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BiTrue Thanksgiving Giveaway Update Day #1

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10 months ago

BiTrue Thanksgiving Celebration Giveaway

In case you did not have the pleasure of reading my first post here is a quick recap. BiTrue is giving away $100,000.00 in Crypto for Thanksgiving starting today 11-24-2020 and ending 11-29-2020 I would assume that it would be $20k given away each day I don't know how they will distribute it in regards to that.

  • Day #1: Link

  • Day #2: VET

  • Day #3: BTR

  • Day#4: XRP

  • Day#5: BTC

$100 In Assets Required To Participate

I just want to go ahead and make it clear that in the last article I was unsure of the deposit. You are required to hold a minimum of $100 in assets in your account in order to participate in this event.

I appologize if any one was not eligible because of that requirement and wasted any time on this event.

Should You Deposit To Participate?

Honestly? No, if you need an exchange for XRP on the Dec 12, 2020 SnapShot I would recommend BiTrue for that. However just for the Thanksgiving Giveaway Celebration you would probably need somewhere around a thousand or more tickets just to make the inconvenience worth the time if you are looking at it from a financial gain stand point.

If you have a hundred dollars of assets you want to move around and jump in the community and earn some tickets than I would say go for it. I do this kind of stuff to eliminate boredom. Some times my boredom pays off. Other times it just kills the time.

What Did I get Out Of My 59 Tickets?

As you can clearly see above I did not get any LINK out of the 59 Tickets that I used. Honestly I seen a 7, corn and a pumpkin for the majority of those spins, around 90% I have seen a lot of post on Twitter in regards to the giveaway from people whom said they won micro amounts of LINK.

I am not going to call it fake I mean it is possible that I just have some of the worse luck considering I used 59 tickets and didn't get anything out of it.

How Much Time Have I put Into This?

I will be the first to admit that when you put a whole lot of effort into something and wind up empty handed it can be rather crushing. Kind of like that first relationship that you put so much into it and the other person never done anything in turn? You know what I am talking about...

However I have always had the Sales Men Mentality that a No really means that I failed on presenting the idea or failed to exhibit the right amount of effort in this case. I honestly haven't every heard any great success stories from anyone that never failed before in their entire life.

So using that mentality I don't give up I just examine what I have done make improvements upon that and continue. That is the only way you should be thinking when you are following your dreams whether you are going down the same road as me or not.

For this #BiTrueThanksgiving Celebration I have taken the time to like every singe persons tweet in order to help spread Tickets and in turn a whole lot of those users have also liked my tweets back.

My Final Thoughts

I have to give BiTrue a hand on the active community base that represents BiTrue. They are a very welcoming crowd of diverse individuals whom all seem to share a true passion for crypto.

I will continue to like as many post as possible and attempt to get as many tickets as possible and I will use those tickets every day regardless of the outcome. I may wind up having wasted my time in the end or I may wind up with some Free Crypto.

The only thing I honestly do know is that I have try it in order to find out. I will writing an update tomorrow after I use what ever amount of tickets that I get.

As always Thank You for reading, God Bless You and Stay Healthy!

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Written by   357
10 months ago
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I believe you will win something. It's just that those 59 are just warm-up 😄 So let's keep up the spirit! More links to come and let's call the luck or blessing or Santa to get something this time! Cheers! :)

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10 months ago