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Proposal; World Standard Dollar

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5 months ago

Originally posted on my Publish0x

Here's an idea I'm going to throw out there so it's basically copyrighted and see what happens with it.

 I would like to stress vehemently and absolutely that this is NOT an idea to usurp nor replace National Currencies nor to collectivize/centralize Crypto...what I am suggesting and proposing is much more akin and intended to be most-like a Measuring cup or a Ruler like you use to measure distance  or this;

 Now, on to the idea....


 1; It would be Anonymous (as example; Monero and similar others)

 2; Operates on a POW and POS basis

 3; Has a value derived as an Aggregated Average of the following;
 A; The fiat currencies of the 13 Leading Nations.
 B; The Top 5 Stablecoins.
 C; The Top 10 Utility Tokens.
 D; The Price of 1 Gram of Gold, Platinum, Silver
 E; The averaged world-global price for 1 KwH of Electricity.
 F; The averaged cost amongst spacelift companies (Eg; SpaceX, Virgin, etc.) for sending 1 Kg of mass into Low-Earth Orbit.
 G; The averaged cost of feeding one adult Human for one day.

 4; Operates ONLY and exclusively on Decentralized chains/systems/networks to eliminate any risk of centralization.

 5; Total coins would be an Absolute Final Total of 20 Billion with a maximum number of coins able to be mined per sidereal year of 10 million.

 I know this is hardly a complete 'whitepaper' but I am not an expert at Crypto.
 However I know how various things work and from what I can see in the Cryptoverse such a thing as what I propose is Plausible and would provide a solid, value-holding asset that is truly decentralized, protects privacy, and would act as a 'Base Standard' across the world and beyond once we begin developing a truly star system wide population.

 By 'Base Standard' I refer to the Platinum Kilogram Weight Standard and similar other things by way of example to clarify my idea and thinking behind this Crypto I am proposing.

 It would act in such a capacity relative to Crypto and Fiat currencies and the markets overall.

 Thank-You for reading and your time.

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5 months ago
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