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Bitcoin: March 16, 2022

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3 months ago

Bitcoin $40,600.00

Bitcoin is above $40,000.00 at the moment, down from around $41,600.00 within the last 24 hours. The down side being we have still yet to break the previous lower high at around $42,500.00

Once Bitcoin starts pushing over those levels we should see the much anticipated run towards $57,000.00 like a lot of people are calling for, before we see the anticipated crash to $9,000 to $13,000

I still do not see the whole $9k playing out, but I am not ruling it out completely. This is crypto and I have learned that anything can happen, from .15 cent up to $20,000.00 in months and vice versa.

Looking at the chart above, the three lines represents where the previous 3 lower highs I am counting are at. These levels will be important to cross over in order to go into bullish momentum.

However if the trending ideas are to play out, I personally wouldn't count on bitcoin crossing much over $52k before crashing back down. $52k has been a major resistance level. Bitcoin fails more so around that level in the $50k zone from my personal observations.

XRP .77 Cents

XRP is up just slightly from yesterday. Still no late breaking developments in the SEC VS RIPPLE and to be honest, I am not expecting a major update until closer to August if not on the court date.

I still remain Bullish on XRP and XLM. I know if XRP fails XLM is their already doing as much as XRP. Honestly it doesn't make sense not to hold both of them.


BAT is getting geared up to make another major move in the Market. Incase you are not aware, BAT is the native token of Brave Browser. When you use Brave Browser, you are secure and not overwhelmed with unwanted advertisements that don't pay you for seeing them.

Instead, Brave Browser gives you the option to see ads, in turn they reward you in BAT. The not so distant Future of Advertising.

Bitcoin Cash BCH $291.00

Bitcoin Cash is still in the accumulation zones between $261 & $342 currently at $291 When comparing 2020 to the current point in the Market, it looks like we could be seeing a repeat. I would expect to see the same resistances levels give us complications on the way back up.

The chart below shows the levels I expect to see the most resistance. After we break above $385, $755 will the next biggest feat. When we reach these levels we could see a repeat of history or we it could quickly turn into support, kind of like Bitcoin at $28k to $33k IMO


While the market Sentiments are looking very Bullish on this very lovely Wednesday afternoon. I think it is best to zoom out and remind our selves just how far down we are, but also reflect and see just how far we have come to date.

Crypto has been doing some major things, from Shiba Inu being crossed by the creator of Ethereum before going up to $85 per million. Turns out, the donation that was given to the India Covid Relief Fund was the best spotlight for Shiba. Also was the Worlds Largest Crypto Donation at the time.

Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to benefit the adoption of crypto in the United States. We are still waiting to see what implications this will have on the crypto market.

CEO of Crypto Exchange was the Second Largest Donation to the Biden Campaign. Maybe this Executive Order was paid for? purchased naming right of The Arena where the Super Bowl was hosted for $800,000,000.00

Countries adopting Bitcoin as legal tender.

Bitcoin Funding Ukraine's Defense against Russia. (contrary to its creators)

Bitcoin Funding Truckers Convoy, Government was successfully able to compel one person to surrender .3 BTC that was intended for the Truckers in Canada & USA 14.6 BTC has already been distributed to the Truckers with the Governments unable to stop it. (the real meaning of crypto)

United States, several states accepting Bitcoin as tax payments, also paying wages using Bitcoin. Legislation behind Bitcoin adoption. States drafting legislation to increase Bitcoin mining. Presidential Candidate running with the promise of making Bitcoin legal tender.

I could keep going on with projects like XRP that had ODL for banks and have well over 100 contracts and patents with top banks like JP Morgan and more. The main point though is the amount of growth in crypto that we have seen thus far and where it is headed.

I think we have all watched those awesome futuristic sci-fi movies of where people had weird digital money and electronic coins for private purchases out of sight. Well, we may not have all these flying cars until we actually start harvesting electricity from the atmosphere, but the World is moving full automated with fully digital currencies.

We have been groomed for this happen every Motorola launched. They have been feeding us with more advanced technology in strides. Now that we have "So Called A.I." Machine Learning Technology, our own technology has advanced substantially thanks to A.I.

This brings about the replacement of the working class Americans and brings about the importance of programing and engineering. Blockchain seems to be the key that unlocks these abilities. The future of the World Financial and Tech industries is evolving to Blockchain.

Those of us that research and study the Blockchains and hopefully invest in the right ones will one day have enough money to take care of our families for generations to come. God Bless You & Stay Heathy!

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Written by   370
3 months ago
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One thing I would like to see is a president running to make Bitcoin legal tender in the US, if nothing more it will be a freak show to see who is next in line to ban such candidate, I do remember the days of Donald Trump, I can wait to see the possibilities that such candidate will bring to our corrupt democracy.

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3 months ago

In my opinion we would be using something similar to the USD kind of like USDT some thing along the lines of XRP fast to send and almost cost nothing for everyday transactions. Most likely Central Bank Digital Currency. Just for everyday purchases..

Even Bitcoin Cash would be better, but I kind of lean in the direction of Store of Value in the same sense as gold is. In theory it could put Bitcoin over $10 trillion Market Cap. This next Bull Cycle we should see the Total Market Cap reach around $4.8 Trillion to $6.0 Trillion, in theory.

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3 months ago