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More Ways To Earn Online & Some Payment Proofs!

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2 months ago

Even More Ways to Make Money Online, From Home, Today!

Welcome back, today I will be introducing even more ways to make money online from home, if you are not familiar with the First Article you can find it HERE. Otherwise you can start here! I will be showing some screen shots where I have been paid from several of these sources on my list. 

How Much Have I Earned Online?

I am only counting earnings that have been made as a direct result of writing this series, with this Article being the Second Article. The total amount of money that I have made online in the last two weeks with minimum effort has been a total of $48.74 give or take a dollar or two. The majority of that from survey sites alone. 


The main point of sharing the small amount of money I have earned within the last two weeks is to prove that you can earn some extra cash, if you have the free time and don't mind doing boring task to make a cent. The number one take away is all you actually need is a cell phone to do it all from the comfort of your own home. 

I personally prefer using a laptop versus a mobile phone for several different reasons. The main one being the amount of strain you put your eyes through daily, if you are like me, you are either glued to a computer screen, tv or a phone in your hand without ever giving yourself much time to rest. The second reason being the fact that a lot of these platforms are not very mobile friendly although they try to be.


More Sites To Earn More Money Online:

Now we are going to check out some new sites to make a little extra pocket change. Most of the sites have not been verified to pay yet. When ever I get more Payment Proofs I will Publish them in Part 3 of this series of Making Money Online.


QMEE is an awesome Survey Platform without any minimum withdrawals. You can take a survey that pays $0.09 and than immediately have that deposited into your trusty old PayPal Account. Signup today and get a Bonus after you make your first withdrawal. Note: you must withdraw any amount once to get the signup bonus!

You Get Profit:

Prize Rebel:

Prize Rebel has been around since 2007 and claims to have paid out over $20,000,000.00 to users as of now. They offer a low minimum payout of just $5.00 as with most of the sites that have a minimum withdrawal. They allow you to withdraw to PayPal or numerous different Gift Cards as well as Pre Paid Debit Cards that the have available.

The downfall to Prize Rebel has to be the $5.00 minimum withdrawal. The Platform itself is a nice change of scenery in comparison to most of the Survey Sites that I have actually used. The final downfall is I haven't actually had the time to earn a payout through Prize Rebel as of yet, hopefully by the next Article in this Series I will have some nice looking Payment Proof for Prize Rebel

Get Paid: (HIGH RISK)

Get-Paid is one of those get paid to platforms that makes earning money near impossible. You would have to click 10,000 links to equal one coin, the coin to USD ratio isn't even a cent per coin. The site overall appears to be using Clix Wall to generate income, however they are not fond of sharing the profit with the end-users that actually generate the profits. 


ELID-BUX is a decent looking platform as far as layout and innovated ideal wise. They have implemented their own version of a crypto faucet. The Faucet a.k.a. Cash Game gives you an opportunity to earn a dollar to withdraw, considering the withdrawal limit is a dollar that isn't too bad but I like the most, is the advertisement credits that you can get for free advertising.

The downfall is the site does not have a whole lot of earning  opportunities, however they seem to compensate with the extremely low withdrawal limit in comparison to other sites that just like ELID-BUX I Feel pretty confident that I will eventually have some form of a payment proof to share with you all from this site sooner than later that is.


Zigma is another spin off of ELID-BUX or vice versa, they have a few differences between them other than the names that are clearly different. Zigma's minimum withdrawal is exactly $0.50 which is roughly $0.35 cents higher than ELID-BUX. Zigma also offers a cash game too. Although their cash game can played every 50 seconds versus ELID-BUX every 300 seconds or 5 minutes.


BTC Clicks actually pays you in Bitcoin for ad clicks, hence the platforms name BTC Clicks. The site itself is such a lovely concept. The look and feel of the site is definitely unique.

The downfall of this site actually makes it rather worthless, unless of course you are considering advertising on BTC Clicks. Than you may find this site to be a valuable Advertising Platform. The number one reason I don't like the site is the amount of work in order to earn such a minute amount of Bitcoin.

The minimum Payout is 0.10000 MBITS, which is the sites standard for Satoshi (that is an assumption) and they only pay you 0.00001  per ad view. The calculations are assuming that they only have 11 ads to view per day at the current rate of 0.00001 per ad which equals 0.00011 MBITS earned per day and that would take you roughly 909 days, 2.49 years to complete a successful withdraw. When you take that into consideration, you may not even want to use this site as a place for advertising either. However, I will still continue to use this site and maybe at some point in time 4 or more years down the road I can report an actually successful withdrawal from this platform, I won't be holding my breathe for that one though.

Adz Seven:

Adz Seven, while I don't care too much about the sites appearances, I am a fan of the name. That alone isn't enough for some one to want to dedicate hours of time to earn a payout, however I will be doing just that over the next two weeks to come. 

The downfall with Adz Seven has to be the extremely low amount of money they pay you to view an ad, especially when you consider the amount of money they charge for advertising. They pay $0.0002 cents per ad view and offer a $2.00 minimum withdrawal. They have paused all crypto withdrawals due to volatile markets or so they claim. This site doesn't seem to be very Legitimate. That will be resolved soon enough though. 


UPHOLD alone will not make you any money, that is unless you have someone signup using your referral link that gives them a bonus as well as you when they trade about $100 worth of crypto with 30 days of signing up. Now the way I use UPHOLD to make money is by using Brave Browser on 3 + devices. Brave Browser rewards users for using their Browser in the #BAT a.k.a. Basic Attention Token. 

Occasionally Brave Browser will Air Drop BAT Tokens to random users. This could be in values from $1 all the way up to $100 or more. The most I have received from these Air Drops is around 300 BAT combined total. While you can receive BAT to each Browser that you have installed and allow that to compound enough that you are able to create a Browser Wallet, which I believe is only around 20 BAT, you could also use your Browsers BAT to tip your Twitter Account. That is after you sign up for Brave Publishers Reward Account.

The Payment Proofs:


QMEE is a site for surveys, paid gaming and cash back deals. You can earn up to $1.00 instantly per referral instantly or you can split that referral bonus with the person signing up like I did. When you sign up with my link you will get a bonus once you complete your first task and withdraw whatever amount. QMEE has no withdrawal limits. You withdraw as little as $0.09 or you can let that money compound and withdraw at a later date. 

The screen shots above, you will see the first one is from PayPal, it shows 5 of the most recent deposits from the Withdrawals that I have made from QMEE. The total amount earned from QMEE alone is just around $18.01 and every last cent of that has been successfully withdrawn to PayPal.

The downside or the downfall to QMEE in my opinion is the same as every single boring repetitive survey site that pays online, you spend a lot of time to earn just a small amount of cash for your efforts. The frustrating part is when you spend twenty minutes and you are denied doing around 4 or 5 surveys before you finally get that one that pays out just forty-nine cents for 6 minutes of your time.

However needless to say, as you can see from the above photos, you can actually make money online taking surveys when you use QMEE. That is provided you have the patience


Branded Surveys:

Go Branded Surveys. has the same look and feel as do the other survey sites on this list. The total amount I have earned so far is $11.09 however $5.37 of that is still in the account. 

The downfall with Go Branded Surveys site is the payment processing. While they are legitimate in terms of paying the rewards that you earn, they have a processing time of around 3 days or sooner. That can be an inconvenience if you are looking to have some cash in your account today. The withdrawal minimum is $5.00

Survey Junkie:

Survey Junkie may have the same look and feel as most of these Survey sites do, but they go one step further than the rest of the sites and it is worth noting. The amount of times I have been rejected during a screening process is nerve racking. Survey Junkie has a tendency to reward you with a few cents just for attempting to take the surveys. This is not always the case, but I can't think of another site that does this, can you? The total amount I have earned from Survey Junkies is $14.54 with $3.09 of that still in the Survey Junkies account waiting for me to earn the other 191 points needed to make my than third withdrawal.

The downfall to Survey Junkie has to be the $5 withdrawal limit, the 3 days processing time straight into your bank account. The rejection rate seems a lot higher in comparison to some other sites listed and their is no affiliate program. 

Earn Haus

Earn Haus has the typical setup like other platforms, however they offer $5 for every 3 surveys completed or $10 for every 5 surveys completed, your choice. They did take about three days to payout the $5 to PayPal. The total amount that I earned from Earn Haus has been $5.00 and I have one survey completed on the site, I either have to do 2 or four more surveys to get the next payout.

The downfall to Earn Haus is the withdrawal thrush hold, however, getting paid $10 for 5 surveys is a bit better than most of these sites I am listing today. When you consider the fact that most survey sites want to only pay you under $0.50 cents per survey you wind up having to complete over 10 surveys just to reach the $5.00 withdrawal limits

1Q Surveys:

1Q Survey site is a nice innovation in the land of online surveys. They offer convenient questions sent directly to your cell phone via text or the 1Q application that you can download directly in the Google App Store. One of the very best perks to 1Q Surveys is they are single questions that pay you instantly to your PayPal account $0.25 Once you have signed up to 1Q you will become eligible for the 1Q Affiliate Program which pays you $0.25 instantly for every person that you refer to 1Q straight to your PayPal Account. The total amount I have earned from 1Q is over $100.00 over the past 3 years or so. Now the only thing I have earned since I started this series is only $0.25 and that was from a referral. 

Their is no withdrawal request with 1Q you are immediately paid out to your PayPal Account without any of the hassle of having to earn so much money, than request the money you have already earned and than you either get your hard earned money instantly or you have a three day waiting period. 1Q along with QMEE are the only two survey sites that you guaranteed to have money instantly available.

The downfall of 1Q is the fact that they do not send out enough questions. None the less I still recommend them for the simple fact that a quarter here and a quarter their for simply replying a multiple choice question is more than worth utilizing the platform.

How Do I Maximize My Profits?

Have you thought about using twitter to generate some extra income? You can't rule out using Tumblr or at least you shouldn't.

Zero width embed

These are just two simple ways that you can Maximize Profits Online by using Social Media Platform, of course Hash Tags are a way of reaching even more people that follow those categories. Personally, I like to use Twitter, Tumblr and a long list of other sites that help get my affiliate links out in front of as many users as I can. 

The more people that see your ads the greater of a chance you will have at getting referrals. The more referrals you have the more of a chance that you have of making even more money online. Although a referral does not guarantee you extra income, it does help. Once you start using Social Media Platforms for your own advertising and people start testing your recommendations, you will build up credibility amongst your following which will lead to even more referrals.

Yeah, this process isn't the fastest way of Earning Money Online but, if you plan on taking this seriously you should really consider either building a email list, social media follow or a blog following. I recommend using all three sources with as many platforms as you can.

Some Quick Easy Cash

While most of the Earning Platforms that I have covered and will be covering in the near future pay for doing simple task, sometimes you just want to earn a bit of cash with out having to exert that much effort. The best way that I have found of doing this so far is either by Playing Games To Earn Money or by simply signing up to different platforms and completing a single task to get an instant bonus.

Cash APP:

Cash APP is one of those highly valuable Mobile Banking Platforms that a lot of PEOPLE tend to over look. This offer does require that you use my link to receive your $5.00 sign up bonus after you complete a couple of simple steps. Sign up, add money ($5.00 is all you need) spend the $5 like you normally would and than you will receive the $5.00 sign up bonus instantly.

This offer is for new Cash APP customers only! Once you have completed the sign up process using my Cash APP Referral Link all you have to do is send me a screenshot proving that you completed the offer and I will send you an Extra $5.00 This deal is only valid while Cash APP has the referral earnings set to the current standards.

Normally I like to list the downfall of any Platform that I recommend, I can't necessarily do that for Cash APP which should tell you how much I like the Platform itself. Now with that having been said, the thing I do not like about Cash APP personally is the fact that Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, Cash APP, Blue Origin and some other companies. Cash APP alone has brought MILLIONS of users into Crypto as well as the stock market, with the Cash APP you can buy an sell Bitcoin & Stocks, but the fees do add up.

Now for the second reason why you should sign up with Cash APP! When you have a Cash APP account and you follow Cash APP on Twitter you can play along with giveaways from Cash APP. I haven't got any thing free from Cash APP in some time now, but I did get over $250.00 in Bitcoin, Cash and Stocks last year just by simply retweeting tweets with your Cash APP Tag! 


CoinBase is mainly known as an exchange, but what a lot of people don't know about CoinBase is it offers more than just exchanging Crypto. You can use CoinBase as your Checking Account and get Crypto Back on every purchase you make, up to 4% Crypto Back. That is not all CoinBase has to offer, they also have short test under a section called "Learn & Earn." The Quiz are really simple, after reading the information they ask you one simple question that pertains to what you read, once you answer it correctly they immediately send a Dollar worth of the Crypto to your Coinbase Account.  

When you signup using my link you will be eligible to receive $10.00 once you have purchased over $100.00 worth of any Crypto on the exchange.


PayPal is most commonly know as a payment processor, from its conception all the way up till now, PayPal has set the standards when it comes to sending/spending money online. Now for a limited amount of time, PayPal is offering new users $10.00 for signing up with a referral link. Simply sign up, send or spend $5.00 than you will receive $10.00 

That isn't where PayPal Deals end at, you can use PayPal Deals at Merchants like CVS, when you spend $20.00 or more using your QR Codes you will receive $10.00 back and that isn't the only Deal they have. PayPal is one those "Must Have Accounts" and if you don't currently have one, why not get $10.00 for free when you signup? This promotion will not last long. 

Bit Refill:

Bit Refill allows you to purchase Gift Cards to almost any retailer, restaurant, phone companies and so many more. They also give you Satoshi's back as a reward for using the service. Bit Refill has a decent Affiliate Program, you can earn up to $5.00 in Satoshi's when your referral signs up and spends $50.00 using Bit Refill.

The only downfall to Bit Refill is you spend crypto. When you spend lets say 0.015 #BTC on a phone bill when Bitcoin as $12,000.00 you basically paid double your phone bill when it #Bitcoin reaches $24,000.00 Than again, I personally have that #Hodl mindset.

Final Thoughts:

This series is turning out to be majorly time consuming although the show mush go on! Hopefully I am to help at least one person get started earning some extra money online during the course of blogging this series. Although it admittedly takes away from other aspects of my online life that I am really starting to neglect and miss. When I started out making money online, I was actually too young to really claim much of the funds that I earned due to being under the age of 18, having two parents that didn't see the point in doing anything online. They see things differently now, but I can still remember the first little bit of change I made.

I started a catch link farm that was made up of paid to click sites, I eventually turned it into a directory and it really took off. While their wasn't any documentation back than to help any one really get started, I had to learn a lot through trial and error. The majority of people whom claim to be online and available to help you start earning money are really just looking for a quick buck at your expense. I know this doesn't ring true for every one, but the majority it does.

Working Online really takes away from the standard that society has came to live by, you know the harder you work/slave for some one else the more rewarding your life will be in the end. While you can work hard somewhere and make a decent living doing so, does that give you more or less time with your friends and family? or does it seem to occupy the majority of your time and your immediate families get to enjoy your effort while you spend your time slaving away for chump change when the guys above you are make hundreds of thousands off of the hard work and dedication you put into their products/services to make them even more money.

That is why I ultimately decided to give the online industry a go. While people will tell you all the time, that is a scam, if that were true, don't you think everyone would be doing it? Yeah, those are some of my favorite skeptical comments from people that don't see the value in building a digital brand, service or product. While most of you whom venture down this path will give up within the next three months or sooner, I think you will be the one to succeed.

After all, all anyone needs to succeed in this space is dedication. You don't have to give up your day time job, all you have to do is start doing it. Maybe an hour a week, than two hours a week and gradually increase the time spent working on your content and reaching more and more people. Most of all you shouldn't worry about the negative people that only want to hold you back online. The trolls, yes I have dealt with my fair share of trolls that didn't like what I had to say or ignorantly disagreed with what I was saying.

That is one sure sign that your are on the correct path to becoming successful or maybe not, but I choose to use the negative criticism as extra motivation to work harder.

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