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What Are Invasive Species? How First Time I Introduced With The Term Invasive Species

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4 months ago

Greetings To All Readers.....!

"Invasive species are defined as an organism that's not native to any place or an ecosystem and come in an area from other region. Invasive species are either plants, animals, insects, pathogens and pests. As they are not native species of an ecosystem so they are also known as non-native or alien species. They are also introduced into an area through a specific source and this source is also human. As they are non native species and come from another ecosystem so they are also harmful for the native species of plants, animals, insects and also for humans because and become reason for the dispersal of various types of disease."

I remembered it's my fourth semester of BS Botany when we need to study the subject biodiversity conservation.

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Biodiversity refers to the variety of organisms. As a botany student our preference is on plants. This subject looked interesting to me due to its name and really its very interesting subject.

In this course subject we study different topics but my favourite one topic is invasive species. Although invasive species include different types of organisms but we just studied about the invasive species of plants. As teacher didn't want to feel us bore so that she just introduced the five invasive species of plants that are common in our area and these plants species are:

•Brousonettia papyrifera:

•Parthenium hysterophorus

•Euclayptus camaldolensis

•Cannabis sativa

•Lantana camara

1-Brousonettia papyrifera:

Brousonettia papyrifera is commonly known as paper mulberry or jangli toot. It's an invasive species that came in pakistan thirty years ago but not throught external source . At that time, prime minister of pakistan wanted to make the pakistan green. So he dispersed the seeds of this plant in different cities of pakistan and especially in Islamabad. But he didn't aware the harmful effect of this plant. At that time the pollen of this plant causing allergy in fifty percent population of plants and still this plant is allergy causing. Now this plant is commonly found in every area of pakistan and also it is present in the field that's near to my house and some species of this plant are also grown on the wall of house and its leaves are just like paper that's why it's also known as paper mulberry.

Brousonettia papyrifera

2-Parthenium hysterophorus:

Parthenium hysterophorus is the herb and weed that grow in the field of crops and decrease the rate of production of crops.Also this weed is harmful for human and animal because its allergy causing. But as a botany student we always need to make a herbarium. To make a herbarium we need to collect the plants and then try to preserve it in the good way. Some plants are very difficult to preserve it's just parthenium that's very easily preserved so that all time first i collect parthenium for the herbarium. Although first time when i collected it cause allergy on my hand so that now am all time be careful for this plant and cut it through cutter and then put it in the book for preservation.

Parthenium hysterophorus

3-Euclayptus camaldolensis

Euclayptus camaldolensis is also not the native plant species of pakistan. But its alao commonly found in pakistan to a large extent however its not harmful for animal or human and beneficial for them to some extent. Its too much large plant that's why its wood is used for making furniture and for burning purpose. This plant is also used as foddage for animals.

But this plant species is harmful for other small plants, shrubs and herbs that grow near to it because proper sunlight is not reached to these plants and that's why they don't grow.

Almost 15 to 20 plants of this species are grown in our university and in summer season we sit under them to enjoy the cool cool breeze. And this plant is also my favourite because it's preserved easily for herbarium.

Euclayptus camaldolensis

4-Cannabis sativa:

Cannabis sativa is also known as bhang in our region and also an invasive species but not too much dangerous and mostly its used for making alcohol and if people take too much take drink of this plant then it's become harmful for their central netvous system. The main thing i observed by cannabis sativa and parthenium is that outside of our home the field is totally free and we didn't grow anything there. I observed that for one year the field is covered with parthenium and the other year cannabis grow there and now on large scale cannabis sativa is present there and these are wild plants we don't need to grow there once they are destroyed in the next year they automatically grow again there. The good thing about this is that it takes only one day for it's preservation and dried easily than euclayptus and parthenium.

Cannabis sativa

5-Lantana Camara:

Lantana camara is also the invasive species and recently am became totally aware of this plant. It's last month when i need to make herbarium of fifty plants for my lab project. To collect fifty plants is not easy to me because i didn't go out of home too much just collexted some plants from nearby field. That's was spring season new new plants and flowers grow or bloom in this season.

I noticed this plant from my home due to its multicolored beautiful flowers and asked my sister to collect it for me. And then i preserved it in a book but its not preserved well because latex is found in it.

It's came in my knowledge that lantana camara is not the native species of my area its an invasive species and is known to be toxix to livestock like cattle, sheeps horses, dogs, goats etc because some harmful compounds are found in it.

Lantana camara

Two Days Ago One Invasive Bird Species Came In Our Home Tree:

Two days ago i was sitting in the room and taking my online class that my little sister came into room and said me that there was little beautiful bird sitting in the tree come out of room we take its pictures. I said am not going out of room with her because its my experience about bird photography when i try to capture their shoots the birds flew away.

But she convinced me a lot so after taking my class and go out of the room to watch this bird. When i saw the bird i said wow that's so cute ( Mashallah). I didn't know this bird name but clicked lots of click of that bird and he didn't flew away and give his picture in a good way and was so innocent.

Bird was sitting on the tree

This bird was not so large its just a youngest bird, i realized that he is hungry so i put some beans on the wall of my home and put a water in the pot he came down on the wall for eating beans and i also click some shoots if it here and also want to caught it.

Bird was busy in eating beans
Bird free from eating beans

When he was free from eating beans and drinking water, i try to caught it but he flew away and sit on the branch of tree. I liked this bird too much and caught him at any cost but my sister said independence is better than the gold cage you didn't catch it he daily come here and you talk with him and also click his shoot. It's very difficult for me to catch the bird from the tree i missed my brother that's at that time is not in home. But in Afternoon time when he came back from college i told him about this bird and also watch him the pictures of that bird. He said me that's was Australian Parrot i jus saw it when i came back from college my friend family caught it. That's a very sad news for me because his friend family is full of children and all are so naughty they worried a lot to this parrot. I just pray for this parrot he get successfully take independence from this family.

Closing Thoughts:

Every things has positive and negative effects. All above invasive species of plants that's i shared with you sometime beneficial for us to some extent. Because all these plants are Important meficinally and used for making medicines. People believe that medicines that are made from plants are more beneficial for our health.

I think birds are not come under the category of invasive species because they are not too much dangerous for humans. Sometimes it migrate from one country to another on their own behalf and people who are interested to keep the bird as a pet brought them for other countries and birds are always Innocent creation of God.

One advice to you as this is the month of summer season and there are too much hotness all around. Birds mostly prefer to stay on their nest or sit on the branches of trees so don't irritate them and give proper food and water to them.

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Written by   89
4 months ago
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I'm not a biology student and literally i hate this subject coz of these things but too increase knowledge it helped me alot!

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4 months ago

Yeah boys mostly hate biology , 😃 as girls hate mathematics. Am happy that's my Article Increase your knowledge about biology

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4 months ago

invasive is actually dangerous haha, one organism could change the biodiversity and worst kill and extinct one organism. even just one weed.

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4 months ago

Yes these are very dangerous for the native species of the ecosystem and destroy their food chain and food web.

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4 months ago