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When I was a little boy for about five years I liked to go to a river with friends. There was an interesting rope bridge but a litlle damaged and who was not afraid could to cross it even thought there wasn´t a lot of wooden steps to walk on. The risk of falling from about 10 meters into the river was great. Girls were scared, so only naughty boys walked across the rope bridge. I remember no one in our group fell into the water. Several people fell into the river and someone from town decided to demolish the damaged bridge. We were sorry but there was nothing we could do about it.

Just a short distance away a group of fisherman went fishing. I stood behind each of a fisherman and looked at what they were catching and who was doing best. They ignored me and even someone cursed me for looking at him. Someone was very nervous and thought that I will take him luck. That upset me, but I was shy and preferred to leave.

 There was a good granfather who fish one day. The good grandfather let me into his fishing place and showed me the fishing equipment and he liked that I was interested in fishing. He taught me fishing for several days. He stuck two worms on my hook and showed me how to throw it in the water. The fish took worms and sank a float in a few seconds. Grandpa screamed „Cut , Cut". Oh I was slow and confused and cut later. Never mind boy try to again and handed me a cup of worms. The worms stinked and twisted like snakes. It was disgusting and my stomach heaved. Put it here and look at how i do it. An another attempt catch a fish began. As soon as worms hit the water one fish immediately ate worms. I cut so fast that the fish flew out of the water and landed next to me at the river bank. It was great. I was suprised and excited.

I didn´t know that if you learned to fish, you would never go hungry again.

 The grandfather taught me a lot and I was happy. Catching fish alone as a child you can't. Ask your parents to enroll you in a fishing club where you can learn more about fish. I went to a fishing club in our town twice a week. In the pictures at the wall were all freshwater fish. Comrade teacher also taught us about nature,  for example, that we should not climb old trees so that we do not fall into the cavity. They are full of big red ants. It happened to one boy and the ants hurt him a lot. He had been in the hollow of an old tree for a long time and no one could find it. Therefore, do not be alone by the water until 14 years old. That was the problem. I only had a mom and she didn't want to go fishing with me. But there was one solution. Go to fish near other fishermen and ask one of them to watch over you. Fellow fishermen agreed, but no one was watching over me anyway. But I had a sense of security.

 I liked to go fishing because I saw other animals besides fish, such as water rats, birds, deer, swans and, unfortunately, mosquitoes that suck people's blood. It was interesting to listen to the sounds of nature in the evening. Croaking frogs, creaking crickets, meowing cats and etc. Tall trees mainly chestnuts and oaks were also very interesting. I liked the colorful dragonflies that flew over the water or the spiders that ran on the water. Nature by the river or lake was my home. I wanted to be there every day. It was in 1976 year. I didn't have a camera at the time, it was very expensive and the photos were only black and white. A few years later, I started taking photos. My first camera was a small russian black and white film camera. There were no social networks just a school. Your friends were the ones who lived next to you.

 These were beautiful times and in the meantime I had grown up to puberty. I went to school and I liked the girls. When I was in school I could only go to fishing when it was school holidays. The girls didn't like it, so I went to fishing with my cousin. We caught mainly pike, perch, catfish, carp and bream by the river. I always enjoyed two months of school holidays.

Then I finished high school and started my first job as an electrician. It was an interesting job. we were building tower cranes and I was in charge of interconnect cables or repairing faults. There was no time to fish because I fell in love with a girl. We were still together and went to discos and parties. I was 18 years old and should to go to the army for 2 years. That was a terrible thing. I had to come up with something to avoid it. The army could not be completely avoided, but my girl's father advised me to go to a chemical factory for 18 months where explosives are made. It was dangerous enough but I was willing to risk it so that I could then join the army for only 5 months. I was very lucky to be able to work in my field as an electrician and replacing faulty light bulbs. I did another school with a high school diploma in electrical engineering.

 18 months passed like water and I joined to the army as a soldier in a railway regiment. In the army, I learned to march and shoot a submachine gun. We also built railway tracks. We still lived in a socialist country where the Communist Party was in power for 40 years. Freedom was suppressed and everyone had to work. The police were called public security and only communists with weapons worked there. There was a wall between our republic and West Germany on which there was high tension so that no one would escape the country. with soldiers were treated quite badly and the army was led by armed communists. After 5 months, I was released into civilian life. I was very happy that I didn't have to be there for 2 years.

I went back to the explosives factory. I had a lot of money there. In a few months, there was an explosion in which my colleague died. He was only 24 years old. It could have been me, but fortunately I had time off that day. I still stayed but I wanted to leave the job. It was something terrible that happened there. Losted life of a friend and non-compliance with safety regulations. With my girlfriend and I were planning a wedding and we needed money for housing, so I stayed in that factory for another 7 years.

Unfortunately, after 7 years of marriage, our marriage fell apart due to infidelity, and only then did I leave the dangerous factory, where there were still many explosions and many people died.

 I was single again and lived alone in my mother's apartment. The mother moved to the countryside. I was happy, but alone, so I was looking for a new girl. There was one problem. Each of those girls wanted to get married quickly. I didn't want to because I got divorced and the idea of ​​another marriage was scary to me. I just wanted to spend my life with parties and do sex. Every girl soon ran away, because at that time it was modern to get married at the age of twenty. The Communists promoted the slogan of the family base.

 The end of the first part.

 If it was interesting for you, write me into a comment section and you can look forward to the second part of my life, which I plan to publish soon.





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It was very interesting read Roman. I very much enjoyed reading about your life. This part made me laugh a lot: 'Fellow fishermen agreed, but no one was watching over me anyway'.

I'm not sure if you realise that you publish the whole article in bold font? I think using the font without the bold would make it slightly easier for the eyes.

Looking forward to reading part 2 when its ready 💙

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2 years ago