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How Plants Play An Important Role In The Life Of Living Organisms

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4 months ago

"Plants are multicellular, eukaryotic, autotrophic organisms that prepare their own food through the process of photosynthesis or with the help of sunlight. They are usually non-motile and fixed in the soil through their roots".

If i talked about four years ago then i simply didn't aware with the proper definition of plants and about plants my knowledge is just end on it that they are autotrophs and don't depend on anyone for food. But from almost past four years my life is just rotating around plants and Alahumdulilah blessed with good teachers, that's why i learnt lots of things about the plants from them. These past years increased my knowledge about plants to large extent, i learnt lots of the things about plants from its proper definition to the scientific names of various types of plants.

I learnt about the origin of plants that how they evolve and studied about its each parts (root, stem, leave, flowers etc) and also study a lot about the function and imporatance of plants, what role they play in our environment.The things that i learned about plants in these pasts years are given below:

Plants Are The Best Part Of Nature:

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Alahumdulilah our planet is blessed with natural beauty, we see natural beauty all around us in the form of mountains, streams and lakes. But this natural beauty is incomplete without plants.Plants are the best part of our nature that give our planet a fresh look. Mostly people love nature and when they found nothing to do in their lives they prefer to spend some time in nature. Nature is all time pleasent and attractive for mankind and are the source of peace, joy and happiness. That's why he prefer to spend his time in the nature while sitting under the tree. If i talked about my country, its blessed with the bundle of nature beauty different types of beautiful plants are found in it. Mostly in hilly areas, pinus trees are abundantly found looking like the king of forest/area and the best part of the natural environment. As summer is too much hot, so mostly pakistani people go to the northern areas which are enriched with natural beauty and the land of greenary to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Plants The Biggest Source Of Oxygen:

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Every living organism either its animal, humans, bird, amphibians or reptiles. They all need oxygen for their survival on the earth. We can't buy oxygen for our whole life, its provided freely by plants. So basically the plants are the richest source of oxygen for the life of every living organisms on the planet. So if there is no plant there is no oxgen. Land plants, phytoplankton, different kind of algae are the richest source of oxygen for every living organisms of the planet. Plants release oxygen in the environment and absorb carbon dioxide, so we should always be careful with plants and don't destroy them. Destruction of the plants means destroy the sources of oxygen for The whole life of planet.

Plants Are The Source Of Food:

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Besides oxygen, to survive on the earth we also need something for eating. Because in a hungry mood we get died. And our almost all resources of food depend on plants. To live healthy life we all eat different types of fruits and vegetables. The source of all these fruits and vegetables are plants.

Plants not only give fruit to the human, they are also source of food for animal, mostly plants are used as fodder purpose. Basically all living organisms from decomposer to consumer all are dependent on plants. They play a very important role in food chain and food web. Without plants survival of the living organisms is impossible.

Plants Prevent From Soil Erosion:

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To maintain the good condition of soil plants and trees play a very important role because there are several microorganisms in the soil that live around the roots of plants. They hold the soil together and prevent from soil erosion. Moreover when the leaves of plants falls on the soil they are decomposed and act as a fertilizer for rhe soil that's beneficial for the growth of other plants. So if there is no plants , then whole earth land become desert or converted into barren land.

Plants Are The Home Of Different Types Of Birds:

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We are humans that's why we make our own homes and then live within it. But there is no specific home for the birds or for wild animals. Plants provide a shelter to the large number of living organisms including birds. Trees are the best home for the birds. They make beautiful nest on the tress and then live on it. So if there is no trees there is no home for the birds. Oak plant is famous example for this because it provide habitat to hundred of birds and also insects.

Some Other Uses That Show The Importance Of Plants:

Plants are not only the just source of oxygen and food, there are lots of other uses that show their importance in human life/living organism:

  • Wood of plants is used for making furniture, because the wood furniture is long lasting and strong that's why our all types of home furniture from chairs to beds are mostly made up of plants wood.

  • Beside making the home furniture, plants wood is also used for making sport goods and used as a fuel or burning purpose.

  • Some plants are used for clothing purpose for example cotton plant.

  • Plants are also play an important role in student life because as a student we need pencil and paper for writing purpose and plants are the biggest source of material used for making paper.

  • Plants keep our environment neat and clean and that's why save us from different types of diseases. But if by chance you are getting ill then don't worry because plants are also a rich source of medicine for us.

Closing Thoughts:

Plants are not just important for the humans, they play a very important role in the life of living organisms from decomposer, insects to mammals. If there are plants on the earth there are happy and healthy life for reptiles, birds, amphibians, mammals and humans. They provide us food, shelter, oxygen and everything that we need to survive on the earth.

So plants are very important for us in every aspect so we should need to live loving and caring with them. Don't destroy them and try to grow plants on a large scale because they clean our environment and make it safe and fresh for us.

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Written by   89
4 months ago
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