The vampire 2

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Rick is unbuttoning his shirt while standing in front of the dressing table. There is a girl lying on the floor next to him with a bed sheet. The girl's whole body is pale and it looks like there is not a drop of blood left on her body. Said Rick on purpose

- And how many lives will be killed, brother, stop this killing game this time.

- You know very well that this killing game is an addiction of mine and I can't give it up even if I want to.

Rick said tidying himself up.

- How innocent life of your intoxication is ending. We don't want to kill these people, brother. They are not our enemies. Don't forget that our grandpa was a believer in people.

-Hmm, that's what our family was all about. That's why we don't have half of our heritage vampire stone today.

- Are you a firm believer in your decision?

-Hmm. That little girl never deserves our heritage Vampire Stone. I only have the right to it. And I know how to snatch my right.

-Then you are determined to kill that innocent girl too.

- He is also my victim. I will leave him as a victim.

- But how? Today he is going back to Bangladesh.

-Don't go.

Rick said with a crooked smile.

-You mean?

In response to this question, Rick just left the house with a crooked smile. He realized that his brother must have thought of something big. He looked at the corpse lying on the floor and sighed.

Airport .....

Standing in front of the counter, Aina Begum is flipping through her purse. Sitting next to her, Nur is shuffling all the clothes in her luggage.

- Noor, you are sure that you took the passport.

- Mom, I remember very well that I kept my passport and all the papers in my purse.

- So where did they go?

Nur looked at his mother with worried eyes.

- I'm really saying wax, I took the passport.

- Mem, please go to the side. The rest of the passengers are waiting. It's time for the flight.

The counter manager said to Nur. Nur looked at everyone from behind with helpless eyes. Then he packed his bag and came out of the line with his mother.

- What will we do now, Nur?

Aina Begum said helplessly.

- I don't know.

Nur covered his face with his hands while sitting on the luggage. Then Nur's chest became chinchin. Nur put his hand on his chest and closed his eyes. After a while he opened his eyes and said.

- Come on, Mom.


- Let's go home.

Nur started walking to the market with her luggage. Aina Begum also started walking without saying anything. Nur ran to her room as soon as she reached home and entered the washroom first. Aina Begum also came after Noor. After getting wet in the bathtub, there is the passport. Nur saw the condition of the passport and sat there. He did not understand what was happening. How did the passport come to the bathtub. He clearly remembers that he kept the passport in his bag. She started crying. Aina Begum understood her condition and started consoling her.

to be continue ....

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It's nice story.i like please.

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