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How, Why And When I Start Dreaming To Become Something

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3 months ago

Greetings To All Readers.....!

As a human either we are rich or poor we all have some specific dreams. Everyone start dreaming from his childhood, some people dreams just limited to become doctor, engineer, teacher or to get any kind of job and some want to do something for their families or some want to explore new new things in life that's never ever done by someone else. To gain something in life is not easy, surely a lot of hardwork is required to gain something in life. Without hardwork, consistency and struggle we gained nothing in life.

If i talked about myself yeah am one of the girl of family who has very highest dreams and motive about life and want to do different things about my life but doing nothing to achieve them. From childhood i got special care and love from all members of my family either they are older or elder than me. But this love and care didn't make me a bad childern because all these beloved relationships are always present to guide me when i start distracting from my path.

At The Age Of Eleven Year I Don't Have Any Specific Dream About My Life:

You can call me a girl who born with gold spoon in her mouth because my family is financially strong and richest family of the village at that time. I got extra care and love of my every family member because at that am only single little baby girl of my family the age gap between my and mine sister age is almost 11years that's why everyone love me a lot. When a childern got too much attention from everyone he became proudy and me also a proudy and full of attitude girl who don't give lift to anyone.

And my all thinking and dreaming is rotating around my family. We live in a joint family system with my one my uncle and my grandmother ( my father's aunt), her son that's almost my age fellow and we all was living a happy life. My other whole family is living in the city because my grandfather is Megistrate retired and from start he prefer to live in city as compared to village, but in a month he came two to three times in a village to meet us and i really enjoyed his company.

At the age of 11 years i didn't aware with the word weeping and sadnes, spending a peaceful life. But good time always passed fastly same with me. When am eleven years old am got separated from our uncle who is my lifeline, because my uncle is very friendly nature and am getting too much attached with him, that's why this thing hurt me a lot and i left my home at that time permanently.

I Left My Home And Start Living In My Grandmother Home:

As am just one daughter of my parents at that time and always need a sister to play with her. That's why my most of the time spend in my grandmother home where there are my too aunts who are very friendly nature. So in a week mostly two to three days i stay grandmother home at night time. But after the separation of my family i feel boredom all around in my home and left it and start living in the grandma house permanently that's just 2 minutes walk away from my home. After returning from the school on daily basis i spend four to five hours in my home and gone to the grandmother house, where i really enjoyed my grandmother and father company ( My mom mother and father). And also my aunt love me a lot.

My mother has no brother, they are just four sisters my mom and one aunt is getting married while the little two aunts were unmarried at that time. The age gap between my mother and little two aunt age is about 13 to 14 years, so my mother also treat them like a childern. Moreover both are too much good in studies but at that time there was no proper universities and colleges in our area and also my grandfather is strict about the girl higher education so my aunt is just passed intermediate and other is Graduate. So they both want to see me a girl who is well eduacted and a successful and my parents also have the same dream about myself. My aunts always try to make my mental growth better so they always teach me different things about life and try to eredicate the ignorance from myself and try their best to make me humble. Today am totally different from the little one Arooj.

After The Separation Of My Uncle, I Set My First Dream To Become CSS Officer After Inspiring From My Grandfather:

At the age of 11 years , i faced the very bad realities of my life although till yet am not too much mature and also didn't take the life serious. But the separation of my family mature me little extent and now am satsified with my life and learnt a lot of lessons from the Behavior of others and also realized this fact that no one in the world is like our parents.

Going out of some beloved ones Relationship from my life give me lesson to become something. As my grandfather is Megistrate retired, and my all uncles including my father didn't get this post after my grandfather.

My Grandfather

So my grandfather always say that my all childern are poor in studies and now my best dreams/wishes are connected with my grandchildren.Am first grand daughter of him, so all time when he came in village i always prefer to spend my all time with him and he teach me different things and motivate to get higher education.

All time when he came in village, he must visited the graves of his parents and am always attached with him. On the way to graveyard we met different types of people and i observed that people of the village give a special respect to him and am also inspired from his way of talking so that am also want to become a big officer like him.

Yup after Inspiring from my grandfather, i start dreaming my first dream of become a CSS Officer just in the age of 11 years. But to see dream is easy task but to fulfill it is extremely difficult. Yup i want to become a CSS Officer but doing nothing to achieve my this dream. Just wasting my time in useless activites. Till yet am just aware with the name of CSS and totally unaware with the process of this that how i become CSS. Because am pending it on the future and morever am confident about that my grandfather properly guide me about this so till yet am doing nothing to achieve it.

Besides Becoming A CSS Officer My Heart Favourite Dream In These Days Is To Becoming A Freelancer:

IImage Courtesy: Google

From my childhood, i love to work on the computer and want to do a such type of job in which i need to work on the computer. But i have no facility of computer in my home and also computer is not my subject. So i don't do anything computer related. But due to covid-19, am totally got addicted of youtube and learn new new things about freelancing and also watch a lot of videos of Arfa Kareem who is the pakistani Youngest Microsoft Certified Girl, am really inspired from her and want to become like her, but its seem impossible.

Am already looking for online earning apps or websites before the covid-19, but later am aware with the term Freelancing and in freelancing my field of interest end on Graphics Designing and Blogging, i want to become a biggest blogger and graphic designer.

But to achieve all these things a lot of hardwork is required because we gained nothing in life without hardwork effort and struggle. But instead of focusing on my dreams , i just wasted my life and also not give proper concentration to my present studies of BS, just wasted my whole days in watching dramas on youtube, they all made me addictive of itself and almost watch 9 to 10dramas on daily basis.

It's also because of my noisecash account, because when my account on noisecash ranked as spam instead of working hard to remove the label of spammer from myself i started trying to busy myself in other activities to remove the Noisecash addiction and am got successful now am youtube addicted girl.

Closing Thoughts:

Am one of those people who have biggest dreams but doing nothing to achieve them.

  • I want to become a CSS Officer and i don't have too much knowledge about this. But my condition is be like that i learned all things about CSS at a time.

  • Word Graphic Designer is just love for me and all time i promised to myself to do any course about graphic designing on youtube but i doing nothing about it.

  • And if i talked about my blogging interset, then about blogging my thoughts be like that : In a week to write two or three articles on readcash is enought to fulfilll my dream of blogging

But you feel that now am also losing interest in Blogging and not giving proper time to article writing and i also made an account on to learn something new but also i didn't do anything on it and in these days my thoughts be like that the soul of extra-laziest person enter in myself that didn't permit to do anything but i try to vercome on my laziness and work hard to achieve my goals.

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Written by   89
3 months ago
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Assalam u alikum @roojoroojay one day you will succeed i am happy to see you here... ma sha Allah you continuously working hard

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2 months ago

Read the book entitled "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hil. It will motivate you to do anything you want.

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3 months ago

Yeah Inshallah i will check it

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3 months ago