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Recognize Our Decisions

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1 year ago

There is a thing in our lives when we have to choose something, some of which can change our lives forever. The same can be said by being on the Internet, and these decisions have a far greater impact due to the influence of the Internet on everyone around you, including you.

It's these reasons that some countries actually promote a "think before you click" campaign, usually reserved when you post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. And I agree on it, but not just on social media sites in general. Can you blame them for posting something so controversial that they are swarmed by toxic users? I don't, really, but then people might blame the person who did. It's all upon the things you really do at this point.

Sometimes, your choice can be as simple as choosing what is the better item, or it could be as complex as choosing if you want to trust on herd immunity or be part of the group that has been immune.

Can you really blame people, when their opinion is different? Not at all. It is better to actually show the people that their sides are wrong but we should know that even your side can be wrong.

This begs the question, how can we recognize our decisions?

I've once read somewhere that people mirror what you are. It's actually a bit funny in hindsight, but in my opinion, that is true.

Humans are social beings. We stick close to one another and we try to find a leader that can bring safety and happiness to everyone, especially themselves.

The simplest way to learn that someone disagrees with your decisions is that if someone close to you is upset. If you don't seem to know why they are upset, then simply ask.

Another way to recognize our decisions is actually by simply looking at your previous posts and try to see what went wrong. Search your memory when it started, and try to think of a way to apologize back. It's nobody's fault, but sometimes it's best to apologize so these people can either back away or get into trouble themselves if they still find it hypocritical.

And if it is on you who has the wrong thing, then let's change it by simply softly moving away from the topic, but not the kind that you simply attack the person who complained or attacked you. For those, you can simply get someone to help.

Just don't get overwhelmed by trying to explain something, it's worthless. It's best to show your thoughts and agree to disagree.

This is Rowan, singing off.

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Written by   185
1 year ago
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