Enslaved in Freedom

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Oh, my poor girl! It's so unfortunate to be without parents at such a tender age. Don't worry, dear one, I'll take care of you. Your parents were particularly kind to me and my husband when we were in trouble, few years back. He paid off our debts, while your mother fed us cakes and bread. Such nice parents you've got, my dear. Uhm, I'm sure you don't really know me, do you?

Staring in awe at the repulsive middle aged woman standing in my living room, along with her ridiculous husband, I couldn't help but wonder how my parents became friends with this ugly, stinking pair. Well, not my problem, my parents are gone now. So, they'll let me be, I thought. I wasn't paying attention to all their rants and fake tears, until I heard something about "taking care of me". I can't imagine living with this disgusting pair in this house. To avoid unnecessary comfort hug, I flashed a big, fake smile and replied, yes, Aunty Murk and Uncle Merk, I know you, vividly. You've been here a couple of times, playing chess with my parents.

Oh, oh, what a memory you have, sweet child, that's wonderful. I'm sure you are leading your class with such a memory like that, she said in her high pitched voice while laughing and caressing my face with her scrawny palms. Ewww, it felt like lizard limbs.

Do not worry, Uncle Merk said. You won't be alone, we've decided to take you in our custody and we have the courts order for that. If you stay alone, your health will suffer. You'll come and live with us, down the street. At that moment, my face literally screamed "What the fuck". I turned my face to look at aunty Murk, she flashed a terrible grin, fit enough to make a toddler cry. She kept making silly gestures with her hair and horrible red lips. Who the hell, gave her red lipsticks?

Ahem, I cleared my throat and smiled. Thanks Uncle and Aunty, but I believe I can survive on my own. I'm 16, I can do things by myself and I don't need anyone to babysit me. Your house Is just down the street, you can come and check on me anytime you wish. Save yourself the trouble of catering for me.

We have orders, child. You do not have any other choice, concluded Aunty Murk.

Next thing, I screamed in a loud voice and said " I do not want to live with you filthy folks, You're only after my parents property, I won't let you get..."

Total darkness enveloped me, I couldn't feel my body, I couldn't complete my statement. Aunty Murk struck me with her solid shoes, it hit me right in the face and I blacked out.

I woke up hours later, in the attic. Chained to the walls, with my mouth shut with tape. I couldn't move nor scream. I was locked in for days, without food and water. I was dying, it's either I agree to stay, allow them to steal my parents properties, or die. I didn't want to die, at least not this way....I badly wanted my parents and started crying. Wishing, it was all a bad dream. If I die here in the attic, no one will know, no family members. It has always been my parents and I. Until Merk and Murk stepped in, as friends.

Five years later, I became a baby making machine. My place was and is still the attic with three bedsheets as bed. Murk and Merk, sold my parents properties and squandered the money. I became their slave, worked myself to death, to earn a meal. I was beaten with whips, laced with blades. The wounds on my body never healed. First two years, was hell on Earth. Without reason, they'll dip my legs in hot water and watch me scream in pains, till I pass out, while they laugh hysterically like possessed witch. Tormenting me, is their only form of entertainment.

When all my money was spent on alcohol and travels, they decided to use me. They brought old, dirty bastards to have sex with me right in the attic for a fee. They in turn, will use me as they like, for I am their slave. They'll put things like bottles, bigger than bottles, at times and drive it deep into me until they're satisfied. Some will use needles on my body, for their pleasure, dip things into my Anus, while I wail. One time, a man used scissors on me. He was brutal, he clipped one of my nipples and sucked at it. Uncle and Aunty, cared less.

The day they were almost exposed was when I fainted thrice. I was rushed to the hospital. They lied that I was kidnapped and dropped on their property. My face was damaged, no one could recognize me. I was too weak to say a word, only my tears fell.

They took me back home, since no one claimed me as their family. As if that was not enough, I returned home to my worst nightmare. The men were sitting at home, waiting for me to come home. Immediately I stepped from the car, I was bundled away by five men, they were not patient enough to take me in. They had sex with me, right in the yard, all at once. It was at that moment I regret not choosing death. I became with child, but that didn't stop the men from coming. They had sex with me, till I gave birth. My baby was taken and sold.

I gave birth to triplet once, it was good business for Merk and Murk, they sold them at a huge price. I never fed my babies, talk less of holding them. In five years, at the age of 21 I've given birth to 9 children. Children I never fed.

I don't know what the future has in store for me. But, I'm sure it's more of torment and unbearable pains. For, I am a slave, in a free country.

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