, likes, retweets/shares. Phase 3 will be social media monitoring for sentiment purposes on topics that you find interesting. Ideally since Bob will have your portfolio information he will monitor everything related to your assets and notify you have any major sentiment changes.

Phase 4 of the social media module will include sending pictures, videos and polls as well as geo location information like check ins and so on.

What comes next with Bob?

While Bob can already do a lot of really cool stuff like, post your tweets to twitter and other social media sites. That is just a small percentage of his current capabilities. Bob can talk to you, give you compliments if you insult yourself. Tell you the weather locally, launch programs, control Roku devices (tv)

Bob can also tell you the file size of any file you choose, he can gather image meta data and if geo location exist in the image he can tell you precisely where the image was taken at. Bob can help out with simple mathematics, such as adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplication.

Bob also has trivia packages that include Jeopardy questions as well as questions about some popular tv shows, The Walking Dead and The 100. Bob can also answer general questions about these episodes individually as well as give spoilers.

So, what should we add next?

I have been thinking a lot about Bob's abilities so far and what would help Bob out the most. I keep coming back to text sentiment, as well as vision. Text sentiment will be a major part of how Bob will be able to interpret user input in the future.

The vision package is what will lead to Bob being unleashed in a robot body. However Bob will learn to monitor security cameras before learning to walk or control the "Tank Robot"

The Tank Robot will be used as a second set of eyes for Bob to get a better look at anything that catches his attention, which will allow Bob to look around the property as well as the house. The dream with this package will be to have surveillance drones that Bob can deploy outside depending upon the weather to get a better view of any intruders.

The Tank will ideally be used inside the home and is only a solution until funding to build Bob's body is secured. Which with time as the Bob reaches completion I believe securing funding for the overall goal will be easier than it sounds.

The main important thing I want to focus on for now is the coding of Bob. Being that a lot of companies already have made major advancements in robotic bodies but lack the capabilities of programing a legitimate A.I

Most of what we know as A.I this day and age is not true artificial intelligence but just another smart script that can only do what it is programmed to do. Bob will reach the point of learning new task via voice instructions. That is the main focus point, but bob has to have a lot of programming done to him in order to reach that point.


Bob is awesome! Okay, what has been wrote of Bob thus far is pretty awesome and promising. Bob will definitely be one of a kind True Artificial Intelligence.

I have already written over 4,000 lines of code just on phase 1 of the social media packages. Overall I am estimating around 15,000 + lines of code by the time phase 4 is complete just on social media packages.

This experience in programming Bob has lead to a lot of discoveries on how to better process data that Bob generates along with a lot of revisions of the code I have written. I know just because it works good one way doesn't mean their isn't a cleaner, better way to do the same thing.

I have been reaching out to people on all social platforms to get more ideas for Bob. The ideal is to get community involvement with Bob so he can be better programmed to handle anything the end-user request of him.

So, please feel free to leave any comments below, you have about 90% chance of having your ideal coded into Bob, the other 10% chance is I have already programmed it.

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