Dyslexia ( Like stars on Earth)

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Taare Zameen par (Like stars on Earth) is a popular indian movie by Aamir Khan. Personally, I've watched this movie more than four times, if I'm not mistaken. And each time, I gain more insight on the issue "Dyslexia", I cry too, when watching.

This movie is about a little boy of eight, Ishaan. He was sent away to a boarding school because of his frequent failures. He had problems with academics and according to his father, Ishaan is a mischievous, disobedient, rebellious boy who jokes with his education. He failed third grade twice and he bunked school once. After failing repeatedly and confusing one letter for another many times, the school told his parent that they can't handle him.

Right in the middle of the term, Ishaan was sent to a boarding school by his angry father. He cried and begged a lot, he even promised to change but his father was determined to change him in a harsh way, whereas all he needed was love and care. His mother tried to teach him at home, buy her efforts was futile.

Ishaan, couldn't distinguish letters, but he was an excellent painter. His failure to read and write didn't affect his brilliant talent. Meanwhile, his father made a huge mistake when he was sent to boarding school. He cried endlessly and received scoldings from teachers. He was still unable to read and write. He could not even make a tie, successfully.

Thanks to God for sending Ram, the new art teacher into his life. Without Ram's Intervention, Ishaan would have been ruined forever. He was already a depressed, sad child with little or no care and love. He was totally down, he could not even relate with others, he was dead inside, already.

Before he was sent to the boarding school, he used to have wild and awesome imaginations but the moment he came to boarding school, everything stopped. His dream, his future and life was killed without his father giving a damn. Ishaan even stopped painting. Imagine, he stopped doing his favourite thing. When Ram came to visit his parent, his father didn't believe his son's got a problem. He fully believed that Ishaan was just mischievous and lazy to read. His father was a bit harsh.

Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that mainly causes problems with reading, writing and spelling.

It's a specific learning difficulty, which means it causes problems with certain abilities used for learning, such as reading and writing.

Unlike a learning disability, intelligence isn't affected.

Kids like Ishaan needs special care and total attention. They need to be taught a bit slower than others before the grab things well. Thanks to Ram, he helped Ishaan and made sure he brought smiles back to his face. He took extra time to teach him the Alphabet, and how to make words using the alphabet. He knew how to read and write perfectly after he was trained well by Ram. He started painting again,too and won the painting competition organized by the school. His painting was mind-blowing.

One thing that always makes me cry whenever I watch this movie is the plight of this innocent boy. I felt his pain, cause I was once in his shoes. I was affected by something related to this. He was just a boy, who needed care but was shoved into a boarding school when he should be near his parents. One of his paintings which shows how he is being separated from his family on each page, made me cry. Poor guy was already feeling neglected and alone. Who knows what would have become of him if Ram didn't show up in his school?

Maybe die from depression or might even attempt suicide. Who knows! He was already down to the last percentage. He couldn't talk nor confide in anyone. He was broken!

Well, my advice is if you are a teacher or a coach,and you notice any of your students lagging behind, do well to have a little time to teach him some things, so he won't be depressed like Ishaan.

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