Grieving the undead

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The realization of leaving early,

Yielded horripilation like hail,

Smiling and laughing hard bitterly,

I succumbed to the cool hands of ale.

Just a little time,

And with my beloved I’ll be joined,

Even in my prime,

To that beautiful abode I’m invited.

What do I do?

While I grieve, I’ll cleave to my maker,

I’ll weave my pains into smiles,

Roll my sleeves and heave a sigh.

Without doubt, life is full of ups and downs, it's just our sole duty to make sure life's circumstances doesn't weigh us down. Instead of brooding over the past and lamenting on our travails, we should face our fears and boldly raise our heads high up, to show the world we are strong.

Grieving the undead isn't a nice thing. Just imagine how terrible it will be to grieve someone's that's dead. It can either be you're grieving a friend that's still alive, parents, siblings, a loved one or even yourself.

It's not a good experience. It's a feeling that develops from the heart. A feeling of hatred towards yourself, a loved one, parents and the whole world at large. It's a sign of depressing.

When you start grieving yourself cause of a failed work, crushed ambitions, broken family or marriage, depression sets in. It's like widely opening the doors of your heart and soul to welcoming me and accommodate depression and oppression.

The result? It's horrible. Depressed human tend to commit suicide or harm themselves. They'll be like, "what's the essence of living when I'm useless?" They start welcoming bad ideas, like harming themselves or another person.

Not only that, Depression only doesn't mean grieving the undead. It can be a situation whereby a loved one is on the dying bed, like a cancer patient. A cancer patient, with a limited time can be grieved. Loved ones who can't control their feelings anymore, can grieve their dying family.

Grieving the undead is a deep feeling of unspeakable, inexpressible, pains and sorrow.It’s painful, complicated, overwhelming and handled so differently by each individual.

Grieving the undead can be a situation of A close friend suffering dramatic effects from a brain injury, or your child fighting addiction, there is an emotional process behind the feelings of loss for the person you know and love, and the person they have become, because of their disease or disorder.

It is also known as anticipatory grief, which is the normal mourning that happens when a patient and his/her family is expecting death.

It is important for those Grieving the undead to seek help and comfort from others, to avoid sudden breakdown or sickness.

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