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Writing Preview: Mistaken History, a Harry Potter Fanfic

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Written by   24
3 months ago

What is the story?

The story is inspired by a similar-named title over Archive of Our Own, one with the tropes of Manipulative Dumbledore, Dark Harry, and probably a gay ship. For now, I will show the first chapter, and feedback is appreciated.

Dear Mr. Hadrian James Potter,

It has come to our attention that you have not yet claimed your pending Lordship rings despite your thirteenth birthday being passed. If you are already aware, then you should have claimed your rings before your thirteenth and this message would be unnecessary otherwise, as your thirteenth is the latest that you can claim otherwise.

We have also recognized certain discrepancies within yourself, regarding your accounts and your family history.

It is within our best interest to come as soon as possible once the missive has been received.

Please present this missive and a representative will be sent in your direction.


Wizarding Account Manager

Gringotts Bank

Harry Potter looked twice, reading the letter from top to bottom, before looking out to the window in which the letter came from by owl. Confused by the statement of the missive, he thought about the recent events that had inspired him lately after he had accidentally blown up his Aunt Marge. He knew that something would come out of it, but considering that it has been two days since he had arrived, he wondered how fast the wizarding world would receive news. Heading to his trunk, he took a moment to think what he should wear, for he knew that he needed to look presentable to a race that hates his kind, and decided on a simple green set of robes Molly Weasley has given to her after during one weekend.

Not that he was allowed anywhere else, he tidied up his room and locked the door with the key in his pockets, stepped out of the Leaky Cauldron and headed towards the bank with a low head as he moved as quickly as possible.

He saw the feet of many wizards and witches with the majority being those of Hogwarts due to their robes, and quickly entered the bank. Seeing the bank teller goblin softly made him relax a bit and went over to approach him, a missive in hand.

"What is your business?" the goblin asked with eyes which Harry had recognized as a scrutinizing look.

He produced the missive and gave it to him. "Here, sir."

Inspecting the missive, he simply nodded and a goblin approached him, one wearing a simple long-sleeved outfit. "Good morning, Mr. Potter. I am Griphook," he greeted with a grin too big for his taste. "Follow me."

Harry, being more worried slightly, nodded and followed the goblin towards an office, where the door had his name on it. Watching him sit down behind the desk, Harry decided to sit down as well, before facing Griphook.

"Now that business is in order, may I assume Mr. Potter is not aware of the rules of Lordship?" Griphook questioned.

"No, sir." Harry looked at him. "I-I mean, I know Mr. Malfoy is called Lord Malfoy, but no, sir."

"Well, how much do you know then about your family?" he next asked. "And your status in the wizarding community?"

"Well, so far I only know my parents died because of him, but nothing else, sir," Harry replied.

Admired by his respect, Griphook looked under his desk and pulled out a parchment and a decorative knife. Harry looked at the knife for a few moments as its white sheath was removed to reveal a black knife with a perfect point. It contained swirling patterns of gold swirling patterns down to the base and the blade was a black smooth material. 

"Hand, please. Unless you want to do it yourself," Griphook requested.

Harry decided to reach out his hand and watched as he slit his wrist. His blood was attracted to the blade and then pointed down to the parchment, where words started to form from the drops of blood as Griphook cleaned the knife and brought out a towel for his hand, which Harry took and wrapped around it. Harry then peered down to the paper.


Hadrian James Potter




July 31st, 1980; 3:17 am


Lilian Mabel Potter née Riddle (Evans - adopted name) (Mother - Deceased)

James Charlus Potter (Father - Deceased)

Blood Status: 

Mother (Pureblood)

Father (Pureblood)


Sirius Orion Black (Godfather)

Remus John Lupin (Godfather)

Alice Longbottom (Godmother)

Bellatrix Black-Lestrange (Godmother)

Living Relatives: 

Tom Marvolo Riddle (Maternal Uncle)


Potter Lord

Emrys Lord

Hufflepuff Lord

Gryffindor Lord

Le Fay Lord

Ravenclaw Lord

Slytherin Heir

Gaunt Heir

Black Heir

Vaults Owned: 234; 283; 637; 845; 873; 938 (Father); 172; 415; 983 (Mother); 573; 374 (Godfather - Sirius Orion) 0011; 0012; 0013; 0014 (Hogwarts’ Founders)

Properties Owned:

Potter Manor

Potter Chalet

Sea Grey Cottage

Mistle White Manor

Gaunt Manor

Night Violet House

Grimmauld Place

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Creature Inheritance:

Sprite (via Paternal Grandfather)



Creature Inheritance (100%)

Magical Core (85%)

Nature Abilities (100%)

Parselmouth (15%)

Animal Communication (90%)

Healing Ability (76%)

Memory/Intelligence (65%)


Dislike Slytherins, Malfoy Family, and Severus Snape

Trusting of Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and Weasley Family

Fall in Love with Ginerva Weasley

Be Suspicious of any Specific Person

Tell Nobody of Abuse Suffered from Dursley’s

Ignore Homework and Misbehave

Ignore What Authority Figures Outside From Albus Dumbledore

Harry stared at the piece of parchment for a few moments. He knew that he had a connection with Voldemort, but he didn't know he was his uncle. This, along with the compulsions had written out, was worrying. Did it mean that his crush with other girls will be overridden to make him have a crush with Ginny? What about his actual crush? And it did explain why some things were like it was…

"Hmm, that is quite a list, it seems someone wants you to be as obedient as possible," Griphook commented, startling Harry out of his surprised gaze. "Do you want an explanation, Mr. Potter?" Harry nodded. "Very well. Everything you have been told is a lie. The only truth that remains is that your parents died to save their only son," he began. "We have received reports that Albus Dumbledore himself murdered your parents, Mr. Potter."

Harry was in disbelief. He didn't expect that at all. He was very friendly to him, acting a little odd, but friendly. Griphook continued talking.

"Your mother had claimed the Ladyship of Le Fay and Ravenclaw on her eleventh birthday, and your uncle had claimed his Lordship on his thirteenth, despite not knowing what it was. You are Heirs to the Slytherin and Gaunt house because of your uncle and Heir to the Black house because the seat is currently unclaimed until your godfather's death. Since you are Heir to these three houses, you are unable to claim Lordship on them until your seventeenth birthday, but you can wear them along with your Lordship rings," he finished.

He pulled out nine small ring boxes afterward, each ring inside having its design and power which Harry felt as he glanced at each ring box.

"Do you have any questions before we continue, Mr. Potter?" Griphook wondered, but seeing his previous interaction, he needed to know everything he needed to know.

"Uh, how does this work, sir?" Harry asked as he picked up the Gaunt Heir ring, which called out to him for control.

"First, you would wear your Heir rings. They are most likely to accept you, then your Lord rings. They tend to stay in groups and hope that they don't reject you," Griphook instructed. "After that, we can move into other things."

One by one, he wore his rings, each of them bringing something of power to him. Once the rings have been seated on his fingers, each of them joined together to form a simple silver band. He looked at it closely and saw that the ring detailed his Lordships, and a tremendous power that accepted him would pass over his body. Once a few minutes had passed, he looked back to the goblin.

"Will something happen to me when I wear rings, sir?" Harry asked, cautious.

Griphook shook his head, a sign of impression present in his tone. "Not at all. It has tuned to your magic and has banded together to form into a single ring. To remove it, you need to focus your magic and your ring you wish to remove will separate from the others. However, you will not have any use for your Lordships until you are seventeen, so I suggest having a regent like Mrs. Malfoy. Now for the other details, we will have to do a ritual cleansing. If you may follow me." The goblin picked up the same knife that was used before and stepped out of the room.

"Ritual cleansing?" he looked around as he stood up and followed close to the goblin towards a large room.

"Your rings will have removed most of the compulsion charms placed on you and will protect you from further charms, Mr. Potter, I can assure you, but to fully cleanse your body, you will need to be ritually cleansed to remove the magical blocks placed on you. If you are to continue with these blocks, there is an increasing chance of your death due to your body not adjusting properly to your magic, which can damper your abilities," Griphook explained. "Stand in the middle of the circle, please."

Harry looked at the circle, which was placed in the middle of the room. After stepping in, he glanced over to Griphook as he brought in a potion. Harry glanced at the potion, which had features unlike he ever saw in other potions, and thought about how goblins did potion-making. Harry did remember that goblins had done various rebellions for discrimination, and wondered instead who made the potion as he took it and looked at Griphook.

"Lay down and drink it as quickly as you can," Griphook instructed, "it will be better to do it in a short amount of time."

Harry looked at the potion again for a few moments before laying down in the center of the bed and drank it all in one gulp. He felt nothing for a few seconds before pain flashed from his chest to his hands and feet, dropping the potion vial to the floor which hit with a soft clank while pain raced around his body.

He felt a burning sensation all around his body, and he softly thought if this was how Professor Quirrel had felt as it persisted for a minute before his mind blanked as everything became hypersensitive and his mind only registered the pain. Everything had become very bright until it was no more.

Slowly sitting up, he felt as if something had been lifted, a heavy weight was gone as if it had always been there. It was an odd feeling, and he knew that. Glancing back to Griphook, he saw his grin again and found that to be slightly less scary.

"Now, Mr. Potter," Griphook began, "to the next order of business, I am here to discuss your parents' wills."

"What about it?" Harry asked, softly taking a towel to clean himself off sweat.

Griphook looked at him. "They are sealed, meaning only you or your magical guardian is capable of opening them. However, Albus Dumbledore was the one who sealed them and it would be unwise to unseal them."

Harry's confusion became more of a spark of anger as he started to take notice of his misfortunes as being Albus's fault.

"Fortunately, you have been left letters which you can open before their wills with or without them being sealed." He showed two envelopes and the knife used earlier. "It can be opened by a drop of blood from you."

Harry took the knife and the envelopes. The envelopes were a simple white envelope made from parchment, with the name Hadrian James written in large simple letters. Its flaps have a seal in which the instruction was obvious to him as Harry wasn't unable to open them initially before using the knife to drop a blood droplet on the envelopes. The seal soon vanished like paper burning and Harry returned the knife while opening the first letter in his hand, recognizing the handwriting as her mother's. He wiped a few tears from his eyes before starting to read.


If you are reading this, then your father and I have died in the hands of Albus Dumbledore, and whole I do not know what has happened, I am assuming that Albus has managed to take control of your life, is it not? I apologize for this so much, but there's nothing we can do about it for now.

Our Secret Keeper was Peter Pettigrew, he is the one who revealed the location of our hidden home to Albus, and we paid the price. We admit that it was both Sirius and Tom's fault for convincing us to change and Remus was out of the country for a mission with Dumbledore as a cover.

I assume that you have no knowledge of our history and your history, and I understand that completely. That is why I have decided to place copies of letters and our diaries of importance in a satchel with an undetectable extension charm found in Vault 415 so you can understand. Since the only thing kept there contains various books and papers from my work on the Experimental Charms Division, it should be easy to find. While you are welcome to everything, I appreciate it if you give most of it to Remus Lupin, who you should find since I did leave him my work in my will.

There is nothing I can say but sorry, and that I love you. I love you so much my precious fawn. No matter what, I love you and I believe in you but please – do not trust Albus Dumbledore or any of his closest acquaintances.

All my love, your mother, Lily Potter-Riddle

Wiping a few tears off his face from seeing his handwriting despite momentary confusion, he moved on towards the second letter and began to read.


If you are reading this, then your mother and I are dead, most likely by murder. I do not know what has happened to your life or what has happened with the others, and I am sorry for leaving you early. I am sorry that I am not able to see you grow but that cannot be helped now.

You need to know several things, if not already:

1. Do not trust Albus Dumbledore.

2. Tom Riddle, or Voldemort, is not evil in the way you think.

3. Peter Pettigrew is the Secret Keeper for the Fidelius charm that we took even if we didn't want to. He was the only non-obvious choice we have who is a "non-Spy" within the Order unlike Lucius Malfoy or Rabastan Lestrange who Dumbledore could not be fooled by.

4. Do not release our wills until you have come to your inheritance until you have a trusted number of adults who will also be around to protect you.

As you might not know already, you are a Sprite. Sprites are like fairies, or Fae so to speak, but they are more like cousins. You will come to your inheritance at sixteen if you are not already. You will be in tune with nature, the ground, the plants, and the air around you in an understanding similar to other wood creatures such as elves. You will only be able to have a general feeling, for you cannot exactly speak to them unless they are your familiar. It will be like they are conveying feelings of agreement, even if they aren't.

I cannot possibly apologize enough for being there with you, but always remember that we are always with you and remember that we are sorry for leaving you.

Your father, James Charlus Potter

He realized he was still confused and glanced at the two letters, wondering what some things meant. What did his father mean about his inheritance? What did they both mean about a Secret Keeper? Shelving the questions aside, he faced Griphook.

"My dad told me that I can't open their wills until I am sixteen. Can we head to vault 415? My mom had left me something," Harry requested.

Griphook nodded. "In that case, we will have to inform you about unauthorized transactions in your trust vault afterward you visit your vaults, Mr. Potter."

Leading him out of the room and into a cart, Harry took the time to wonder about something before Griphook hopped in and headed to vault 415

"Transactions? What do you mean transactions?" Harry asked as they arrived and Griphook opened the vault door. Harry glanced over the vault, seeing only a few scrolls and books before seeing the satchel, stepping over to retrieve it.

Griphook returned to the cart with Harry and headed over to their trust vault, where a goblin was there to present a piece of parchment to Griphook. Griphook then gave it to Harry. 

"What is it?" Harry asked, taking hold and glancing.

Griphook softly grinned. "A list of transactions made in your trust vault."

Harry took it and read the list in surprise, seeing the expenses, but he knew he wasn't that poor now, was he. What caught his eye, however, is the number of galleons withdrawn by his so-called friends, relatives, and Dumbledore made.

Overall Transaction History:

To: Hermione Granger

Amount: 483 galleons (rounded) since August 31st, 1992

To: Ginerva Weasley

Amount: 850 galleons (rounded) since August 31st, 1991

To: Ronald Weasley

Amount: 946 galleons (rounded) since August 31st, 1991

To: Molly and Arthur Weasley

Amount: 274,925 galleons (rounded) since November 1st, 1981

To: Vernon Dursley

Amount: 593,793 galleons (rounded) since October 31st, 1981

To: Albus Dumbledore

Amount: 681,823 galleons (rounded) since October 31st, 1981

All transactions have been approved by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

"Bl… who's been accepting the transactions?" Harry demanded in a voice louder than usual.

"The bank," Griphook replied nonchalantly. Harry gave him a glare which Griphook ignored. "The reason, Mr. Potter, we have been accepting the transactions because nobody is there to oppose him. Your uncle is not around, your godfather is currently being hunted down by Azkaban, One of your godmothers is in Janus Thickey ward and the other is also in Azkaban because of points you already know."

Harry knew that it was correct and took the moment to see that his magic had been softly reacting to his anger. Taking the time to calm down softly, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, before exhaling and stared back at him.

"Okay, thank you for your help, sir Griphook, will Dumbledore know about this?" Harry clarified, "since I am also aware that he's my magical guardian based on what I have read lately.'

"As far as the laws are aware, he will not know and it will not require you until you are seventeen," Griphook explained as Harry nodded. "Albus Dumbledore has no control over your estates and your Lordships, as your regents are the only ones who can hold unto your seats in the Wizengamot."

He nodded as they returned to the lobby, and Harry walked out. Spotting the Malfoy family, he decided to lay low again. He did remember that Draco's mother was a Black, and her sister was one of his godmothers, so it would be a good plan to meet Narcissa, and redirecting to Madam Malkins, he used the remaining time to buy a new set of clothing, for a robe might be too formal and a shift and jeans might be too lax for her stature.

After the clothes shopping, he headed back to his room in the Leaky Cauldron and readied his new clothing as he sat down on the desk and prepared to read letters and diaries that have been sent to him by his mother.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for the gift that you gave to me, and the glitter pens are very useful indeed. At all. Please make sure next time you buy me something that it's actually from our money? Not that I mind at all, surely. You did save me from being adopted by some parents after all, and I don't want to get separated by you.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for finding a way to not get me adopted without you. You know that I don't want to, and sometimes I want to be happy with you. If you get adopted, however, I'm asking to join you because I don't want to be left alone.

It was enlightening, Harry realized, seeing the writings of her mother, even if it was one of a very young one. He flipped into a few more pages and found something.

Dear Tom,

There's an old man who doesn't want to believe I'm your brother. It's weird. I kept telling him, but he claims that we're just friends. We're apparently wizards. I guess that explains some of my accidents when I don't want to get adopted. And you make it so wonderful, Tom!


I've been accepted at Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin. It is also funny that we are both descendants of Lord Slytherin himself, and there's a tapestry at the back of the common room which shows our history. It's great, I'm being taught about magic. I should show you when I get some time.

I made a new friend in class, his name is Lucius Malfoy. We're evenly matched, and he knows how much power we will get if we join up together. He also knows how powerful us Riddles can be when it comes to the end. 

Look, I know how you feel about being adopted, but it's for the best. The orphanage is dangerous for us, and they have strict punishments for anything that breaks their rules. Don't worry about me.

I received the scarf that you made, that was wonderful. It feels of your magic too.

Love, Tom

Harry softly sighed and wondered if he really should've become Slytherin. Maybe he would've also seen this tapestry as well. Reading on, he saw something peculiar.

Dear Tom,

I met another wizard named Sev, and he was a nice but a bit shy guy. We became friends.

"Huh." Harry wasn't sure what to make note of that. Flipping a few more pages, he saw something again.

Dear Tom,

Today I also saw the same tapestry on the back of the Gryffindor common rooms similar to the ones you found in Slytherin. I found there that James and Frank are distant cousins. I think James is closer to Gryffindor than Frank, but then they are good friends.

He still has a crush on me.

Harry felt awkward. He wasn't about to read various writings about his mother and his father's crush on each other. He then decided to just continue reading without skipping anything.


I'm glad that you changed your name back to your actual ones we grew up with, and it's great to hear about your parents. Don't worry about my love life, okay? I will be there when I need to anyway.

I've been busy with Ministry work, and Albus really doesn't like me at all. He continues to thwart me in every plan. It's weird. For now, just continue on with your studies. Just make sure that those two Gryffindors don't get much trouble as I keep hearing about them down in the dungeons. If that Potter still has a crush on you, I think I might actually allow him to court you just in case. If I hear something bad, however, let them know about me.

Love, Tom

It took through the whole night as it had become obvious what happened afterward. After all, it was just a few more letters, but in the end, it had become obvious that Albus had done great but horrible things. Pulling out a parchment and a quill, he started to write.

Dear Lady Malfoy, 

I ask you to read the entirety of this letter and at least consider my proposal at the end, before replying - whether that be a positive or negative response.

I have recently learned of my past upon gaining my Heir and Lord rings, and blocks have been removed and compulsions have been reversed. As it turns out I have been horrifically misinformed, entirely blind to what should have been right in front of me.

It has been advised, by my accounts manager, that you would be a perfect regent to look over my estate for the next four years or so until I turn seventeen and upon learning the information I have, and I am inclined to agree.

I am willing to show you all of the evidence I was given, as well as compare it to what I have experienced and learned.

Understandably you can reveal to your husband everything I tell you, though I would prefer to have this meeting with you alone. While I have no ill-will against him or your son for that matter, despite what evidence may suggest otherwise, you must understand that not only does he intimidate me, there was also the incident at the end of this school year which caused problems.


Lord Hadrian Potter

That is it for this preview, and I will follow this format for any story that I will show. As said, I wish good luck, signing off.

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Written by   24
3 months ago
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