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You Should Write What You Know

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8 months ago

I remember around the same time last year when introduced their distributed fund system.

It had a simple way to operate: For every point, you get a part of the fund.

Its rules were also simple: For every article, you get 20 points. For every comment, 4 points. For every like you give, 1 point.

After that, there was a wave of people rushing in to join and use, but then there was something odd. Most of them are copy-pastes, random letters, and a lot of "like-4-like" systems in place.

Of course, for those that were actual users, they had to adapt and manage. Following the broadcast of the 3-minute reading requirement, a lot of posts started to become longer. Following the formation of communities, upvote groups appeared because Simon decided to only pay articles that are in communities, and then he had to stick one article to one community only or else they don't get paid by the points. Spammer reporting became a competition between those that are angry about the spam and the spammers themselves after we called out for help.

I actually went and stuck $5 on a BCH address sent to Simon via email once calling for change, and that was before the links.

After a few days before the November 2020 Upgrade, the Random Rewarder started rolling out and replacing the points. These spam articles began vanishing. The point system was replaced by the points system and that's where we are today. Some of the things to make points are still on our behaviors as some of the points system behavior moved towards the Rewarder.

Have you ever wondered why the top posts mostly have 3 minutes' worth of reading or more? Maybe you haven't, but it's one way to get the full potential of the Rewarder bot.

And here's where the title of this article becomes relevant because not everyone can write articles long enough to be read for at least 3 minutes.

I never used to be able to do that, not fully. But then I started to write what I know of topics that are in the mood and scene that was required. I wrote IFP sentiments, showed the facts that I enjoyed a new site, and exclaimed how I was able to earn and lose.

There's a thing with people, and that's the fact that we can only physically share what we know. That's why with Google on our browsers we literally search for it on the Internet and find the knowledge that we immediately share with others if required.

There's a special thing in our minds when we write an article that we really know without researching too much, and when people manage to find and appreciate your knowledge, it'll show.

As for me, this is simply how I will write my articles. I will stop putting them on communities, and I will simply write things down. I might not have the fanciest of articles, being walls of text separated by spaces, but this is what I know on how to write, and what to write.

Let's just all remember how when we write, we impart only the knowledge we know. And that also means that we learn knowledge on things we don't know.

This is where I get off.

This is Rowan, signing off.

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Written by   185
8 months ago
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Well, this is the very first article I have read on (I just joined) and I'm happy to find it very thorough and thought-out. I have already now learned a fair bit about how this platform works. Thank you. :)

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6 months ago

Yeah this is why I don't share most crypto related articles because I haven't grasp what really is it on the system or how it is program. I only share my experiences and journeys and I could easily write them down in just one sitting. No need researching others content. Hehe! This is wonderfully written and relatable.

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8 months ago

I agree we should just write what we know or things we can provide details enough..

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8 months ago