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Today I Realized That There Is No Peace In Student Life

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4 months ago

Greetings To All Readers .........!

Hope so you all are doing well and happy in your life. Today am again here with new story and new study problem of my life.

As student life is never easy and full of difficulties. But after becoming university student it's just troubling life. Because at university level our study is just limited to examination. But now due to covid-19 and online classes,we gained no knowledge and just became the non-serious student. Teacher are also didn't take online classes much efficiently as they take before covid-19. So we are getting surprise on the daily basis in the form of quizes, assignments and examination.

I explained you one by one which suprise i got today and which activites whole day i was done.

Today Whole Day I Spent In Shopping:

As this is summer season and lots of dresses are the demand of this season. Black is my favorite color and that's why my all clothes are in black color in which i feel more hotness. So from a lots of day i decided to gone to shopping but due to the laziness i didn't fullfil my plan.

Yesterday was rainy night in my region and in Asian countries, long duration of load-shedding is common issue during the rainy season and same happened in the yesterday night. The rain started at 3:30 am and also light was gone. And its my habit in rainy night to sleep till the mid of day.Same happened today i woke up at 9:00 am and then done breakfast till 9:50am. After finishing breakfast i checked my mobile to see the messages and my cousin messages got my attention. She said that today whole day there was no chances that light come so we have nothing special to do and also weather is pleasent so let's go for shopping.

But am not in mood to going anywhere else at that time and also didn't finish the household chores. But then i thought that my laziness will never die tomorrow .So i decided to defeat it and finished the household chores fastly and be ready for shopping.

At 11:48am, We Are On The Bus Stop:

Almost at 11:48 am me with my cousin on bus stop, i withdraw my money from an easypaisa shop and then start waiting for the bus. After 15 minutes we got the bus and start traveling to our destination. The market is situated for almost half an hour drive from our village. At 1:00 pm we reached to the market and then start visiting different shops for the seek of good clothes.

Image corteousy: Google

Our market is good but the clothes are not full of variety so we need to visit the different shops to get the good stuff. Me with my cousin visited five to seven shops but didn't get the dresses according to my taste.

After the one hour walk of searching good clothes, me feeling like a hungry bird. So instead of doing shopping we gone to the cafe for the refreshment.

Image corteousy : Google

And near this cafeteria i found a shop that's have the clothes of better stuff and i bought one frok from here that's yellowish in color get decorated with the black color stuff.

My Frok Yellowish In Color

Mostly i bought readymade dresses, but in these days my tailor master soul wamt to stitch something. So we gone to the shop of unstitch clothes and buy a beautiful suit for me and mine sister its pinkish in color and printed it with black color.

Unstitch Suit

After buying this that me with my cousins gone to the cosmetics shop because she wanted to buy some cosmetics related stuff. From where i just bought one hair band, just because of this i see my favorite actress picture with this hair band but its just replica of it but i checked it its looking perfect on my hairs so i bought it.

My HairBand

Am just a moody and choosy girl, after buy one suit and frok i thought my shopping is completed between i know that my mother angry with me that's whole day you wasted it for the little bit shopping. So me with my cousin when returning back to home,i just see another beautiful light pinkish color shirt that's decorated on the display of shop. It's got my attraction because i want such type of shirt, so while returning to home i bought another shirt and trouser.

My Favourite Baby Pink Color Dress That I Bought Just Returning From The Market

Am Happy With My Shopping And Asked My Cousin To Return Back To Home:

Mostly when i gone to the shopping i bought black color dresses and my mother get angry with my this habit. But today i try my best to avoid from this color so am happy and with my cousin decided to return back to the home. So we reached to the bus stop at 4:45pm and start waiting for the bus and after the wait of half an hour finally we got the bus.

Image corteousy: Google

After 6:00 pm i reached to my village and thdn start walking towards home. Yesterday was a good day am again and again calling to my on the way of walking towards home i see a peacock sitting on the wall and that's another happy thing for me, so i clicked its shoot.

Peacock Picture Shooted By Me

With these activites finally i reached to my home with full of excitment i displayed all ship one by one to Mom and luckily this time she said today first time you bought the good clothes and me feeling relaxed. After this i need some refreshment and refresh my mood with tea.

After All These Things I Start Searching My Mobile And Surprises Are Ready:

It's my bad habit when am gone out of home for any purpose either for shopping, i didn't use mobile and mostly left it in the home. So almost 7:45 pm to check the important messages. My two study groups are filled with messages of teacher with assignment + lab assignment.

Sms About Environmental Biology Assignment
Sms About Research Technique Assignment

Assignment topics looking so boring and finally i shall face difficulty while making, am just sad to watch the assignment topic but another biggest surprise is ready for me.

DateSheet Forwarded By My Friend

Am just got worried about assignment topic but another biggest surprise is waiting for me that tomorrow is my first mid-term paper of eighth semester and that's really shocking for me because am not prepared for the lengthy examination. Before this our university always informed us about examination a week ago. But this time our university is taken the surprising examination and till yet our two assignments are still pending and university start to taking examination out of schedule.

At Last I Said True That There Is No Peace In Student Life:

Student life is not easy, as a student we have no private life for enjoyment and our weekend holidays are also spent for study project and assignments.

Image corteousy: Google

Its not first time that we get surprised about our examination but before this mostly we get surprises about the theory assignment and quizes and sometimes in the form of lab project. But it's first time we get surprised about examination.

I have no preparation about the examination and also our some of the teachers didn't take the proper classes and our lectures are not completed. I didn't have any idea that what i written in the examination but feeling little bit relaxed that the examination are online and i easily solved it with the help of google. Let's what happened with me for my surprising examinations.

Closing Thoughts:

Student life is not easy and especially for university student. There is no name of peace and relaxation in the student life, every time when i get surprised of this that i promised to myself that in the next time i stay prepared for the surprises about the study. But i forget it and busy in my life of relaxation and then another aftershock related to study come and mine mood is off and am giving good title to everyone. But basically its the beauty of student life, without getting shocked or surprises we don't become a good student. With the passage of time when we getting old we think about these moments and smile.

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Written by   89
4 months ago
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