A flying dog?

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Yesterday, I came back really late from work. Currently,I do three shifts. I started teaching at a nearby private school on Monday just as a summer teacher, and sometimes I go to the salon where I'm training to be a stylist and lastly, cake studio. Yes, I'm a baker and I'm undergoing my upgrading class. So,three jobs.

At my school, we close everyday by 1pm and my dog is always at the gate ready to welcome me. My plans were to go to the cake studio and help my boss with some bakings, then come back home before 4pm. Alas! I left the place around 5:22pm and arrived at home by some minutes to 6pm, hungry and tired. I didn't even bother to eat before leaving the house around 9am yesterday.

But, while leaving yesterday morning, I didn't tell my dog that I'll be late. My cute little dog was busy waiting foe at the gate to come back, I'm sure he was already worried because later, my mum told me that he frequently went to gate to see if I'm home.

When I eventually arrived home, I saw my dog lying down staring at the gate, waiting for me. I was wowed. Before I could open the gate, he was already making happy noises. Welcoming me in his own beautiful way. What amazed me yesterday was the fact that he was flying in mid air. He was busy jumping up and down, while I tried effortlessly to pay him, he was happy. Like three times, he jumped really up without his legs touching the ground. I was like, "Oreo, when did you develop wings to fly?"😅 He heard me and tried it again, he was flying in mid air, that was when I knew my dog was really glad to see me.

I couldn't help but get down and scoop him into my hands, while landing kisses on his albino face. He wouldn't let me go, he was just jumping and jumping. And licking my body.

This morning, I told him I'll be late again but not like yesterday. I went to decorate the already baked cake today. Oh boy! It was damn stressful. Kneading fondant over and over again is a beautiful big and tiring task. I thought we'll be done by 2pm today, I was wrong yet again. I arrived home around 6:20pm. As usual, my mum said Oreo got tired of sitting at the gate, waiting for me.

Still, though he was tired, I met him sitting and wagging his tail already, by the gate. He missed me yet, again. And in return, I hugged him for waiting so long for me.

A dog's love is unending. That's why I love them. They won't get tired of you, even when you are not in mood for them.

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1 year ago