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Am Seventy Percent Satsified From My Pandemics Life

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Written by Β Β 89
4 months ago

Greetings to all readers ...!

As you all know that from the last more than one year the coronavirus has become the part of our lives. Most of the people has accepted this fact till that time when the covid-19 will not be ended, we need to do scarifice with it and try to live in this pandemics normally in this sulituation and don't need to panic and everything will be okay at its time. But i see most of the people who became depressive person in this pandemics because their social life is restricted.

If i talk about myself yeah my life is also disturbed by this pandemics. But positivity is always found in everything and me start to find out the positive things in this pandemics and become satsified.

Pandemics Getting Closed Me To My Family:

A life of the student is always rotating around the study and i spend a very difficult life as a student. Because after seventh class i mostly returned back to my home after 4:oo pm. Because you know that its the era of marks everyone give preference marks than knowledge. And my school is famous in my region and also in competition with other schools and colleges. As teacher always want that their students get good marks, and my school teachers are also strict for this. So that's why after 7th class we are restricted to our schools till 4:00 pm. After coming back from school and college i didn't have too much time to spend with my family all time study tension is rotating on my mind.

After college life when i take admission in university just one thing in my mind that's there is no study in university. But all my dreams break when am aware with this fact there are lots of study in university life but just on the behalf of ourselves. As am science student so after theory classes there are also practical classes and sometimes i returned to my home after 6:00pm that's very difficult for me and my weekend is just spend in resting.

So it's pandemics that's give me golden opportunity to enjoy a lot of time with family and make this time memoriable. Pandemics too much closed me to my parents and other relationship.

Pandemics Arose The Naughtiness Childern Of Myself That I Lost:

Before pandemics my family's life is just restricted and bound to study. I just love to find entertainment in everything. In my class am also too much naughty and fun loving. And Alahumdulilah in school and college life blessed with good friends that's also too much interested in fun loving activites. But after doing the lots of these activites in college, when i returned to home my battery is just about to died, just passed little bit time with my family.But it's pandemics that's give me lots of time to do these activites with my family and save these moments in the form of memories. Everyday i do lots of new adventures my mother angry with me but i know it's just fake angry mood otherwise she also enjoyed with my these activites.

What Are My Fears When There Was First Lockdown In My Country:

As the first case of coronavirus is appeared in my country the government take an action and every activity is restricted under smart lockdown. As its first time i see these things in my life. So i didn't understand the situation that what happened with all of us. Also am sure that there is nothing like coronavirus and soon everything is opened. But when after 15 days we are not returned to our normal life and our all activites are just restricted or bound to the home and a layer of fear was spreading all round and social media play a very important role in spreading the fear of covid-19. News are just become the headache and that's the covid-19 i stopped watching the news. Before this am all time ready to get knowledge about every news of the world especially politics related.

Yes i saw in starting days of covid-19, everyone take it serious and just frightened but with the passage of time people make the covid-19 a joke.

Besides these fears, am also worried about examination that's stopped due to covid-19. And there is no chance of institution opening and all classes are promoted. Bur i never want to promote in next class without examination. And after almost four months the pending two examinations of my fifth semester was done and we are promoted to the next semester.

7th July 2020; I Take My First Online Class:

Different apps are used for online classes and the most famous one is zoom. But my university preferred microsoft teams app for online classes and immediately inform us about this. First we need to make an account on microsoft outlook that's never easy because in these days there was a huge rush on microsoft so sometimes they show bug. But with the lots of problems finally am successful in making account on both apps. But taking the first online class is not easy for me and also my other fellows and friends. Because its new thing for all of us but teachers were so cooperative and fully guide us that's why our all problems are solved and now we take online classes very eaily.

I Don't Like To Go Out Of Home:

Am one of those girls who don't like to go out of home. I want to spend my all time with my family. The only reason to go out of home is my study and now due to covid-19 i completed my remaining semester of BS online. I know i didn't get too much knowledge during online classes but its also my fault because i didn't take the online study serious because if we concentrate on online classes surely we gained knowledge.. As its my last semester of BS so i decided to take my online classes on regular basis and try to gain the knowledge. Hope so i achieved my goals about studies.

It's Covid-19 That Saved Me In My Home In Summer Season:

I remembered those days of summer season, when i returned to my home with lots of hotness of sun. As though i returned from my college or universities on buses but from my bus stop to home i need to walk of about five to six minutes that's so tiring for me. So when i entered in my home my condition is very bad i transferred my bag from shoulder to hand and start calling to my mother for water and then sleep under the fan. That's why am thankful to God our this semester is online and i don't need to go out of home and seventy percent satsified with pandemics life.

Why Am Thirty Percent Not Satsified With My Pandemics Life:

Pandemics life give lots of facilities especially in the form of online classes and spending time with the family. But the student life is the best part of everyone life. I missed my student life before pandemics when my mother and father all time worried about my studies and woke me up in early morning but i remained in sleeping mood, i missed my mom care at that time when i didn't take breakfast properly and also when she always gone with me to my bus stop. I missed my university and the songs that i listened during travelling, i missed my sweet friend and gossip with her and also the lots of funny blunders that we do together. I missed my class and all those experiment that we did in the laboratory. In summer season i missed those Icecream that i eat with my friends. Yeah covid-19 give me time to spend with family but also it's didn't give time that i spend with my friends and made these moments that we remembered in our whole life. That's why i said am thirty percent not satsified with my pandemics life.

Closing Thoughts:

Everything has positive and negative effects. So always try to give prefernce positivity and believe me you always live happy. Although covid-19 disturb my study life i didn't meet my friend on daily basis. But we still love with each other as before pandemics and now due to technology we all time near with each other on whatsapp and in online classes e when after a lots of days we meet with each other i didn't feel that we meet after a couple of day because in true friendship and love distance doesn't matter. I made my this time memoriable with my family. So choose positivity in life and stay happy.

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Written by Β Β 89
4 months ago
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I am a person with positivity thoughts and smile on the face..I want to live happy life too,but sometimes I can not,because of problems.But,anyway,I stay positive,moment can change on better.In this pandemic times,I am satisfied with my life around 90%.So,in future it will be better.

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4 months ago

Those days are near when we will feel free to go anywhere we want this pandemic will over soon

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4 months ago

Yes Inshallah will soon corona go out of our lives.

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4 months ago

Muja tu abb asa lagta hai kaye hameey abb puri life is corona kaye sath hi guzarnii hu gi πŸ˜…...

Or is baat maye koi shuk nahi kaye is Corona ki waja see hum naye apni family kaye sath bohat zidah enjoy πŸ˜„ bhe kia hai full time ghar rahna.

Or is Corona naye study ko bohat burii tarah barbaad kia hai...

Or wo sponsers _____ship wala kam lazamii karna us see agar app ko koi spon``ers kareey ga tu us seee app ko monthly payment milley gi us bandeey ki taraf see jis naye sponsor kia hu ga app ko....

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4 months ago

Yeah everything also have some negative effects, at one side it's give relaxatiom And give a time to enjoy with your family but on the hand it's also destroyed our studies to some extent but if we take study serious then in this pandemics we also learant knowledge from online classes πŸ˜‡

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4 months ago