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BCH, How Can We Help?

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11 months ago

Bitcoin Cash is an amazing coin, and it has amazing fundamentals and abilities that keep creating complex yet simple things that allow more people to use Bitcoin Cash. With the fact that things like SideShift exist, and SLP tokens allowed the choice that we can create tokens on the BCH chain, there are many possibilities as things roll by and every May comes better functions for the coin.

But people might be under distress, saying it's too shorted and it's a scam.

Is it? Why are there multiple developers then on many projects?

We're in the stage of multiple developing applications and systems that help Bitcoin Cash grow under the radar, against the government, and while things have been going well for Bitcoin in places like El Salvador, there is always the threat of a controlling hand that we call "centralization."

So, how can we help? How can we, the users of Bitcoin Cash, help defeat centralization and therefore share true peer-to-peer cash as it is meant to be?

For starters, you don't simply help Bitcoin Cash as you help others know about Bitcoin Cash.

You help onboard more people and make merchants use the coin itself. This doesn't mean throwing them to exchanges and saying it's a good investment, no. Exchanges are simply a way to obtain them.

The best course of action for us users to help Bitcoin Cash is to make merchants use it so they can use it, which means education.

How we can educate people depends on how we use the coin itself. It also depends on the type of neighborhood you are in. The more developed the place you live in, the harder it is for them to accept Bitcoin Cash. That is why places like Valenzuela and Latam are getting more attention than places like the United States and the UK.

We have many investors and users teaching about Bitcoin Cash itself. Kain_naik has created a site to post bounties so pizza chains can accept Bitcoin Cash. He has also created seminars on the internet to teach people, and he allows tips when he creates his music during his live streams.

If you can develop, you can pitch in on sites like Bitcoin Cash Research, where most if not all developers pitch their goals for the Bitcoin Cash node system for others to improve their usability and be able to scale for the world.

If you're a user, have no fear and instead tell the world how much you use it.

Trading on exchanges to get more USD/EUR/PHP/AUD isn't a use case, by the way. You're simply rapidly selling and buying things in exchanges.

For the writers, we have and There is not enough importance to say on that matter. Write what you know. Share with the world what you know.

What's your current use for Bitcoin Cash? If it's just for trading, there should be more than that.

It's the future peer-to-peer currency based upon the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto and the mechanisms post-2017 split with Bitcoin.

What you do with Bitcoin Cash shows what you really think of currencies, and it should change if you don't spend and replace them, even if the price is low. After all, with a stable price, you can use it, even if it means the price of the coin is swimming in ~$600 as it is right now.

If you want to help, start by knowing and doing things so you can help others. You can't give someone something if you don't know it, after all.

This is Rowan, singing off.

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Written by   185
11 months ago
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