Lifetime isn't forever

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When you said you'll be with me for a lifetime, you didn't tell me your lifetime isn't forever. You made promises of forever, but didn't fulfill.

Dearest Davis, the last time I saw you, our agreement was to meet the following weekend at the airport, where my birthday gift awaits me. You said it was a surprise, and it surprised me. I was and am still more than surprise.

I can still feel the warmth of your skin on mine, the sweetness of your cute lips on my lips and sacred abode. The rhythm of your thrusts, remains fresh in my memory. I couldn't believe what my eyes saw when I met you for the last time.

Gathered together, were parts of your body, with some parts missing or ruined. The one who ended your life, is a perfect artist with years of experience, I can say.

Perfectly crafted, from your body, was an image of a fleshy, robust baby. The sight was horrible. Your death birthed rivers of tears from my eyes.

Well, we all will die, Someday. But, I guess you deserve to die. In my entire life, I've never felt so much happiness when butchering.

You were an exception. I can still hear your screams, as you begged for mercy, endlessly while I removed the skin from your balls, sliced and fried them. They were so sweet...nicest thing I've eaten this year.

And your weapon of mass destruction? I enjoyed crafting my favorite tattoo on them, with my extremely hot knife. Your screams, were so comforting to my ears that I couldn't help but record it. Every night, I plug in my earphones and listen to your makes me sleep well.

Shoving my huge iron rod into your mouth gave me pleasure. The way you gagged, made your eyes pop, it brought smiles to my face.

Ending you, in a beautiful way with my butchering skills gave me peace. What I won't forget is the way I opened your chest, used my knife to make patterns on your heart and lastly carved out the beauty of our departed baby girl, from your body. The baby girl, you don't want to have now, the one you told me to abort, the one you illegally and without my permission used force to get rid of, by drugging me.

Yes, that cute baby girl, I carved it out of your body. Now, you know the real definition of pain.

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8 months ago
Topics: Story, Love, Freewrite


All this our fleshy fleshy body will disintegrate someday, death will surely prevail

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