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TYRANT STAR...A deeper look inside

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7 months ago

TYRANT STAR is my approach to keeping the flame, spirit, essence and soul of STAR WARS alive.

I have been seeing The Fandom and close friends getting heartbroken over what's been happening with the STAR WARS universe for a long time, and decided to do something about it.

When people you love and care about hurt, you either turn away or dig in your heels and fight back on their behalf.
They say the pen is mightier than the sword, well at my age trying to swing a sword isn't an option, and for me is less expressive than a pen. lol

TYRANT STAR is not a 'parody', nor is it 'satire'.
It is an entirely original universe that while being very different from STAR WARS, it preserves the same 'feel', the spirit, the fun, adventure and essence.
It is set in the Nox Vortexium Galaxy, which has an average diameter of over 700,000 Light Years, making it far more massive and larger than our own. Lots of room to 'play'.
There are three 'Great Powers' in the Galaxy;
The K'Syth Imperium; (The very first of the Great Powers)
The Confederation; (The second of the Great Powers)
The Grand Galactic Empire; (The third and fastest-growing of the Great Powers)

Unlike STAR WARS, the Empire in Tyrant Star was not built by taking over a government in a coup. The Empire was formed after a massive decades-long civil war occurring millennia in the past that was fought in the Confederation. The forces that would become The Empire decided to cut their losses and leave, preserving enough capability and resources to found and expand their own civilization away and apart from the Confederation.

Then there's an uncounted multitude of Lesser and Minor Powers who make for an interesting mix by themselves.
Some of them are much more powerful than they seem.

You will find no 'Rey' types here.
You will not find any characters based upon 'political correctness' nor 'woke' ideals.
I take time to craft characters and make them as realistic as possible. However that is tempered depending on the type of universe.
EG; Tyrant Star is space-fantasy thus the 'realism' quotient is dialed-down as compared to a Hard Science Fiction work.
That aside, I invest time and care in creating and developing characters that have depth and are interesting.

As an example there's one of the main characters: Lady Selikaehra of the K'Syth;

What follows might be misconstrued as a 'Mary-Sue' character.

However I must say that as I am the one who wrote and developed her backstory I took great pains to ensure she truly earned her way up every rung of the ladder of life.
She has fought, bled and endured many challenges to achieve the life she has where the audience meets her and her husband in Book One.
Lady Selikaehra is meant for female readers in the audience to ride-along with.
She's Intelligent, Smart ('Intelligent' and 'Smart' are two very different things actually) cunning and extremely capable. Yet, she is NOT 'Perfect' and like anyone she has her own strengths and weaknesses.
She's fun, flirty, stylish and as beautiful as she is dangerous and can be quite warmly Human.
She is a mother of 11 grown, adult children who have gone off to pursue their own lives. She is happily married and is still very much in-love with her husband. She is an experienced, skilled and formidable opponent in combat, often fighting side-by-side with her husband.
She does hold command-title to a Battlecarrier and it's Battlegroup, but while she is not an expert at ship combat, she and the Commander of her flagship work extremely well together where her insightfulness and creativity align with his superior experience and knowledge of ship combat.
How is she not a 'Mary-Sue'?
She is the product of decades of hard-won experience.
Her earliest childhood memories were of walking through her bomb-devastated home amongst the bodies of her murdered family and seeing her home city burning in the night...she was the sole-survivor, and only one of five out of the entire city.
Motherhood, 11 children, worrying over them, raising them, tending them when ill or upset and helping them all through the trials, challenges and hurdles towards adulthood.

TYRANT STAR is for Mature Adults. It's meant to be read and enjoyed by 1st generation and 2nd Generation STAR WARS fans as well as anyone else who genuinely enjoys space-opera/space-fantasy.
It's for the parents of the kids who have been raising hell all day saving the galaxy and such.
Adults like a bit more meat on the bones of a story, deeper character development, and a harder edge to things...but tastefully done and not ponderously weighty so it's still fun and adventurous.

In time, I will be taking TYRANT STAR to Manga and then into Anime.
It was written with that intent from the start and I will be searching out talent on Youtube and other places where I have found fan-made productions that are truly astounding in their quality.
I strongly urge you to check out the fan-productions and works related to STAR WARS on Youtube, there's some extraordinary talent out there, working strictly on their love of STAR WARS.

The 'Censored' and tamer (Still only for Mature Adults) version;


The Un-Censored, Hardcore version = Warning Sexually Explicit


Thank-You for reading!

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7 months ago
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