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I've never met a lady with a captivating figure, full of good morals and a beautiful sense of humour, like Tessa, since I stepped on Campus. She's got radiant skin, enough to illuminate the night coupled with her babyish cute smile and Dimpled cheeks waiting to be caressed by the softest hands.

Her plump, rosy lips, is a center of attraction, perfect for a long lip locking. She could pass for a goddess.

I was rushing to a 9:am class that lovely day, when an angelic voice stopped me. I felt like I was enchanted when all I could do was stare at her in awe, taking in the wonderful works of the creator. I'm sure God took extra time to craftily craft her very charming figure.

"Hi", she whispered gently for the fifth time, with a smile.

"Good morning", I answered her, while displaying my set of perfect white teeth, like a Toothpaste ambassador.

We met by fate. It happened that we were going to same class for different lectures. She was actually on her way to the wrong class and I acted like a perfect gentle man by describing the way to her lecture room.

I took her number, in case she missed her way, again. I told her to call me, anytime she needs help. And that was how, we became friends, then graduated from the class of friendship to the class of Kissers, and then lovers.

Before we became lovers, we took turns in visiting each other, and I got the chance to see her fleshly, fair laps. I longed to touch and run my hands all over them, but they were like ripe pawpaws and mangoes in Mama Chidera's compound, which strangers cannot touch, talk more of plucking or eating; you can only admire from a distance. Same, with Tessa.

When she moves, my brain changes position. I was totally controlled by her body, especially her waist. All I wanted was to feel her tender skin, while my fingers works magic and makes her go insane as she whispers my name amidst gasps and moans.

Our first kiss was like a huge dream come true. She was in pain after spilling hot oil on her smooth,spotless laps while cooking. I applied first aid, but she kept crying. I blowed air with my mouth on her laps, and I felt her shudder in relief, that was a good sign! I proceeded to place warm kisses around her injury,and it calmed her.

Inwardly, I was grinning like a fool, for not only touching her but kissing her laps. She didn't fight back, rather she urged me to move on, by holding on to my neck. I continued to place kisses on her laps, working my way in and out, and finally up to her belly button.

At this stage, she was lost. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted slightly, it was an invitation to come in. I closed the gap between us and brushed my lips against hers. Her smiles kept me going as I delved into her unknown world, lost with her, in the rhythm.

Her lips were the softest thing,ever. Soft and light, like a feather. Playfully, we made our tongues dance to the sound of the soft Music, playing in the background. We shared deepest secrets and affections, with our locked lips. She tasted like strawberry, I love strawberries.

By the time we parted lips after five minutes, we were both breathless.

Our eyes spoke, it said, "we need more".

Like hungry folks, we devoured each other. Kissing, and exploring. I surrendered to her bosom, like a prodigal son, while her her Honeypot flowed like rivers of living water.

I held her close as she spasmed like a possessed witch, over and over. I kissed her good night and watched her slip into Dreamland while I penned down my unforgettable experience with her, then wrote her a poem:

"Rolling on my bed of total confusion,

The urge to profess brewed like dragon fire,

Your smile spreads chills like diffusion,

Pushing me more to the edge,

The temptations I couldn’t resist,

As your rosy lips assist,

In fulfilling my long time ambitions.

Hips keeps messing with my brain,

Skin and eyes made me insane,

Lovingly, you showed me heaven,

When our lips touched,

Lady bum I clutched.

I swear, in my prime,

All I want is this heaven".

Following evening, she sent a text that reads, "Last night was just a tip of the iceberg, I believe. Why not come over and put the icing on the cake"

It was at that moment, I knew I was in for something huge. I mean huge. Well, only a mad man will say "NO" to a goddess like her. I am ready to worship her, till my last breathe.

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