The Legend of Monkey

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3 years ago

In the past, Mara and Karim's mother lived in a village near the forest. Karim is ten years old and has a strange temperament. She is fat, greedy, spoiled, ravenous, anything she can handle is ruined after sight. No matter how much food his mother stores, she drinks and consumes. Karim is gruff, old-fashioned and witty.

The children leave him. Often you will find him at the top of a tree with a banana tree or a mess. Because of her only child, no matter what Karim does, her mother still loves the fact that Mara is the only one who works in the house. Karim does not command her because she is away for nothing.

He was in the yard, otherwise in the woods and grazing on the bushes. Karim is hated by their villagers because he is so taxed. Some say that Karim has consumed the fruit of their bananas. Some report that Karim bites and hugs his son. One day Mara went out of her way to dig a sweet potato.

Before he left, he was told to have their lunch. "Don't go up in flames, it's hard to burn." Bilin mom. Karim's leaving mother screaming. While watching her cook, she fell asleep. The rice burned. A piece of wood shook and fell to the floor and it burned and the house started to burn. Karim woke up and ran into the forest. Mara couldn't believe it when she saw what happened at home.

He goes to the forest but Karim is really gone. In a rage he cursed the son. “Karim, for your wickedness I swear to you! You used to be an animal. ” Meanwhile, Karim's form gradually changed. His whole body was covered with low feathers. And he had a tail.

A few hours later, Mara woke up and was surprised to find Karim's monkey. He repented and wept but it was too late.

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