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Each And Everything Is Opened In Pakistan: But My University Is Still Closed Till Yet

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Written by ย ย 89
4 months ago

Greetings To All Readers...!

It's more than one year that covid-19 become the part of our daily life and affected the lives of people of whole world and their activites.

In pakistan its first layer came in March 2020, and government take a strict action against it and restricted all social activites of the people so that covid-19 not spread to large extent. First the lockdown is just for 15 days but then to save the lives of people government extended it again and again and the whole country remain under lockdown for almost five months and almost all outdoor activites of people remain closed during this lockdown.

Although this lockdown affected the every field of life but the country economic and educational condition are destroyed to large extent. Our university just in thinking of soon everything will be okay so that they didn't show any concern about our studies for almost three months. On the other side we also thought that covid-19 will end and we start taking classes on the regular basis in the university. But after three months when our university seen that there is no chances for the opening of university he started to take our online exams of last semester that was postponed due to covid-19. Then in the start of July, our online classes of next semester has been started. In start we faced little bit problems about the classes then everything will be okay.

In The Mid Of August, Government Removed Lockdown From Everything:

As the first layer of covid-19 in our country, government take strict action and restricted all social activites for almost five months. So that Covid-19 not spread in our country to large extent as compared to other countries so government removed the lockdown from each and everything in the month of August all school, colleges, universities, transport, shopping mall, parks, marriage halls were opened but with strict rules. At that time our sixth semester just in starting days and we finished just our mid-term examination but university and teachers be like that we don't disturb our routine, so our university is not opened at that time. But almost all other universities of pakistan were opened because some good teachers don't want to compromise on student study that's show that our univesity didn't show any concern with our studies.

Although in the starting days of covid-19, i take my online classes serious, take it on regular basis and also make notes. But with the passage of time when i see that my whole other class didn't take classes properly but still their attendance is full and got good marks. So instead of clearing my concepts about studies i also do the same thing and stop taking the online classes properly.

In The Start Of October, My Sixth Semester Is Completed And Then There Was A Semester Break:

As all other universities are opened but our university still prefer online education and that's why we compromise with it and completed the final term examination of last semester in the start of October,2020. As in university there is the semester break of about two months after every two semester as due to covid-19 we already take this advantage with the lots of vacation. Now our thoughts are be like that now our University started the Physical classes of next semester soon.

But it's just our thinking university gave a semester break of about three months instead of two from October 10, 2020 to December 18,2020. Now we were waiting for the announcement of university opening but our thoughts was just our thoughts our university was not opened.

December 18,2020 Our Online Classes Of Seventh Semester Had Been Started:

Although we are living in the beautiful area of Azad Kashmir Pakistan, and safe from covid-19 to large extent as compared to other cities of Pakistan. But still we don't know what was the problem with university directors that they don't allow the opening of university. Although there was no restrictions on other activities schools and colleges are still opened just university is closed in our region.

As Higher Education Commission (HEC) already announced that the degree we obtained during online examination system has no value but it's seem like that university is totally careless about the student education so that they didn't open university and also irritate the students. As the universities that conduct physical classes of students cancelled the thesis for students because of the bad condition of country due to covid-19 and there was a fear that government ordered anytime to close the universities so that they don't want to irritate the students.

Research work of all other departments of our university was cancelled due to covid-19. But our head of department said that there is no degree for the students of botany without research work so without student will they put the thesis work on our head, but you know till yet we didn't complete even one chapter of the research because in online system how research work is possible.

In December 2020, Am Just Got Irritated From Online Classes So I Didn't Take Them Serious:

As the year 2020 is one of the worst year for everyone people faced lots of problems and difficulties in this year, everyone just got irritated by something. Online Classes of Seventh Semester is just shocked for me even the little little children was going to the school then why university students were restricted, in our area almost all schools and colleges were opened and there was no covid-19 case appeared in our region so in that situation online classes were the name of irritation for me.

Like a most of people i also take Interest in freelancing or online earning during this pandemics but till the december i didn't get any achievement in these activites but the worst year 2020 become the reason of happiness at the end and introduced me with Noisecash. After introducing with noisecash i forget my each and everything about online classes and just busy in earning Bitcoincash with noisecash.

With the use of Noisecash actively finally i completed my seventh semester of BS Botany in the mid of April,2021 and at that time our holy month Ramadan had been started so am busy in the holy activites with the best hope that our next and last semester will be in the form of online classes.

In The End Of April,2021 Our University Announced That Your Next Semester Will Also Be Online:

As its our last semester and our research work is just Incomplete and pending mood so that we thought that this time our university will be open, but at the end of April 2021 Head Of Department announced that your next semester will also be online.So we start taking online classes regularly and now when coronavirus cases are also lessen in our country day by day and also people are vaccinated so that the education governor about three weeks ago announced that everything will start working on the regular basis.

After this announcement some of the Universities were opened immediately and some are still closed. And our university is one of these universities which were still closed and there are no chances of university opening. And the main tesion is that what will be happened with our research work.

Covid-19 Made The University Teachers Also Lazy:

The covid-19 is not just dangerous for the student especially for univesity student and make it lazy. It's also the biggest harmful for the university teachers as we see that all school, colleges are immediately opened after lockdown but university teachers didn't take any action. Is covid-19 make them extra lazy?

Yeah its true our most of the teachers didn't take the online classes properly and also didn't provide proper slides about the topic. The slides of lectures are very low level that didn't cover the whole topic. Mostly the whole paper is out of the course. If i talked about my present semester, we are studied about four subjects and out of them two subjects are those that we didn't take any lecture properly but we gave our mid-term examination recently without any knowledge.

In online system, teachers didn't show any concern about the student and assignment and start taking quizes and Assignments urgently even at night time, means that there is no name of relaxation for us during online education system teacher also a lot task even at sunday, yup now there is no holiday for us.

Although some of the teachers are also working honestly during this online system but some teachers that also don't take proper classes also don't check our papers honestly and gave us bad grade. As am always try to improve my GPA and CGPA. But due to the dishonesty of the teachers during these online classes my CGPA just in constant mood.

Screenshot Taken From My CMS Portal

Higher Education Commission announced that the degree that we got in online system is worthless, but still our university didn't change its behavior and taught us online.

It's fact that mostly people studied to get a good job but these worthless degrees destroy the future of thousand of people. If each and everything of the country is opened from shopping malls to parks, then why most of the university didn't start taking physical classes. It's also the responsibility of educational governer that he take strict actions about the education system of universities so that they stopped playing with the youth future.

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Written by ย ย 89
4 months ago
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