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Who Really Are You?

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1 year ago

Sometimes you look at yourself and ask, "who am I?". Of course, when you do that, you will answer yourself and say "I am me."

But then as you walk out of your room, your comfort zone, is it still you? Or is it someone else who pretends and thinks it is you?

Of course, you don't know if you are you. Sometimes what you think is you isn't you and what isn't you is you. How will you know that you aren't you?

You don't know, but then the people who aren't you will tell you who you are, and it's up to you if you want to believe it is you.

When you walk outside to others who aren't you, others can also notice if they aren't you. It is also the same in reverse as sometimes you can only see you when they reflect you.

We are all human beings, social beings, one where we always need companionship with someone who isn't you. What you will do with the knowledge and the fact that you need someone is something you will think for yourself.

So, who are you, and what do you see in others that show what you are? Will you be able to change so the you that you want to become the actual you, or will you be stuck in an endless loop of denial as those people around you point it out and call out for your mistakes?

Who exactly are you, and who are you? Are you a gamer, a writer, a player? Or are you a carpenter, scientist, or student?

Are you someone like Bill Gates, or are you someone who is a newcomer that you never knew?

The thing with introspection is that you can't see the whole you until someone reflects it to you, like a mirror. Also like a mirror, they will react to what you do and show it back to you in force.

So, as the article ends, I may ask you, who are you? Do you know? What do others who you know think about you?

Are they saying the truth? Do you feel like they are saying the truth?

Only you will know.

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Written by   185
1 year ago
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