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BCH Yearly High of $1,608.00 What is Going on With Bitcoin? DOGE? XRP? XLM? ETH?

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7 months ago

BCH Yearly High of $1,608.00 Currently at $1,420.00 Range!

I think it is pretty well safe to assume that if you are on this site that you are pretty happy right now looking at your #BCH holding at the moment. We may be down by a little under $200.00 right now but that isn't nothing in the bigger picture of where we are about to be headed in the short term after this pull back consolidates a little.

In my last article I was calling for BCH to hit a yearly high of $1,762.00 which which is roughly $154.00 away from the high that it actually hit. You haven't seen anything yet though. Wait until we break past the $1,608 level and top the $1,762.00 level as we head towards $2,185.00 is the target I am aiming at.

Considering I was off by $154.00 on the last estimate I would have to say a minimum of $2,000.00 on the next run. I honestly see us going to over $4,000.00 by the end of this summer.

I have been telling people for a long time now, if you regret not having bought Bitcoin at $1.00 $10.00 $100.00 or even $1,000.00 you will regret not buying Bitcoin Cash Below $1,000.00 or for under $10,000.00 BCH will follow the path of Bitcoin in the future. We aren't going to see $60,000.00 for a couple of cycles but we are going to see that $20,000.00 mark.

Than we will move on towards $30,000.00 to $60,000.00 and so on. BCH has been undervalued by a lot of influencer because they hate to admit that a FORK of the beloved Bitcoin actually will outperform Bitcoin itself and Ethereum hopefully. The out performing Ethereum is a bit of a long shot considering everyone of the big name influencers like to shill Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, DOGE and others but keep Bitcoin Cash on the back burner acting like they hold none.

Cheers to all of the Faithful Bitcoin Cash Holders and to the #Club1BCH hopefully by the time BCH is at $57,000 like Bitcoin is now we will all own 20 or more but I know we will all be happy with just owning one BCH in the end.

XRP Is About To Go Parabolic Again!

XRP is currently at $1.62 after a recent high of $1.97 if you can compare XRP to BCH and others it appears that we are forming an extremely bullish pattern. Now the thing with Bullish patterns are they can always be crushed and go south real fast. However with the market sentiment going on within the XRP community I honestly look for this to turn out Bullish.

That is how I could see this scenario playing out, I know XRP is extremely risky for a lot of people, especially myself being a United States Citizen and having to deal with the outcome of the current legal matters. I still find the reward to be higher than the risk. I held onto 200 XRP that I bought for under .10 cents just in case XRP ever made me feel like I do about Bitcoin and so far it has.

ETHEREUM $3,602.00 High!

Ethereum has been on a roll setting new highs for the last 9 days straight as it is currently at $3,470.00 range right now. We all know that Ethereum loves to pump really hard as Bitcoin retreats and than we see altcoins start pumping like crazy as all the profits flow back into bitcoin for another all time high.

I don't hate Ethereum, I don't own much Ethereum because I am anti unreasonable gas fees. I know Ethereum is like the Facebook of ERC-20 Tokens. ETH isn't going anywhere but up. I hate to analyze a project that I just don't follow like I do the others but I feel safe with an ETH target at around $13,000.00 not saying that will happen in the short term. We will see a lot of pull backs before reaching that target and it won't be anytime within the next 2 months.

My Favorite Coin For Last Because It Will Pump The Hardest Last! Bitcoin!

I know we may currently be below $56,000.00 right now and I am saying we are about to pump extremely hard but yet a lot of people are calling for a major pull back. I am sorry, we have already seen that major pull back which kept above $46,000.00

Right now we are in that sideways market before a run up in my opinion which is what typically happens, ETH pumps, profits from ETH flow into ALTCOINS and back into BITCOIN before during and after. That is just the crypto flow yo...

I am still calling for Bitcoin to top $73,000.00 with another major pull back that will shake most weak players out of Bitcoin and skyrocket Ethereum up to $10,000.00 Just tell me I was wrong in a couple of months..

My Final Thoughts!

God is Great, Crypto is Good and People are Crazy for not buying more crypto... This crypto season has been a wild ride for sure. We have seen some coins launch from .01 per million and go all the way up to $4.00 per million. Yeah I am talking about #SHIB I may not have covered it in this article until now but it is still working up to $2 per million after rebounding from $0.70 per million correction.

I really love watching the BCH scenario play out and how all the major influencers that still refuse to acknowledge BCH and give it some credit. I still think they own a large bag of BCH. How could you not hedge with BCH it just makes sense. Anyways, I know I haven't been on here a lot lately. I have had a lot to handle on the home front. Spring Cleaning with 4 kids and a ton of summer activities starting up for the little ones really pulls me away from the laptop.

I try to stay active on social media which reminds me I haven't been on the social platform in some time now. I need to check that out, I bet it has grown a lot.

Thanks For Reading, God Bless You and Stay Healthy!

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Written by   358
7 months ago
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What a magnificent spike in bitcoin cash. Nobody was expecting of such a surprise but only those who have great insight about crypto. In addition to all other coins as you also mentioned, to me BCH will not stop on 1600$. It will go more and more. You have added valuable elements of information

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7 months ago

Extremely overwhelmed. Hehe

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7 months ago