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After Matric My Friends Suggested To Change The College: But I Didn't Do This And Now Am Satsified

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4 months ago

Greetings To All Readers.....!

Am from childhood studied in one of the best private school of our area, but there was only matric level education in my school at that time. There was no other private college that's near to my house and surely i need to take an admission in city college for higher studies and its very difficult for me to go to the city on daily basis. And before admission i got worried about this that in future on daily basis i need to go to the far off college. Yeah before taking admission in university rarely two to three times am gone to city. Otherwise till college level i didn't like to go to the market for any kind of shopping and that's why this thing frightened me.

But when i was free from my theory examination of matric and start to going to school for the practical work and i was happy when our school principal announced that he wanted to change the school into college and surely he needs our support to run off the college. We were group of four friends and my two friends said that they didn't study anymore there. One of them next do F.s.c in mathematics and other want to become a doctor. As college was just newly started so only f.s.c pre medical is available. My friends said that as college was just in experimenting mood so you didn't get good marks. And your mother also didn't permit to study there. At that day, when i came back to my home and told my parents about this that my mother first confused but then she said your marks depend on your hardwork and father said it's on your wish either you continue studied in the nearest college or in the city college i have no objection.

In the next day i shared my parents opinion with my friends, one of my other bestie also want to continue study there. But instead of wasting time on this topic, we friends tried to make our days memoriable so we just skipped this topic for a while . Yeah doing a lots of experiments in the laboratory as a foolish scientist and also do a lot of fun with the whole class because we know these are just last one to two months that's we were spending together. So we enjoyed it fully going to the school daily although there was no proper experiment we done.

Image corteousy: Google

Beside doing the foolish experiment in the laboratory we also spent our whole day in playing cricket. Although these are the months of April and May and hotness all around but while playing in the ground our whole concentration is on the enjoyment and that's really beautiful days when there was always smile on our lips. With these moments of enjoymet at last we done our practicals.

Image corteousy: Google

After Practical Examination , Pre-Classes Were Started:

Image corteousy: Google

As f.s.c is the toughest class and play a very important role in the career of any student. So in f.s.c teachers try their best to clear the student concepts. And also after matric examination there are lot of free time for students in the form of two or three months. So to keep the student interest for study almost all colleges arranged the pre-classes for students in which they teach some specific subjects to the students. So our college also arranged the pre-classes for us and we all friends gone to the college on daily basis . Mostly we take two classes on daily badis and then spent our time in different types of games as that was the month of June so mostly we played ludoo game and also do talk on different topics and made different future planned. In the end of June, summer holidays were started. So after doing lots of promises and love with each other finally we start enjoying the holidays. During holidays, our matric result has been announced and finally our last meet up become last for us and our group of four friends divided into two parts. Two gone to the other colleges while me and Sonia preferred our old college.

Reasons Why I Preferred My Own College Than Any Other College:

  • The place where we live from our childhood is most loveable for us we love its each and everything and also the people of that place. Same the institute from which we get education from our childhood is really loveable for us, i love its each and everything especially my respectable teachers who taught me from my childhood i have special attachment with every people of school so i didn't leave it at every cost.

My School
  • The another biggest reason of leaving not my old school is that my school is too much beautiful and situated in nature rich beautiful place and no such school is found in our area also in cities. Its was the corteousy of Mr. Habib Rehman who's very richest person and gave about twenty million rupees to construct the school buliding. So only foolish take a decision of leaving that beautiful school.

Mr.Habib Rehman In School Opening Cermony
  • My principal sir was also the biggest reason of taking decision of to continue study in that college, because from childhood he was my one of the favourite teacher, a very kind and humble person. He is also living in my village and also my father and uncles have good relationship he is like a my soul father always guide and teach us in every bad Situation. Morever he and also my other school teachers played a very important role in our education then how i leave them when they need some good students to start the college journey.

My Principal Sir
  • Beside all these reasons i know that to go out a far off college on daily basis for study is not an easy task and also adjusting in different environment is very dufficult task for me I don't have ability of adjusting myself easily in new place with new people. So opening of college in my area is the golden opportunity for me and i never want to skip this

1st August 2015, Our F.s.c Part first classes had been started:

In August 2015,my classes of f.s.c part 1 had been started. In start these were too much difficult days for me i missed my friends and all those activites that i do with them, but my contact with them never finished , we talked on phone calls and also wrote letters to each other. Writing letter was our hobby from the school time, Yes in school when one of us on leave we wrote letters to her and sent by the girl that lived nearby her home. So we continue writing letters to each other and passage of time adjust with our routine.

As the college was just newly started so we were only fifteen girls on the class and live in friendly mood. On daily basis we do party in the class and that's two yeas of my college was my favorite and best one. And again i made a new group of four friends (Me, Sonia, Mayam and Tayyaba).They are till yet my best friends and also i spend a lot of quality time with them and make a memoriable moments.

Beside fun activites am got serious about my study but just for biology subject, because i didn't like biology at that time too much because to memorize theory was always toughest for me chemistry and physics are my favorite ones because if we understand the numericals, chemical and physical reaction then everything will be easy to understand. I was already good in physics so i don't need to concentrate on too much. So my all concentration for biology and chemistry, but within few days everything about chemistry was okay because i have Interest in this subject and mostly i understand its lectures during the class. But the main difficulty i faced in f.s.c part one is in biology subject because i didn't have any idea about each and everything of this subject so in home i gave three to four hours on daily basis on this subject and my hardwork never waste and with the passage of time my concepts about this subject became clear. As am not give proper time to all subjects, so in college my all time spend in study, study and study, everyone called me bookworm. The reason behind all of this hardwork is the punishment of teachers that they gave us if we didn't give test in a good way so i became a bookworm student and at the end i top by getting 895 marks that's not so good but at that my mother didn't get angry with me.

Beside Studies, In Which Way I Enjoyed These Two Years:

The new friends me and Sonia made are so good and we do a lots of fun activites with them. In our college, there was a big ground for playing so when we found a free time we go there and start walking, sometime do race and do a lots of fun there.

As you know trips are always memoriaable in a student life and mostly every school arranged a trip for the students once a year. But within these two years we enjoyed three trips and our two trips were totally free. Yeah as in every college a welcome party given to the students as there was no senior class before us so teachers wanted to arrange a party for us. But we all were just in joking mood said to principal sir please arrange our trip for Islamabad and magically sir agreed and take our trip to Islamabad on their own expenditures.

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful city of pakistan and also mine favourite city, because its so clean and peaceful city and we enjoyed a lot in this trip visit a lot of parks, shopping malls and many other beautiful places. But the main good thing about this trip was that for the first time we traveled in metro bus and enjoyed a lot.

Image corteousy : Google (Metro Bus)

Our next trip was arranged in February 2016 and we gone to the Lahore For Book Fair. We also enjoyed a lot in this book fair, because we have Interest in novel reading so we bought a different types of novels

Image corteousy: Google

Beside spending the lots of time on book fair we also visited the some famous spot of Lahore and enjoying a lot and i passed my two years of f.s.c happily there, with the lots of fun we also learnt a different things about the studies so my decision of continue my study on that college was so good and time proved it.

Closing Thoughts:

Never underestimate or judge the thing without any experience and believe on your abilities. You can achieve everything of the world by your hardwork , consistency and patience. My decision of continue my study in my previous school/ college was a good. Because i completed my education in the loving environment without any fear and pressure. Learn different things and become confident.

And our teacher experiment on ourselves never failed. My friends that left the college just for getting good marks and take admission in famous college of the city. But there was no difference between our marks, if i changed my college then nothing will be change because my result always depend on my hardwork. So never pass the bad words about any newly start project because their hardwork proved your thoughts wrong.

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Written by   89
4 months ago
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Mara jab first semester maye tha same situation mara sath thi mara khuch dostoo naye Force kia kaye yaaha study acahi nahi hu rahi yaha mamlaa bohat late hai chor do 2sree jaga jateey hai lakin maynee alney best friends ki baat nahi mani or waja ya thi ya sub khuch hum per huta hai agar hum mAhnaat kareey gaye tu kamayab hu gaye .....

Otherwise maynee apl see ak advise lani thi us ka jawab lazamii dana mara recent article kaye Comment's section maye....

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4 months ago

You are satisfied now uts okay. Never let any one to drive you. Cotrole on your emotions and don't let them to be part of your personality

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4 months ago

Yup am stasified 😇

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4 months ago