I made my hair (Determination)

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1 year ago

Today, I decided to care for my hair. Wash day.

I woke up this morning,after doing some chores, I loosed my one month old plait. Then washed my hair before making it.

Firstly, I'm a naturalist. I keep my natural hair with proper treatment. For my hair, I use Ayurvedic herb, leave in conditioner, Hairnny's growth oil, shampoo, dudu osun,and Anti dandruff conditioner. Though, I've exhausted most of my hair food😅, I was able to manage today.

After loosing my hair, I tried combing but it was damn dry. I just combed the tip and starting washing it.

As a naturalist, it's important to keep in mind not to force a comb through a dry hair. It'll damage the hair and may leave wounds. Instead of working your comb through a dry hair, spray some water, using a spray bottle. Spray some water on your hair and work your hands through it first, before using your comb. It'll ease the dryness and make it easy to comb.

Since I wanted to washy hair, I decided not to spray with water. So, after combing the tip, I didn't mess with the root and scalp, I poured a bowl of lukewarm water and rinsed first.

Done with that, I applied my left over shampoo and worked my hands thoroughly through my hair. I made sure I never used my fingernails to scrub my scalps, you don't do that, it's dangerous for your scalp. When washing your hair, do not scratch your scalp with your nails, it may probably create a wound on your scalp.

Next, I used my Dudu osun on my hair. Yes, it's very good for the hair. I washed my hair till the water became completely clean.

Furthermore, I applied my leave in conditioner. I massaged it well, into my hair. It is at this moment I can comfortably comb my hair. Remember, I was unable to comb it well. Now that you've applied your leave in, it'll soften your hair, making it easy to comb. Before you comb, detangle with your hands first and then you are safe to comb. At this moment, I felt like I shouldn't stop combing, cause my hair was so soft easy to comb.

I washed off the leave in conditioner, then applied my anti dandruff conditioner. After I applied it, I let it settle in my hair for five minutes,then I rinsed of. Finally rinsed my hair with lukewarm water, properly.

I couldn't use the Ayurvedic herb today,since I left it in school. So, I just towel dry my hair after the final rinse. Then, I applied Hairnny's growth oil into my hair and scalp and massaged for five minutes. God, massaging is damn good for your hair, you should try it. It calms the nerves, alot.

Yeah, done with wash day, I started thinking of what to do with my hair. Actually, I was supposed to plait my hair again, to stretch naturally. The stretch is necessary, cause my hair Shrank a lot today,looked like I had a low cut on. I wasn't bothered about the shrinkage, it's a sign of a healthy natural hair. So, don't get worked up each time your natural hair shrinks, it means it's healthy.

I was too tired to go to the salon and make my hair,so I decided to try something new.

And, for the first time in my life, I never thought I could do it, but today, I sat in front of a mirror and made my own hair. Yes! I was excited. The cuttings were a bit, somehow, and the hair isn't really neat, but I'm proud of myself. I used to think I can't make my hair myself,it's impossible. But,guess what, it became possible. And how?

I was determined. Determination is all you need to survive. I was kind of discouraged when I made like four twist and it wasn't near. But, my mum told me to finish it first and see if it's okay or not.

I made up my mind and continued with my hair, I didn't even spend up to two hours before completing my hair and I was like , wow, you really did it babe! So, all it takes is an ounce of determination, a little bit of faith in yourself. Don't let what others say get to you, else it might affect you.

Lastly, I'm actually a stylist, still an apprentice. Like I said earlier, though it wasn't neat, since I couldn't see my own head, I'm still very happy and proud of myself. There's always a first time for everything,they say! I believe next time, will be better than this.

Do not forget, in all you do, be determined and focused. Have a beautiful night dears. Shalom!

Image source: belongs to me.

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I'm really awed when curly hairs get braid! And the determination to finish it. I hope your hands didn't hurt

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1 year ago


My hands hurt, badly. Till now.

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1 year ago