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Am Poor Student In Biology:But After Matric I Choose Pre-Medical Field And Do Lot Of Hardwork For It

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4 months ago

Greetings To All Readers....!

Education play a very important role in our lives,due to the education we get knowledge or aware with many good things. Education teach us the difference between wrong and right. It make us talented and creative. That's why every parents want to see their children educated and intelligent and choose the best institutes for them. But education is not easy for the childern/students especially in asian countries till matric we study lots of different subjects. Some are boring and some are interesting. Some subjects are those in which we have no interest but we always scored good marks in them while some are those subjects in which we have interest but didn't understand its all things easily.

Same case with me till middle science is my favourite subject and am always get full marks in it. That's why in matric i selected the science subject for me and my difficult days have been started because we need to study at least ten subject to pass first part of matric and these subjects are:






•English Grammar


•Urdu Grammar

•Islamic Studies

•Pakistan Studies

To study ten subjects is not easy task for me, because most of these subjects are long theory based and to memorize these theory book are just mind rotating. I managed the arts book i.e. english, urdu, islamic and pakistan studies and now the question is that how i managed science subject. Although i have no interest in Mathematics and Physics but they are just easy for me and i called both of them are the game of numbers. Because both are rotating around numbers so they are easy subjects for me. But at matric level there was no proper teacher of chemistry and biology so that i loose interest in both these subjects especially in biology. Although i said biology is my favorite subject just because of the beautiful diagrams with which the book is filled except this favouritism i had no idea about the single topic of biology and diffcultly passed in this subject.

After Completing Matric, I Have An Option To Choose My Field According To My Interest:

In asian countries after matriculation students have the authority to choose the subjects according to their interest. In matric we study four science subjects:

"Biology, Chemistry, Physics And Mathematics"

But after matriculation we need to choose one main subject either biology and mathematics that next in future play a main role in choosing our field. If we choose Mathematics in F.S.C. then its known as F.S.C Pre-Engineering while if we choose biology then its known as Pre-Medical. Means that f.s.c play a very important role in our career. So mostly students choose the subject in f.s.c, in which they scored good marks in Matric. If i talked about myself at matric level i scored highest marks in mathematics and physics. Both these subjects are easy for me and after matric i had no mood to become a doctor yeah before matric am also said that i became a doctor but at matric level due to unavailability of teachers my all interest about this subject lost but still i love biology because of the colorful diagrams that's just found in biology and all other subjects looking bored due to this aspect. Morever am lazy guy i know that if i choose Mathematics i didn't need to do much more hardwork for this because this subject is just game for me. So as an adventure and daring to myself i choose Pre-Medical field in f.s.c.

There Are Lots Of Fear In My Mind After Choosing Pre-Medical Field :

Biology is basically the study of life/ all life forms/ organisms, its seem like interesting subject but i don't have any idea about its single topic because till yet i didn't try to understand any topic conceptually. That's why i didn't have any concept about this subject. So when i choose this subject in f.s.c there was lots of fears in my mind eithee i passed this subject or failed in it.

However with the lots of fears i started gone to the college and when i saw the interface of biology its seem like interesting and also i see its chapter filled with diagrams am happy to see this that

My F.S.C. Part 1 Biology Book

In f.s.c our all teachers are so good and intelligent, and biology teacher was extra cute with their beautiful smile and dimple and teach us very politely. But it was the magic of her smile that from first day i started taking interest in this subject and promised to myself that on daily basis give two to three hours to this subject on daily basis. And i fulfilled my promise and try to clear my concepts about this subject. But i faced little bit difficulty because at matric level i didn't give proper time to this subject and also its about the life so am getting confused about some topics like chromosomes, nucleus and different organelles of our body and otherwise everything is okay to some extent.

First Year Biology Book Was Too Much Lenghty And Some Chapters Were Extra Long:

Yup f.s.c play a very important role in the selection of our career fields. Some choose medical fields and some choose engineering fields while some choose other fields related to their subjects. So in f.s.c teacher concentrate too much and try to clear their all concepts and the books of f.s.c are lenghty to some extent and my biology was also too much large and consist of almost 14 chapters as described below:

Chapter:1 Introduction To Biology and About Research Technique

In first chapter of biology we studied basic of biology, its definition, branches and level and also learn about research technique hypothesis, deduction etc.

Chapter:2 Biological Molecules

Bioogical molecules include whole biochemistry. In this chapter we studied each and everything of biochemistry:

  • Importance of water and carbon

  • Carbohydrates( Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Oligosaccharides and Polysaccharides)

  • Proteins, Lipids, Amino acids, phospholipid ,waxes.

  • Nucleic acids ( Deoxyribonucleic acid and Ribonucleic acid)

Chapter:3 Enzyme

I don't know why but till yet i hate that chapter that's only talking about enzymes. But to get good marks i memorize its each and everything from enzyme definition, catalyst, substrate, catabolic and anabolic reactions, characteristics of enzyme to inhibitor.

Chapter:4 The Cell

Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life which carry out all activites of life. In this chapter we studied about animal and plant cell, difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and other organelles that are found within or along the cell i.e.

  • Plasma Membrane or Cell Membrane

  • Endoplasmic reticulum

  • Ribosomes

  • Golgi Apparatus

  • Lysosomes

  • Peroxisome

  • Glyoxysomes

  • Vacuoles

  • Cytoskeleton

  • Centriole

  • Mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell)

  • Plastids

  • Nucleus, Nuclear Envelope and Nucleolus

  • Chromosomes

Although this whole chapter is one of the my favorite chapters but my heart favourite topic in this subject are Mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) and Plastids.

Chapter:5 Variety Of Life

This chapter is about biodiversity, in which we study about the biological classification which give us a sketch about the classification of animal and plants as;

  • Kingdom

  • Division

  • Class

  • Order

  • Family

  • Genus

  • Species

And also we studied about the five kingdom classification systems proposed by "Robert Whittaker" which put the animal in the specific kingdom according to their mode of nutrition;

  • Kingdom Monera (Bacteria)

  • Kingdom Protista (Algae, Euglena, Amoeba)

  • Kingdom Fungi (Mushrooms)

  • Kingdom Plantae

  • Kingdom Animalia

We also studied the viruses deeply in this chapter and bacteriophage is one of the my favorite topic in this chapter.

Chapter:6 Kingdom Monera

This whole chapter is about bacteria, we studied different types of bacteria in this chapter, their different structures, their mode of reproduction, growth and development and also their economic importance. For the first time i introduced with the term flagellum. Although this chapter is little bit boring but easy to understand and that's why i kept my interest in this chapter.

Chapter:7 Kingdom Protista

Kingdom protista includes all those type of animals which live in water and these mainly includes;

  • Protozoa: Animal like protists (i.e. Amoeba, Euglena, Paramecium)

  • Algae: Plant like protists (i.e. euglenoids, dinoflagellates,diatoms, brown algae,green algae, red algae)

  • Fungus like protists ( i.e. slime molds and water molds)

This chapter is my heart favourite chapter because it's smallest and interesting chapter of the book.

Chapter:8 Kingdom Fungi

Fungi are basically decomposers and depend on dead animals and plants..We studied about different interseting facts about fungi, their growth, development, reproduction and also their importances but i really feel enjoyed when i studied about four different types of fungi and their feature. These fungi are:

  • Zygomycota (Zygomycetes or Conjugating Fungi)

  • Ascomycota ( Ascomycetes or sac fungi)

  • Basidiomycota ( Basidiomycetes or Club- Fungi)

  • Deuteromycota ( Deuteromycetes or Imperfect Fungi)

Chapter:9 Kingdom Plantae

In first year i didn't have any idea that in next i will become botanist student, because on daily basis i gave two to three hours to this subject or even more. This chapter was first lengthy chapter of the book so teacher strictly ordered us to give more time to this chapter, because it's so important. So i tried to prepare this subject by heart and all the topics are interesting we study about the evolution of plants, leaves and seeds. We studied about two main types of classification of plants;

  • Bryophytes (Non-vascular plants) includes:Hepaticopsida, Bryopsida and Anthoceropsida

  • Tracheophytes (Vascular plants) includes: Whisk ferns, club mosses, horse tails and fern seed plants.

Beside this classification, we also studied about thd six families of plants and their economic importance and that's why this whole chapter is easy and interseting for me.

Chapter:10 Kingdom Animalia

I was just getting bored when i reached this chapter, animal classification is too much difficult than plants that's why this chapter was so boring for me and that's we requested to teacher we didn't prepare this chapter for a long question in the paper . Just only one thing is interesting for me that is phylum porifera in which we study about the sponges otherwise remaining whole chapter was boring and we just prepare the main main definitions.

Chapter:11 Bioenergetics

After studying first ten chapters that's are mostly similar and rotating around same topics am just getting bored. Then this chapter bioenergetics are sound like interseting and activated me with full energetic mood, basically this whole chapter is about energy in both animal and plants, for plants we study about photosynthesis and light dependent or independent reactions. While for animals we studied about the respiration which involves four different types of cycles:

  • Glycolysis

  • Pyruvic acid oxidation

  • Kreb cycle or citric acid cycle

  • Respiratory chain

But in the whole chapter my favourite topic is glycolysis ( breakdown of glucose) and involve preparatory and oxidatory stage.

Chapter: 12, 13 & 14 Nutrition, Gaseous Exchange And Transport

The title of all these chapters are boring and too some extent general because we studied about nutrition, exchange of gasses and transport from childhood. There was nothing new to study so i also didn't give the proper concentratiom to these chapters as compared to first elventh chapters. Because i thought all these things just make my mind mixture of different things.

But at last i passed my first year examination of biology in good marks (72 out of 85). Although these are not excellent marks but these are enough good for me. Because in first year everything about biology was just new for me , but in the second part of f.s.c i scored 78 marks out of 85 because that's book was so Interested as compared to first year.

Closing Thoughts:

When i take admission in f.s.c part 1 my mind is just blank about biology and am sure that hardly i passed this subject in f.s.c or either chances of fail in this subject. After watching such a lenghty and interesting book i promised to myself i try to gain good marks in it. Surely for this a lot of hardwork is needed. Yes i did a lots of hardwork to clear my concepts about all topic of this subject and my this hardwork is also become beneficial for me when i take admission in university. Because the five kingdom classification system is basic for the botany subject and i studied the lots of different subjects on bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi. Yeah my hardwork of f.s.c. also get beneficial for me till yet.

After my experience of this, i realized that nothing is difficult in the world we do, learnt and achieve everything of the world by our hardwork. So if you find anything difficult then try to do work hard for it with consistency one day you will must be successful.

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Written by   89
4 months ago
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I don't know but i hate bio lol coz it's hard and my interest is in computer and technology

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4 months ago

Yeah biology is really Difficult subject but when you start taking Interest in it, its become easy

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4 months ago