A delicious pleasure

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"Hmmm"... I let out a slow moan with a huge smile, clearly unaware of my environment. I was lost in my world of fantasy with my lover, I didn't hear my roommate calling out to me after moaning like one in a sexual encounter.

"Stop daydreaming Laurel", you've been acting weird since you met your "wonderful god on Earth". You aren't the first to love, you won't be the last. So, chill.

"Precious", you won't understand how it feels to be in love until you meet the one. I mean the one who makes you feel like you are the best on Earth, prettiest and coolest. The one, who'll go any length to satisfy you, I mean, the real one who will always be ready to make things up to you, no matter the circumstances.

Charles is such a perfect gentleman, I can't forget the day we became intimate....

"You're welcome to my humble abode, Sunshine. I giggled slightly, as he used his hands to brush the hair away from my face.

"You have a nice place. It's beautiful.

"Yeah, beautiful like my cute priceless jewel. By the way, you look ravishing in this outfit, it shows your perfect curves and tempting cleavages. I can't wait to have my mouth filled, Sunshine", he said as he gently cupped my breasts, while placing soft kisses on my head. I couldn't resist the nice torture his hands were tenderly giving. I leaned in, kissed him deeply and gave his hard human a hot massage.

Somehow, we found ourselves in a huge room that looks like his bedroom. I was still taking in the beauty of this huge room, with a king sized bed when he calmly set me on my feet. I didn't realize I was in his arms. He held on to me, looking deep into my eyes with love written all over his face.

"This is my room and as you know, I live alone. So, we have the house all to ourselves. Are you ready for this, Sunshine? I gave a reassuring nod and in a second, he was all over me, kissing and nibbing.

"Lay back, Sunshine", he ordered and like a sheep being led to the slaughter, I obeyed. I walked to the edge of the bed, sat and kicked off my shoes before doing as instructed. He came close, pulled my legs apart, kissed my bellybutton, as his hands found the way to my panties. Playfully, he pulled down my pants, rubbed my tender spot, making me release soft gasp and moans as he teased my clits till I couldn't take it anymore. Like a pro, he inserted a finger into my very tight opening, going in and out in a slow rhythm,kissing my lips and whispering sweet words. I was lost. I let out a sharp "ouch", as he inserted a second finger, going faster and faster. I held on to him like my life depended on him, I could feel my legs shaking, from the delicious pleasure of his hands. I knew I reached my climax when I arched my back tightly, dipped my fingers into his back and shook uncontrollably under him. Yet, he continued to pump his fingers deep and deeper, till I begged him to stop.

Breathing heavily, he asked, "you love that, Sunshine? Want more?

"I fucking want more than more, Cupcake".

He then stood, walked briskly to the drawer, opened and picked a pack of condom. On a second thought, he dropped them, joined me on the bed, stretched my legs open, and inserted two fingers into me, making me scream in pleasure. As if that was not enough, he positioned himself well, and used his tongue alongside his fingers to pleasure me. The feeling was heavenly, I was busy wiggling my body from one side to another, moaning out his name as he worked faster on me.....

"Will you listen to me now? Laurel". Precious shouted at me angrily again, as she realized that she has been talking to the wind for the past 10 minutes.

"I'm sorry, babes. I apologized with a shy smile. I zoned out, again. It's love!

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