Are We Living In Reality? Or Are We All Stuck In The Matrix?

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Are we all living in the Matrix? Plugged into a machine? Living in a metaverse, so submerged that we can't unplug until the game is over? Also known as the Simulation Theory. A lot of people are quick to dismiss these ideas as impossible or just down right insane.

Ultimately it comes down to which pill you are willing to swallow? How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Are you a God fearing person as I am? Do you believe in astral projections? Spirits? Angels? Aliens or even a Flat Earth?

Most religions appear to be completely different, then you start reading into them an studying a little bit and you quickly learn that all religions tend to mimic each others with different accounts on what has happened in the past.

We have no real way of knowing these days what has been hidden by Elites, what has been made up. We live in the age of misinformation and Conspiracies that seem to be happening more so now than ever. I recall a saying when I was younger, "You can't believe what you hear on TV."

That saying has seemed to have died out more with the older generations, but these days. that saying means a lot. We have three major corporations in the whole World that own 9,000 news agencies that everyone literally gets the same news from. Why do you think we should believe everything we are told?

I know as child growing up and being brainwashed by public school systems, media and celebrities, it is hard to separate fact from fiction. Who tells the complete truth anymore? Is the Earth really round? or is the Earth flat? I have seen sufficient evidence to prove the Earth is Flat and indeed enclosed in a Firmament.

Why would anyone want to mislead us? I could only assume to hide the fact of God being our creator? Why are we not allowed to go past a certain point in the Antarctica with out special permission? Has technology just evolved in the past 30 years? Or was Technology just released again?

We have overwhelming evidence that the so called "stone age" society had wireless electricity? That sounds kind of advanced in my opinion. What ever your beliefs are, at some point they are all similar. Honestly though, how could religion be supporting evidence that we are indeed living in a simulation?

Maybe not a simulation in any way shape or form remotely close to the Matrix, but the concept though is relevant for this article. Do you believe in spirits? Good and Bad? God is the Alpha, Omega. God is over good and then we have the devil whom resides over evil.

Our purpose on earth is to learn and to grow spiritually while connecting with one another and having real life experiences without oppression. We are all meant to love one another and live in peace and harmony. We go through life constantly with the choices of doing wrong, doing right or even choosing to stand by idly and not stand up for what is right.

Where do we draw a line? Most of us welcome the evil of the world right into our homes without the realization that we are inviting it into our homes. When we read those inappropriate articles, tik toks, you tube. Even browsing inappropriate sites or polluting our minds with social media sites like Metaverse (FaceBook), Twitter, Snap Chat, Google, Microsoft.

When we listen to music that doesn't speak of good, peace, love and harmony we are welcoming that evil to become a part of our lives. We are warned to be careful of what we put in our minds. We are tested, tempted by evil on daily basis. In the end I believe the real test of religion is good vs evil and worship.

When your time comes to leave Earth you than pass on to Heaven or burn in the lakes of fire for eternity. That is where most religions end. Are you able to see the link between religion and simulation? If you are religious you basically agree that you are currently living in a simulation that is controlled by your higher power. That if you live your life correctly you will win this simulation pass on in spirit to Heaven, aka winning this simulation.

What about Astral Plains? Astral Projections? The belief that you can enter the spirit world while on Earth with a cord that is attached from your body to your spirit. This realm can be dangerous and you can lose your life. Now when you think about it from Astral beliefs. You enter this World with and ambilocal cord and you enter the spirit world after maturing with a cord or you start over.

Reincarnation is the belief that you come back as a different person or creature. I have wondered this one before, theoretically if we are living in a spiritual simulation that is going in a constant loop. when we lose are we reincarnated repeatedly until we conquer the simulation? Once we win we graduate into the spirit?

Aliens? Do you believe in life on other planets? If their was life on other planets would we even know? Why would the Governments spend so much time and effort to prevent everyone from knowing about aliens than strategically leak information over the years to support the beliefs in aliens? Other than an attempt to discredit religion?

What would the governments benefit from discrediting religion? Have you heard of the New World Order? The goal of the Elites behind the creation of Governments has long been a One World Order with slavery. Elites have intentionally created genocides to kill millions. Wars, disease, starvation and natural disasters that could have been adverted. The more you look into this group of people you see how close they all are and how it all adds up.

The goal of the New World Order is to cause a massive genocide in which the population is lowered to a controllable amount of people which would be better for the planet as they believe. They would eliminate religion, take away weapons and control the world. The elites would than be served 24/7 like Gods. That is their dream.

First the have to have a major pandemic in order to kill the majority of the population. Who funded the lab that leaked covid? Moderna? Bill Gates? The United States Government? China? Once the pandemic effects wear off the consequences of the vaccination will take its toll.

However in the mean time you strike a war, Russia takes over Ukraine, China takes Taiwan. The United States Government does what it already plans on doing and we are in full blown World War 3 with drone strikes, Nuclear Bombs, Air Strikes that result in the deaths of most of the world.

Than starvation and fighting amongst survivors will kill off a lot of people. Meanwhile you have the entire world focused on the possibilities of World War 3 while you create mandates that force you to take vaccinations in order to work or go into public. How do you control this?

Will you use the blockchain technology that gives each person their very own crypto wallet. This will allow for easily tracking your compliance, kind of like a certain social score app... after that plan goes into effect you either have that account or you no longer work, if you can't work you have no funds to purchase food, but even if you still had money, you would have to have the passport to buy, sell or trade.

Wow, that health passport works so good and Bitcoin is stable so we are switching the worlds reserve currency to Bitcoin and your legally required to use your passport wallet to buy, sell or trade. But they make it even better, it'll be a chip to make life more coinvent for every one that accepts this. Than before you know it, you either take the tech or they kill you. Also know as the Mark of The Beast. Which leads us right back into another simulation.

I am going to end part 1 here. God bless you and thanks for reading

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